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The 100 Days Arabic/Spanish Challenge #Day_64

The 100 Days Arabic/Spanish Challenge #Day_64

hola a todos Hello everyone. Welcome to the 100 days Arabic Spanish learning challenge. Today is a day 64 Right now it’s time for our progress report So I previously mentioned that I’m trying to build something called vocabulary foundation and then later on I will try to get a sense of the language and then I will move to grammar So according to my duolingo app I have already reached 400 vocabulary so I know more than 400 vocabulary in Spanish now I think I believe it’s time for me to move on to start making phrases learning the structure how to build how to build a sentence in Spanish and That’s what I’ve been working on throughout the previous week to do that. I’ve trying to get myself into a more Spanish environment and that is through listening to podcasts listen to dialogues and Watching more Spanish videos that are less explaining more speaking Spanish So I don’t understand most of that stuff being spoken I try to get subtitles and then I translate The words right that I feel better repeated more than one time Just feels that if I know that word, I would try to get a main point of the idea so That’s what I’ve been doing I’m using the lingo podcast a podcast application. We just randomly downloaded on my phone And also I downloaded an application called hellotalk now how the talk is a really great tool for learning languages He’ll talk gives you the function – allows you to set up a profile for yourself and then you you you set a language that you consider your native language and then another language you desire to learn and Then after doing that the application will automatically set you up with people who are native in the language You want to learn and whom also want to learn the language you’re a native speaker of So it’s more of an exchanging languages program Application and it’s really great So I’ve been chatting with random people that I have never met and they don’t know me. They don’t know my real level Just great. I’ve been throwing them Tossing all my vocabulary or all the other stuff no in Spanish to them and it’s good Some of them are very helpful and they’re very patient. They helped me they correct my mistakes and errors and Also, there is this feed function in the application, you know People always post random stuff. So this also give me this chance to see how his Spanish being spoken on daily basis and On a tweet to dialogues that I learned in In hello talk so this dialogue is between a son and his mom his mom calls him. she’s like, where are you? He said he’s over his friends place. And then she’s like aren’t you at school? He said no, it’s it’s Saturday I’m not a school, of course dijo donde estas and then another Situation you’re in a gathering or a party and then you see someone that you feel you want to get to know too But you first want to ask how is that person? so you’d be like . So you’re like who is that and then your friend goes like oh That’s me Raya and you’re like, how is she? Oh, she’s nice. She’s a very interesting person So stuff like that, and then there’s also the the pronouns the verb conjugations in Spanish so as far as I knew I or as far as it I thought that there are two sets of pronouns or it’s a Serb pronouns and there’s also these thought prone ours pronouns, but Apparently there is another set of pronouns there is uh, I don’t know what do they call them But then they go for specific kind of verbs so for example the verb gustar to like in Spanish people don’t say I like something but they but they say the thing pleases me so it’s a little backwards in a way like I’m I’m trying to comprehend how to express that because in most of the languages and In all the languages I know ARABIC, English and Chinese I say that I like something but in Spanish, it’s a little vice-versa. I guess like the thing pleases me Anyways, it’s in English you say I like apples in Spanish. You say me gusta – amigo something’s amis so apples, please me sad that I like apples But I’m still trying to I’m so trying to tackle the east set of pronouns like I literally started last week During the restaurant episode so But in terms of the sir and his thought I’m really happy now that I can clearly distinguish how which one should be used when I thought it’s gonna be a hard task, but Thank God it wasn’t it was it was relatively. Okay, so For the verb sir, I could say yo hablo embargo Hispaniola I speak a little Spanish for the for the star verbs for they start verb conjugations I can say A story people in China. I live in China. This is not permanent. I might leave very soon, hopefully And I also can say a story so trendy toe e-enough ago I am surprised and angry at the same time and I can also say is Importante domain p.m. It’s important to get good sleep. This is very important. I love this phrase. So This is pretty much what I’ve been trying to do lately and I can and I’ll also I also started trying to think Spanish whatever I see I would try to name it if I know it or try to make a sentence So if I see a pen I would say I use the I use a pen to write or I can say I write with the pen when I when I see a book when I see a book I’d be like I read a book. So