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The Alphabet Adventure With Alice and Shawn the Train – FULL CARTOON – (Learn letters and words)

The Alphabet Adventure With Alice and Shawn the Train – FULL CARTOON – (Learn letters and words)

Hi. My name is Alice. I want to show you my alphabet book that helped me learn my letters. We are going to start with the letter A, the first letter of the alphabet. Oh, no! Something happened to all the letters! They are all gone! We need to find them, but how we are going to do that? Hi, Alice! My name is Shawn. I can help you find the missing letters. That sounds fantastic, Shawn! But I don’t know my ABCs. That’s OK. I’ll help you learn the letters. Thank you, Alice! All aboard! Let’s go find our letters! Wow, I cannot believe it! We are inside the alphabet book. Let’s go find our missing letters, Shawn. What is the first letter? The first letter we are going to find is the letter A. Look! I have the wagon for the letter A. Amazing! Let’s go find the letter A. Hmm. Which way should I go, Alice? Look! There is an airplane. Let’s ask the airplane where to go. Hey, airplane! We are looking for the letter A. Can you show us which way we should go? Thank you, airplane. The letter A is hiding behind one of the apples. Which apple, Alice? Hmmm… Let’s say the sound that the letter A makes so we can find it. Pause The A says [a] as in APPLE! Here it is! A is for APPLE. And A is for AIRPLANE. The next letter is B. Look at the funny ball bouncing up and down… and the letter B behind the ball! Let’s catch the letter B. Wait Shawn! I cannot stop! The letter B is on the other side of the river. Help us say the sound that the letter B makes so the bridge will appear. The B says [b] as in BRIDGE. We did it! B is for BALL. Let’s go find the letter C! I found the letter C. Correct! The letter C is trying to push a stuck car out of the mud. Do you see anything that can help the letter C? I see the crane! Cool! But the crane only works when it hears the sound [k] that the letter C makes. Let’s say it together to help our stuck car. The C says [k] as in CRANE! Thank you, CRANE! C is for CRANE. And C is for CAR. Our next letter is D. The letter D is behind one of the musical instruments. D makes the sound [d]. Do you see any instrument that starts with the letter D? The letter D is behind the drum! Well done! D is for DRUM. Now on to the letter E. Look! Here is the letter E sitting on top of the excavator. They are trying to move those big rocks that fell on the railroad tracks. Those rocks are too heavy. Let’s say the sound that the letter E makes so the excavator will get more energy. The E says [e] as in ENERGY. We did it! Now come with us. E is for EXCAVATOR. Let’s go find the letter F. The fire truck, Alice! And the letter F is on the fire truck. Let’s see where they are going so fast. We have to help Shawn go faster by saying the sound the letter F makes. The F says [f] as in FASTER! That was fast! Look! They are giving fading flowers some fresh water. F is for FLOWERS. And F is for FIRE TRUCK. The next letter is G. We are in the alphabet garden. Let’s go and find green fruit that starts with the letter G. G makes the sound [g]. That’s an apple. That’s a blueberry. Those are cantaloupes. G is for GRAPES! Great! And G is for the color GREEN like the grapes. Let’s go get the letter H. Our next letter H makes the sound [h] as in HAT. But where is the letter H hiding? I hear the sound. But I don’t see the letter H. Look, the letter H is high in the sky. You are right, Shawn. The letter H is holding the helicopter rope. Hello, letter H! Don’t forget the hat. H is for HAT. And H is for HELICOPTER. Let’s go find the letter I. Hey, Benny! An ice house! This is an igloo. The letter I makes the sound [i] as in IGLOO. Let’s see if the letter I is inside. It’s cold in here. Here is the letter I holding an ice-cream. You are right – I is also for ICE-CREAM. I am getting so cold. Let’s go find our next letter, J. I am stuck, Alice. Hmm. Looks like someone spilled jam on the railroad tracks. Just in time! Maybe the letter J and the jar can help us. Let’s put jam in the jar. Great idea, Shawn! The letter J makes the sound [j] as in JAR. J is for JAM. Jump in! Our next letter is K. We found K. But the letter K cannot open the gate without the key. It is on the other side. Who can help us get the KEY? The letter K says [k] as in KITE! Thank you, kite. K is for KITE. And K is for KEY. Let’s go find the letter L. Ghost lights! No, those are just lightning bugs. I have a light too, but how do I turn it on? Let’s say the sound that the letter L makes so we can turn Shawn’s light on. The L says [l] as in LIGHT! Look, here is the letter L. L is for LIGHT. And L is for LIGHTNING BUG. Let’s find the letter M. Look, Shawn. Your wagon for the letter M reminds me of a cow. I wonder what should we put in there. Milk. You are right! Here is the letter M. Can you help us find the way to get some milk? That looks like a map. Yes, it does. Let’s say the sound that the letter M makes so the map will show us the way. The M says [m] as in MAP! Now I know where to go! Hi, Donald! M is for MILK. And M is for MAP. Let’s move forward and find the letter N. Here is the letter N. The N says [n] as in … Is anyone coming with you, letter N? All right! A little nail is going with the letter N. N is for NAIL. Oh, no! That’s a lot of nails. We can only fit nine nails; the rest will have to wait for the next train. Can you help us count nine nails? ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5), SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9) N is for the NUMBER NINE. Nice job. Let’s go find the letter O. A blue orange? Oh no, something is not right.
