September 30, 2019 0

The dynamic tripod grasp: handwriting advice from the National Handwriting Association

What we’ve got here is a really good dynamic
writing position, with the paper angled uphill, with the hand below the line. She’s stabilising
the paper with her non-writing hand, she’s not holding her face too close to her work
and she can see what the pencil point is doing without having to look over her hand. We’ve also got really good separation of hand,
wrist stability, shoulder stability and nice fluency developing. What you want with the dynamic tripod grasp
is the thumb and the first finger and the middle finger supporting the pencil, so pinching,
and then you want this part of your hand to separate from your ring and little finger.
So what you’ve got is this sort of movement, separated, like this – and, as you were demonstrating,
your wrist is down on the page.

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