This is a really cool dictionary visual dictionary Spanish English really awesome, but there’s just a lot to to learn Anyways, that’s that that’s it for my progress report Hello language fans now This isn’t gonna be as structured as usual because I am really snatching time on holiday While my wife puts makeup on for the mother so that we can take pictures they a dressed up in traditional Chinese costume But anyway on with it progress report Well, the Arabic you’ve heard me speaking earlier. I’m happy to say it was pretty much off-the-cuff didn’t really think much rehearsal It was all using vocabulary that I already knew. I didn’t learn anything special for that and I’d say I did pretty good So I’m fairly satisfied with my progress Not quite where I want to be. There’s only a month left How good am I really going to be in thirty more days? definitely know when in native but perhaps perhaps just about good enough to satisfy the criteria of live in an Arab country and Survive, so that’s nice Now I’ve mentioned am on holiday. That is in Singapore And now I’ll mention that when we go on to do more language adventures later I want to look right away and Burmese if you’ve never seen the Burmese language go look it up It’s it basically just is a series of circles. It’s sort of like the letter C Repeated over and over again. But with the gap in the sea It kind of in a different place at a different angle. So if it’s moat, it’s not just that Sometimes there’s a rectangle with a cliff in it, but apart from that. It’s just lots of the letter C rotated small amounts I Would really love to see if I could get my head around that but for now focus focus on Arabic no real changes in study method just keeping on keeping on with my Pimsleur courses and my grammar book and It seems to be working. Okay. Thanks for listening Right time for reflection so I don’t really have a lot to reflect I’m just I just thought I gave it a little thought today before taking the videos and it’s like the day 64 it’s like literally two months and Now I can say that I speak a little Spanish when I meet Spanish-speaking people or people who speak Spanish to be like, yeah. Yo hablo you upload poco de español I can speak a little Spanish It’s pretty cool. I mean done in only two months. I know more than 400 words in Spanish I can make simple sentences. I can start a conversation a very simple Conversation led by me. But anyway is considering the amount of time used for this. I think it’s great I’m very happy and also I’m thankful for my learning partner Lawrence. He’s a very hard work and amazing dude he has Raised the standards and raised competitiveness In this challenge very much and I and I can tell because every time I meet I mean be using Arabic To speak to me and it was it wouldn’t be random and be related to whatever We’re talking about or whatever place we are in so And it strikes me every time he speaks Arabic because I’d be like, I don’t know how to say that stuff in Spanish It’s sort of just my ego kicks in and I’d be like no I need to learn more Spanish and I want to go home and learn more and like it’s not pressure, but it’s just a Sense of competitiveness and I really enjoy it. They really like it and I hope that I’m also doing that to him he was pretty impressed last time and I was happy not because he’s impressed because I Feel like he was like I need to learn more. So this is this is why picking a learning partner is very important Anyways, I hope that you’ve been enjoying this and I hope that you start your own challenge or your own learning pick a good learning Partners are learning two months later. You’d be like I speak a little whatever language it is anyways Here’s a late Christmas Feliz Navidad and an early Happy New Year plays and you annoy go Goodbye I’d also love to thank our sponsor WWF annually calm first of all for providing such a really cool service translator Anytime anywhere. This is literally their slog in their motto translator anytime anywhere This is a very cool idea in my opinion and also for sponsoring us. Thank you so much. You’ve been very great you’ve been very generous and Yeah, you guys totally check them out. I will have their link and right over here. It’s very easy, though And now this message from our sponsor Fanny link that’s WWWF a NY L. I NK Looking at the thumbnail from the last video that I’ve sent which Ahmed in his usual hard-working way stitched together I noticed maybe and that thumb they all look a little bit a little bit like Benedict Cumberbatch now Benedict Cumberbatch is not a man who really needs professional help obtaining Fanny But you are not Benedict Cumberbatch. So if you’re after any Fanny you needed to go to Fanny link dot-com Now I’m in Singapore. I’ve mentioned that Singapore applause is a very very multilingual place more or less Everyone’s being seems to speak English, but there’s also there’s Tamil There’s Cantonese there’s Mandarin all of these things have their own special Singapore dialects as melee Etc, etc. So many so This is a place where you may well find yourself Needing or just desiring All different kinds of Fanny and if that’s what you need Then again, I suggest going to fanny link dot-com Thanks for your sponsorship

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