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The Elusive Letter G

The Elusive Letter G

[whimsical music] So many people have the exact same reaction. Student: Oh okay alright, wait. Am I crazy? They have no idea what we’re talking about. I need you to tell me which one is the right
one. Take your time. Which one is the real letter? Michael McCloskey: I think we all, if we’ve
been to school, think that we know our ABC’s. We think if I asked you about a letter you
would know what it looked like. But many people don’t seem to be aware of
a very, very common form of the letter g. Gali Ellenblum: It’s a letter shape that people see all the
time millions and millions of times throughout
their life and yet many people are unaware that it exists. Have you ever written this g before? No. And even when they are aware it exists
they are unable to recall the exact shape. I think we only had one participant out of
all of our participants who even wrote it close to correct. And this is my attempt… McCloskey: Many researchers are thinking now that learning to write plays an important role in learning to read. We’re writing less and less in our culture
nowadays. This kind of gives us an intriguing way of
looking at some of those questions. The main thing this makes us question is the
notion that if you see something enough times you know it. Kimberly Wong: There are things that we see in everyday life all the time but somehow don’t possess enough knowledge
of it to access it consistently. I believe this is the g you attempted to write. That’s the g I was trying to do. The devil’s in the g-tails!

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  • MegaYetiVSMiniGreatWhite X says:

    I remembered what it looks like. Most books, newspapers use that form. The other three options looked really weird and off, especially when all four shown side by side.

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