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The Alphabet – The Turkish Language | Episode 1

Hello there and welcome to the first episode
of my new series “The Turkish Language” In this series, I will try to cover as much as
possible, starting with the alphabet to all there is to know about this language Please know that I am currently a student myself meaning I don’t master this language
at all… Yet But it does make an interesting point of view as I can have questions answered
only a student could think of With that being said, let’s get started! Before I show you the alphabet, I would like to tell you that the letters in the Turkish Alphabet have only one pronunciation This makes it easy when reading the words, as it’s
exactly read as spelled In the vowels part of the alphabet, we have two
groups We have, literately translated, the thick vowels and the thin vowels The difference between these are the pronunciation in the front or the back of your mouth The difference
between these groups is very important in the Turkish language as they are part of,
what they call, word harmony This I will explain in future episodes That’s it for this episode, as I will keep all subjects separated in different videos If you are interested in learning more about the Turkish language make it easy on yourself
and subscribe to this channel Know anyone else who is interested in the language, share this video And if you liked it, leave a like and a favorite See you next time

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