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The Educational App ABC Alphabet Phonics

Hello and welcome to another demo On an educational app My name is Justin and I do reviews and Demos on educational apps that you Can see on my website Please go to my site and like our Facebook page, our Google+ page and Follow us on twitter so you can stay Connected with our most recent reviews Thank you and lets get started on this demo The app I am going to demo today is called
ABC Alphabet Phonics This educational app is focused on learning
and Practicing both letter recognition and phonics The purpose of this app is to show multiple Letters on the screen and based on what letter The app says determines which letter your
child Should select The best part of this app is the versatility Of how you can adjust the app to change the
game. To change the app’s setting you touch the
gear Symbol First you can adjust the minimum and maximum Number of letters that displays on the screen This is important to adjust depending on your Child’s age and skill level Next you have the ability to select how the Letters appear such as upper or lower case
or Perhaps with animals You also have the option to select if the
game Will say the sound of the letter versus the Letter itself First lets demonstrate upper case with animals Touch the P, Fantastic Touch the K, Good Work Touch the Y, Perfect Now lets demonstrate lowercase with phonics “M” sound, Yes “W” sound, Perfect “B” sound, Awesome “P” sound, You did it As you can see this is a very powerful app Because it allows your child to learn and Practice both letter recognition and phonics Also you can change the images and the Number of letters that appears on the Screen to make the app more fun, challenging And to have a higher replay value I highly recommend you downloading this app For your child who is learning their letters And how to read I hope you enjoyed this demo and if you want To see more check out my website or Youtube
page Thanks and see you next time

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