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The Arabic Language and What Makes it So Damn INTERESTING

The Arabic Language and What Makes it So Damn INTERESTING

Shalom Alekham Oh *bleep* that’s the wrong *bleep*ing language, isn’t it? I hope nobody heard that ♫♫♫ Hey guys! This is another one of those videos that I filmed for my Japanese channel. A couple of years ago. So, I will be speaking in Japanese in this video But don’t worry. I made English subtitles for you It just might kinda seem strange that I will be talking about the Arabic language in Japanese Kind of weird, what can you do? I didn’t want to make the whole darn video so… Check it out the way it is. Hope you like it, let’s go! Helo everyone, how are you doing? I am Paul Certo Recently we talked about the Hebrew language, didn’t we? Today I want to tal about a language from the same language family. That language is Arabic. Araic is a very important language. It is used as in 24 countries throughout the Middle East and Africa as a native language. If we include all Arabic dialects There are around 280 million native speakers. Arabic is in many ways quite similar to Hebrew but I think it’s much harder to learn than Hebrew Arabic grammar is much harder than Hebrew grammar And there is an even biber problem than that The problem is that Arabic is not just a single language. The Arabic used in daily life is sometimes very different depending on the country. Oh, really? Sometimes if an Arab talks to an Arab from a far away country, they can not anderstand each other. In some cases Arabic dialects differ much more than Japanese dialects. f an Iraqi talks to a Moroccan, it will be difficult to understand. I don not think they will be able to communicate. In that situation they do their best to communicate in Sandard Arabic. The Islamic Doran was written in Arabic The Arabic that you read in the Koran became standard language. Today if you read a nwspapaer or if yor read a modern Arabic book That Arabic is almost the same as the Arabic in the Koran. Even though 1400 years have passed? The Arabic of the Koran is thought of as a Holy language They don not want to change it. (A joke about me having to look up some of the vocab I’m using) So what’s the problem? The problem is that nobody speaks the standar language. Standard Arabic is onle a literary language Nodody speaks it as a native language. All modern Arabic dialects are different from the literry language. When Arabs try to converse in Standard Arabic, it feels strange to them. It feels really unnatural Like you’re coversing in a dead classical literary language. Like you’re speaking Latin from a long time ago. Or it’s you’re conversing in Japasese from 500 yars ago. Arabic spread throughout the Middele East and Africa rogether wirh the expansion of Islam. But it mixed with the local languages and gradually became quite far removed from the standard language So… If you want to learn Arabi, you’ll wonder what kind of Arabic you should learn. That’s the question. Man, Arabic’s hard” If you sudy the standard language, you can’t have a natural conversation with anyone. But if you learn one country’s dialect, I don’t think you’ll be able to communicate with an Arab from a diffent coutry “I wonder what kind I should learn!” This is my opinion. If you want to sudy Arabic seriously and become fluent I think you should study the standard language from the beginning. If you do that, you’ll know the basis, so In the future if you study a dialect Nomatter what dialect you coose You’ll know the basis so the dialect will be easier to learn. If you just want to go to one Arabic country you want to travel and make friends you should learn that country’s dialect. just that dialect. There’s no need to learn the standard language. Because it would take a really long time. If you don’t think you’re going to study seriously, then you should coose a dialect. “I have a Turkish friend!” This is commonly misunderstood, but Iran an Turkey are not Arabic countries. Their offical languages are not Arabic. In fact, in Turkey they have the Turkish language And in Iran, They have the Persian Language. But Persian is written in the Arabic alphabet. Like Hebrew, Arabic is written from right to left. That sounds hard, but really, once you get used to it, it’s no problem. There’s no problem. If you sudy for about 2 weeks, if you pratice writing for about 2 weeks There’s no problem at all. A bigger problem is that like Hebrew, the vowels are no written That’s a bit of a prolem. It’s difficult to read. If a bebinner looks at a word and there are no wowels But once you get used to the patterns of Arabic words, You’ll look at a word and bi able to imagine the vowels. So it won’t be a problem anymore, Maybe I should teach you a bit of Arabic What word should we star with? marhaba What do you think MarHaba means? MarHaba is like “konnichiwa” or “Hello” One more time Wll-done! Nice, very nice. Actually, that word is similar to the Turkish greeting “Merhaba”. The Turkish language was a little infuenced by the Arabic language. There aren’t so many similar words, but there are some. Ok. , next. Ana ismi ~ Ana=Hi ismi=my name Ana ismi ~ Well-done All right. One more min ayna anta? When you talk to a man, “min ayna anta”? “Anta” means “you” (male) It’s kind of similar to the Japanese word (Anata) isn’t it? min=from “ayna” means “where” That’s when you talk to a man. When uou talk to a woman, it’s “min ayna anti”. “Anta” referes to a man Anti referes to a woman Very nice. All right! Good job. Ana It means “I” Do you remember it? “min” means “from” And you? Japan, right? Maybe, Jan, Maybe not I’m from Canada and you’re not. Your’re probly not. All right, good job! (I totally made a strange mistake in my Japanese here. lol.) Ok. I’ll ask the question and you give the answer min ayana anta? All right, very good! ana min If you said “ana min (somewhere)” then that’s correct. Good job! Now you know a little Arabic. Good for you! Let’s keep on enjoyng language learning! I filmed this in Tripoli, Leabanon.

