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The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus

The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus

14 Replies to “The Flame Alphabet by Ben Marcus”

  • Matthue Roth says:

    What a great standalone. Also, loving the Thrill Kill Kult easter-egg at 1:05 !

  • Atlantean says:

    @matt90210andahalf Missed that first time around. Now I wonder how I did!

  • Jonathan Carroll says:

    Truly awful. Pretentious claptrap

  • FutureLaugh says:

    im sorry just not feelin it

  • Ian Connel says:

    Good hook Writing too purple. The writing sounds as much cartoon as the cartoon. Which looks like your classic stoner cartoon.

  • Jiovani Medina says:

    1:34 is that Bobby Hill??

  • Hubrizoid says:

    Perhaps it should have been the reading of YouTube comments and not the speech of children that transmits disease in the book.

  • AmericanGrotesque says:

    It's important to think of this video as a trailer rather than a short film. It recreates various scenes from the novel, just as a movie trailer would show a handful of scenes from the movie. The purpose here is to intrigue you with little pieces, not present a stand alone narrative, though I did enjoy watching this before I had read the book.

  • Mrzerogravity271 says:


  • rocketman123100 says:

    …… what is this?

  • Scumfront says:

    The listeners on the wall next to LeBov are excellent!

  • mysticgirl1000 says:

    What a horrid writer. The klunkiest and dullest prose I've ever read.

    I can't believe The Harper's would accept his short stories, but when you look at the art work this mag now prints, you know who the new in charge are.

    He dedicates 3 entire chapters to describing the symptoms! I was like, yes, Ben, I get that part. How about detailed descriptions of the world these people are inhabiting?

    Even an unreliable narrator can SEE and NOTE things. And he's a racist. Note "dark unevolved lumps".

  • Ashley Tambunga Ratcliff says:

    @mysticgirl1000 I can definitely see where you're coming from. I found it to be lacking in certain aspects but making up for it in others. When I read it, I was getting ready to be married, and I was extremely elated all the time. I had to read something dark and depressing to balance me out. 🙂 I guess when the narrator is a simple man just trying to describe what's going on, one can't expect for a detailed account of everything else. It really seemed like the voice fit the prose–that idea of hopelessness and fatigue was pervasive throughout. I had to take breaks because, like you, I would think, "Okay, I get it. They're miserable." Still, compelling and I found the concept refreshing.

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