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The 5 Best Places to Flourish Your Lettering for Beginners

When you add flourishes to your words
there are certain parts of the letters and areas of the words as a whole that
give you the best opportunity for adding flourishes, so let’s go over the five
best areas for adding flourishes to your letters and words. The first place is the
ascending stem loop so we’re going to use the word thank you as an example and
this word has two ascending stem loops so this is going to be our first place to
add flourishes. Ascending stem loops go above the header line and are taller
than the rest of your letters. The next spot is descending stem loops and these
go below the baseline and these are in letters like Y and G and J so we have
both of our types of stem loops, the ascending and descending are great for
adding flourishes. The next place you can add flourishes is in the middle of a
word so in the word thank we would be able to add flourishes in these letters
that are in the middle of the word and these would go below the baseline
as well And then the fourth place is at the
end of the word so here the letter U is the last letter
in this phrase so that’s another spot that we could add a flourish at the end
of a word or the end of a line. Lastly we have the crossbar of the T so
there are lots of ways that you can embellish the cross bar. So these are the top five places you can add flourishes to your letters and your
words: the ascending and descending some loops at the middle or the end of the
word and the crossbar of a T

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