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  • Langfocus says:

    This video still gets lots of comments saying "Israel is not an Arab country!" I know Israel is not an Arab country, guys. I included the Israeli flag in the list of flags because Arabic is one of Israel's official languages. It is spoken as a native language by 20% of Israeli citizens.

    A lot of people are also writing "It's not Israel, it's Palestine!" There's no need to write that. I didn't give an opinion about Israel in the video. I just acknowledged that Arabic is an official language there. I included every country or territory where Arabic is an official language, and I included the Palestinian flag. Those are just facts, not opinions.

    So, there's no need to focus on that one flag that appears for a fraction of a second.


  • Pillral Garden says:

    Ur talking in Egyptian arabic! It makes me mad! I hate how they talk tho it's funny

  • Mr Oof says:

    I just thought of this randomly lol

  • Mohamed AHARCHI says:

    All Arabs can understand arabic language and there are dialects in every arabic country

  • Ali Kareem Al_Iraqi says:

    I learn a lot of Japanese words and sentenses from the Japanese anime 🙂

  • Singh Anmol preet says:

    Kemalmak! "ayna" bir turkce sozcuk! Ayna mana "mirror".

  • Jakubp 052 says:

    Why is he speaking in Japanese?

  • lebronjamesfan says:

    Just letting you guys know somalis don't speak arabic there is somali the language of somalis but no arabic

  • jorge gallo says:

    Very impressive, Paul!

  • Vicki Bee says:

    Don't tell me you're like Andrew, my friend who went to Oxford University and speaks at least 7 different languages. Greek & Latin are two of them and I have no idea why he speaks Latin bc IT'S supposed to be a dead language. So is Etruscan, another language he knows. He's a lexicographer for their (Oxford) dictionary. He worked in Neologisms and with OWLS (Oxford Word & Language Service) and he's too modest IMO to work for Oxford Dictionary in Oxford, England.

  • Fai Re says:

    I wouldn’t describe it as “a dead language “
    Because we use it everyday
    Almost all the kids cartoons are in standard arabic, books, formal letters and newspapers, Tv news,basically all the formal writing must be in a standard arabic
    And sometimes regular people in social media will write in standard arabic and it won’t seem strange at all

  • Eri Airlangga says:

    What do you call a Canadian teaching Arabic in Japanese?


  • Mrs. Blink - STAN OT4 says:

    في 4:34 رأيت صورة أفريكا (موقع أثري بتونس) ربما ذهب لتونس….؟

  • let me fly says:

    I'm gasor. I want to have my first penfriend. My main language is . I want to improve my English language. Please. My whatsapp. 201069418627.. Pleaae write to me

  • Sarah R S N says:

    1800000000 Blion Muslim and spik Arab

  • محمود شققي says:

    معلومات غير دقيقة
    لا ألومك لانك لاتعيش معنا في بلادنا العربية باستثناء اللهجات المغربية فالبقية مفهومة بشكل كبير وبالنسبة للغة التركية فهي متأثرة كثيرا بالعربية بمجرد قراءة نص بسيط تستطيع ملاحظة العدد الهائل للمفردات العربية


    انا من سوريا ?

  • Anonymous says:

    Any Japanese here who speaks Arabic?

  • The free man says:

    Marhaba is middle eastern . in standard Arabic it's marhaban

  • Xx Kurukafa xX says:

    It iş not Koran. This is Kur'an…

  • Kumail Haider says:

    Plz can you teach Arabic and rest of the languages you know!???

  • Zahid Erdem OĞUZ says:

    انا من تركيا. Greetings from Turkey!