Look! Here is a rolling letter O. Hey, letter O; we can help your orange. Do you know what color the orange should be? I know. The orange should be orange. You are right! The ORANGE and the color ORANGE is the same word that starts with the letter O. Onto the letter P! Is this the letter P? Yes. But poor letter P has no pal to go with. We can help the letter P. Let’s paint a picture of a friend that can go with the letter P. To paint a picture we need some paint supplies. The letter P makes the sound [p] as in PAPER PENCIL PAINT PAINT BRUSH Perfect! Can you guess what it is? A pumpkin. Yes. P is for PUMPKIN. And P is also for PAPER, PENCIL, PAINT and PAINT BRUSH! Please, all aboard! We are going to find our next letter, Q. Look at this beautiful castle. Look, Shawn, there is Her Majesty, the letter Q. Q makes the sound [kw] as in queen! I have a question. Is the letter Q a queen? You are quite right, Mr. Shawn. Her Majesty Q is the queen that lives in this castle. Your Majesty, queen, it would be quite a pleasure if you could come with us. Our royal wagon with a beautiful quilt is ready for you. That was quick! Q is for QUEEN, and Q is for QUILT. The next letter is R. A robot! Yes. And here is the letter R standing by the robot. The R says [r] as in … RUST? Warning! Rust detected! Please rescue me! Warning! Rust detected! I think the robot needs some oil. I have some. Here is some oil for the robot, letter R. No rust detected! Thank you for rescuing me! R is for ROBOT. And R is for RUST that I don’t have anymore. Let’s rock and roll so we can find our letter S. Do you hear the sound? Sounds like our silly letter S is hiding. Come out, letter S. It is a snake! Stop! Stop! We are safe. This is a friendly snake. S makes the sound [s] as in SNAKE. And here is the letter S. The letter S is for SNAKE. And the letter S is also for SWAMP and SNAIL. Start the engine, Shawn. We are going to find our next letter T. A telephone! Yes, it is. The letter T makes the sound [t] as in TELEPHONE. Let’s see who is calling us. Hello. OK. See you shortly, letter T. The letter T is running late and wants us to wait for it. Here is the letter T. Hurry up, letter T! The train is leaving! T is for TELEPHONE. And T is for TRAIN, like me. That’s true. T is for TRAIN, too. Time to find the letter U. Uh-oh! Looks like it is going to rain. Look! The letter U is landing in the wagon with the umbrella. We need umbrellas like the letter U has so our letters won’t get wet. Let’s say the sound that the letter U makes so UMBRELLAS will appear. The U says [uh] as in UMBRELLA. We did it! The umbrellas helped our letters stay dry. Let’s go get the letter V. A van, Alice. V is for VAN! Very good! The letter V makes the sound [v] as in VAN. But the van’s wheel is bent. Let’s help the letter V fix the wheel. What is this letter? This is the letter W. The letter W comes after the letter V, and it makes the sound [w]. Does wheel start with W? You are right! W is for WHEEL. Letter W, can you help the van get a new wheel? Thank you, W. You are a wonderful friend. Great! We found two letters at the same time: the letter V… for VAN and the letter W… for WHEEL. We have three letters left to find. The next letter is X. Here is the letter X next to the xylophone. The XYLOPHONE starts with the letter X. Something is not right! Looks like the xylophone notes need colors to play. Let’s see if some of our letters can help the xylophone get its colors back. G is for …GREEN. GOOD! B is for …BLUE. BRAVO! V is for …VIOLET. VERY GOOD! R is for …RED. REALLY GOOD! O is for …ORANGE. OUTSTANDING! I think one color is missing. You are right; there should be one more color. Maybe the next letter, Y, will help us find the missing color. What was that yellow thing? That was the letter Y playing with the yo-yo. The Y makes the sound [y] as in YO-YO. Shawn, it looks like you mentioned the color that the xylophone was missing. Yellow. Yes! YELLOW like YO-YO. And now we found the last color for the xylophone. Well. Now it is time to find our last letter, Z, and we’ll have all the letters in our alphabet book. Shawn, do you know the name of a place where you can see a lot of different animals? The zoo! I see the ZOO sign. Right! It is the zoo. The letter Z makes the sound [z] as in ZOO. I think the letter Z is with one of the animals. The animal we are looking for has black and white stripes. This is a bear. B is for BEAR. This is a crocodile. C is for CROCODILE. This is an elephant. E is for ELEPHANT. This is a giraffe. G is for GIRAFFE. This is a lioness. L is for LIONESS. This is a monkey. M is for MONKEY. I see it. It is a zebra. Z is for ZEBRA. Correct! We finally found all the letters. Thank you, Shawn, for helping me find the missing letters. And thank you too! Let’s repeat all the letters we found.

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