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The Arabic ‘Ta’ * ط * – Learn Arabic Letters

The Arabic ‘Ta’ * ط * – Learn Arabic Letters

Welcome to this video, we’re learning the ‘Ta Ta Ta’ this is a different letter, the Arabic ‘Ta’ in English we have a ‘t’ which is a ‘ta ta ta’ like for Tibs… Terry… tea… cup of tea tilly… tinker… you silly old tinker ‘ta ta ta’ all the Ts in English tend to have this ‘ta’ at the front of the mouth in Arabic, it’s a Ta Ta Ta… totally different sound It’s mostly a letter which exists in the Arabic language for example ‘Taweel’ (long) Ta Ta Ta Tayib, Tayib that’s a word we’ve had before… in video… maybe 5 means: great… Tayib Tayib Tabeeb, Tabeeb is like a doctor Tabeeb: doctor all these letters begin with a ‘Ta’ if you say ‘tayyib’, the Arabs will think –
what are you saying? tayib, that’s not a word Tayyib, Ta Ta Ta so Tayyib Tabeeb, Tabeeb is like a doctor, Tabeeb learning some vocabulary as well Tabeeb – doctor I think that’s probably good for now Tabeeb, Tayyib and … what was the first one we had? well done, you remembered it, it was this one here (Taweel) good, I’m Arabic Mike, I teach Arabic phrases, Arabic sentences, Arabic letters on the internet, on the interweb and my social media stuff is… which side is it going to be probably put it over there that’s instagram, you got your twitter… Youtube, I’ve got two channels, this one down there, and my other Youtube channel is up here so you’ve got two choices okay select the one you want anything else leave a comment, any requests for videos, lesson, whatever you you name it I’ll teach it ‘case that’s what I do thanks for watching enjoy your day, your evening, your morning ila-al-liqaa, ma3 as-salaama, shukran

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