  • Yama Zakura says:

    Wow! Good Japanese! Demo… some overuse of "sugoi". There are numerous synonyms e.g. totemo, taihen etc. And degozaimasu is too overly polite 🙂

  • kent jordan says:

    عربي مر من هنا
    لكن توضيح بسبب انتشار وسائل التواصل
    اللهجات العامية تغيرت فقد خسرت الكثير من الكلمات واستعاضت بكلمات اكثر فصاحة
    بسبب تزايد التخاطب بين ابناء مختلف الدول العربية

  • Saddam H. says:

    As far as I know, there is no /p/ sound in Arabia, so, ana ismi Paul, would be, Ana ismi baul. Lol

  • Jone Tokaye says:

    Native speaker
    Interesting how Japanese borrows English words.

  • abdelhafiz issa says:

    It's so weard (speak Japanese about the Arabic language), but I like it.

    غريب جدا تحكي باليباني على اللغة العربية، بس أنا بحب هل فكرة.
    C'est bizarre de faire une vidéo en japonais qui parle de la langue arabe, mais j'aime bien le concept.

  • Johannes - Eu Quero Falar Alemão says:

    Dein Kanal ist super!

  • Jasmine Mikhail says:

    All Arabs understand the classic Arabic
    We stady with it read book with it
    Watch cartoon with it
    Watch documentary with it we watch historical series with it and a lot of programs we use it all the time

  • Mazeda Siddiqui says:

    I want to learn arabic language…

  • Thinking Brain says:

    You were so focused on the languages that you forgot to focus the camera on yourself.

  • Rob Walton says:

    Great Video. I'm from Toronto, Canada learning Standard Arabic from a Syrian friend. I also speak Hebrew and I'm happy you included it in your video. And liyou said, Arabic is harder. Lastly, your opinion is really nice as I wondered whether to study the dialect or Standard and came to the same opinion as you. thanks man.

  • Alyz YT says:

    People from lots of arab countries watched egyptiain arabic thats why they understand us more than we underdtand them.
    Like, when morrocan arabkc speaker speaks to a egyptian arabic speaker. THE EGYPTIAN WIll find it hard to understand. ??????

  • Dumb Productions says:

    What's the Arabic word for weeb?

  • GRGplays says:


  • Muhammad Yousaf says:

    So I am a Punjabi speaker holding a book of Urdu in my hand, listening to you in Japanese talking about Arabic while reading English titles where I am jelous of your fluent japanese beacuase I am also learning japanese and its really tough…..? If that makes any sense! And you move your head way too much when you speak japanese! And where did you learn japanese like that!

  • arriva1256 says:

    btw turkish and arabic shares a lot of vocabuary. the pronounciation is different though

  • Alexander Tesfaalem says:

    Not in eritrea i think they speak other languages

  • Brian JOnker says:

    I bet you had a lot of fun doing this video

  • Jon Jon says:

    Dude we get it u know lots of language, the 1 thing kept fking with my head why u choosed japonese as a language to talk, talk arabic or darija and we shall see how good u will be……

  • بدون اسم says:

    ما تحسون انه يبالغ هو يحسب ان كل دولة عربية تقريبا لغة غبي صراحة

  • Yusuf Scott says:

    There are thousands of comments, and this has likely been said, but you wouldn't say 'Ana ismi …', but rather just 'ismi …'. Saying 'Ana ismi' is saying 'I am my name', which is incorrect.

  • Sajjad Hassani says:

    اسلام علیکم ورحمة الله و بركاته انا من الایران انا احبک الغة عربيه ????

  • Kasdallah Rami says:

    The only contrey that can understand all arabe contrey is tunisia but they can't understand tunisian for someone who wanna learn perfect english tunisia is your first step

  • braham ben says:

    One thing in The Hall arabic world there were never and there Will be never The islrailian flag k just delete this next time.
    Israel has no relation with us in any way.
    Hope u get me

  • braham ben says:

    That's weird that am Arabic and I see someone teaching me my mother language lol

  • Naͣfiͥsaͣhͪ Oury Bah says:

    I do not speak Arabic, but I am familiar with it and can have a conversation in Arabic (Egyptian) it had a significant impact on my native language historically , and culture, it's amazing how many cultures Arabic has infiltrated due to religion or trade

  • Ali Alim says:

    Arabic is one of the best and most beautiful languages

  • Esam Pasha says:

    I am an Iraqi and the Arabic I speak with my Moroccan friends is understandable almost perfectly..there are not much problem for Arabic speaking people to talk to each other.. there are words that used differently from one country to the other but not many of them.. Please make sure what you are saying is true and don't spread lies about Arabic.. You have amazing linguistic skills and I admire that..

  • Lujain Omer says:

    لما عربي و عربي من بلد أخري عادتا يتحدثان مع بعضهما بلغه بلده و يفهمان بعضهما البعض

  • راشد بشناتي says:

    that footage you've shown at the end of the video is from my city Tripoli 😀 … i just watched 2 videos you've made about Arabic, and i want to say you did a good job (Ahsant sunaan) ^_^

  • WareN The Gamer says:

    Nice just use israeli flag …

  • WareN The Gamer says:

    you can talk normally with arab people if you know Actual Arabic, just learn the Standard Arabic don't learn dialects it's derived and pretty close (i'd say dialects are 50% or a bit more closer to standard Arabic), just learn the most beautifull and most optimal language on earth don't worry about it.

  • DudeizRandom says:

    I will try to speak arabic here (correct me if there are mistakes),

    انا اتكلم (اتحدث) شوي (قليل) العربية. ابي من فرنسى و ابه من الجزائر لكن امي من سكوتلاند وانا مولود في سكوتلاند. انا روح (اذهب) الى مدرسة العربية في السبت وفي المدرسة المدرسان تكلم (تحدث) باللغة العربية فقط. هذا صعب لي. انا عند ستة شهور قبالة لذلك، انا يريد ليدرس اللغة الهربية لذلك عندما انا روح (اذهب) على مدرسة في ستة اشهور ، يمكن انا تكلم (تحدث) باللغة العربية جيد جداً. لو سمحت واحد سعدني!!!! هل قواعدي صحيح/جيد؟

  • DudeizRandom says:

    Never trust an edited comment people!

  • del80s 98 says:

    good job ?
    but we still use the clasical arabic at reading speeches and school subjects as well .

  • holloxman says:

    Hello from Algeria. You make C_O_o_L vids <3

  • OH Games says:

    you can't learn a dialect whitout arabic standard

  • DoNaLd DuMp says:

    Im lebanese but i know and can understand other arabic languages from other arabic countries AND I HAAAATE STUDYING GRAMMAR IT SUCKS I SWEAR ?

  • Mohd Adeeb says:

    May Peace be upon you.

  • PlayHard GoPro says:

    i use standard arabic to communicate with my friends from diff. arabic countries, but what makes arabic interresting is the ability to describe with a very high precision, (YEAH! OTHER LANGUAGES CAN DO BETTER), so let me show the PhraseCalculation this is a kind of a mathematic been set on the arabic languages, what gives birth to Science of the language. this kind of science is not given For example i can write "Isaac NEWTON death date is an Apple" which A = 1, P = 16 ….. and the number would be the correct date (apple just an example and the numbers also), some old treasures are hidden in books using this encoding technique, especialy Coran ! and at the end arabic peaple were using this also before Islam long time ago wich means more than 15 centuries. SOrry for the long comment, no Potatos is given !

  • ᎰᎥᏰ ᎿᎻᎬ ᏦᎥᏁᎶ says:

    لغتنا مو عجيبة انتم العجيبين?

  • Sharmi Yousaf says:


  • MO. Mosa says:

    I'm arabim and I'm from Egypt so I speak Egyptian but all arap can speak the mother language I mean all Arabs know them language very much ?

  • luckaocka tota says:

    You did not mentioned about 12 Million words in the Arabic dictionary
    Nor the grammer

  • Luffy Aljada says:

    The Gulf countries can understand the language of some of them, and also know a few words to other Arab countries but to me and I think some like me can not understand the Algerian language✨

  • Luffy Aljada says:

    If you want to learn the Arabic language choose the dialect of Kuwait or Saudi Arabia, but the best Saudi accent because all countries will understand your words and Saudi Arabia also has many dialects according to the regions you live in each region its own dialect

  • Ahmed Adel says:

    MSA ( الفصحى) Every single Arabic man can understand it is he was learnt it so we can communicate with eatch outher by the Modern standard Arabic ?

  • Fernando Pereira says:

    Melhor vídeo sobre linguagens que eu já vi! kkkk

  • MR Soli says:

    israel not a country or talk arabic

  • UGEL imy says:

    i heat the music in this video.

  • Ammar Elbehery says:

    this is really acurate, You spoke about everything correctly and sometimes when westerners speak about our culture they say stuff we find offensive. You spoke facts and I was not offended at all. Thanks.

  • Anthony Pham says:

    0:00 me when I thought I entered a party that spoke the same language but they spoke something else

  • Ahmed Zeki says:

    The word for hello in Arabic is Merhaban. There.

  • Ahmed Zeki says:

    Merhaban ana ali selam bil i qua i ka
    مرحبان انا علي، سلام بيل يقيق

  • MOMO Almutawah says:

    بالفعل تكلم اللغة العربية الفصحى شيئ غريب نوعا ما ولكن ليس بالنسبة لأجنبي مبتدأ في اللغة العربية

  • dominic wanjiru says:

    You soo talented man.. Cograts

  • Mahir Efe Dicle says:

    I am watching a video that teaches Arabic in Japanese with English subtitles but i am watching it with a French subtitles because i am practising as a Turkish speaker living near Greece, on an American made phone

  • Cooling Heat says:

    Arabic is hard because it's written backwards
    كافح فعلاه هتاهخحها آل ٢٨

  • Richard James says:

    All the asian arabic country’s can understand each others and also the sudanian and the eygption arabic accents

  • Fu*k Everything, I'm Naruto says:

    Another interesting fact is that there's a set specific way of spelling for standard Arabic only. Centuries ago, English didn't have that and so if you spelled fact "fakt" it wasn't an issue because everyone did it their own way and there was no right or wrong. When a native Arabic speaker would text a friend, leave a note, write a social media post, etc, it would be in their own dialect with whatever spelling they see fit. There's no dictionary for dialects either, tho you're bound to find a definition online somehow,,,or just ask a native~

  • manou paul says:

    Thw most beautifull language in the world

  • Ahmed Zeki says:

    أنا اتكلم العربية

  • Ahmed Zeki says:

    انا اتكلم الع

  • Ahmed Zeki says:

    انا اتكم العربية.
    انا العربية اتكلم.
    اتكلم انا العربية/اتكلم./اتكلم العربية.

  • Ahmed Zeki says:

    اتكلم انا العربية./اتكلم العربية.

  • Ivan Zakharov says:


  • متع بصرك says:

    The mistake of the classical Arabic language is understood by everyone who speaks Arabic because everything has one word or name unlike the normal Arabic language and these are the dialects distributed in the country
    And the number of Arabic words is about 12,600,000
    A billion words.

  • Ariake.アリアキ says:

    جنوب السعودية لهجتهم قريبه للفصحى

  • Jamie Sholar says:

    I am extremely turned on by your smile while you speak Japanese. Youre incredibly attractive.

  • *ULTRA* says:

    Lmao start

  • Rule Britannia says:

    Why did you make this?

  • Black Wolf says:

    The most I heard from his Japanese is wa and ta is he talking real Japanese

  • Ahmad Rama says:

    I am an Arab seeing a video about my language from a Canadian speaking Japanese and I am reading english subtitles. I am confused فتت بالحيط

  • ravi tripathi says:

    That bollywood tune at the start ❤️

  • yko says:

    Great video!
    من اين انت؟
    I am interested to know your mother tongue.

  • Miftachul Jannah says:

    Arabic ????

  • J. Dino.Supreme says:

    Why is Matt Damon here?

  • saed ayub nassif puche says:

    could u please explain in a video about lebanese and shami arabic

  • العربي الوحيد says:

    هناك مبالغة نحن نستطيع ان نتحدث العربية الفصيحة ونكتبها اعني المتعلمين تعليم جيد حتى لو كان معهم الشهادة الثانوية

    لإن الدراسه والعمل الرسمي يكون باللغة العربيه الفصيحة اعني الخطابات والبيانات والقرارات كلها تكتب بالعربيه الفصيحه.. الخ
    والصحف والكتب والتلفزيون في الاخبار والبرامج المترجمه او المدبلجه او التاريخيه مثل المسلسلات كلها تكون في العربيه الفصيحة .

    ثم لا تغفل القرآن والحديث الشريف كلها نصوص عربيه فصيحة نحن نتعامل معها يوميا في صلاة يفهمها الأمي والمتعلم لكن يتفاوت الفهم لكن بالمجمل يفهمونها

    هذا غير الشعر العربي الفصيح وعصورة المختلفه والمتباعدة جميعه عربي فصيح

    اللغة الأخرى تتغير وتتبدل مع مر العصور لكن العربيه ثابته بسبب النص القرآني وهذا شيء اعجازي

    هناك لغات كثيرة يصعب عليها أن تفهم نصوص قديمه لنفس اللغة فقط لها ٥٠٠ سنه لكن العربية القرآن له ١٤٠٠ سنه والكثير يفهمونه .

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