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The 100 Days Arabic/Spanish Challenge #Day_46

The 100 Days Arabic/Spanish Challenge #Day_46

Sabah Alkhair! Buenos dias! welcome to
approximately day 45 of the 100 day challenge now without further ado let’s see how
we’ve been doing Ahmed, Khaif Alespany?? don’t know how to say Spanish muy bien! but honestly not as good as they want not pretty ideal but trying to get
there, how is your Arabic? how is your Arabic? right let me do that
in spanish not very well but well
it’s going ok I’ve not I’ve learned a lot about numbers a lot about money a
lot about counting so for example and how much for this necklace? by a half a degree I can buy my own
apartment now you see so mission accomplished on that front right okay if
you find something Tiger become a book love they come well this is if I’m sent
to the Middle East is that you buy stuff now
yeah that’s pretty do some book though it gets about that yes I think I haven’t
mentioned yet like to tell the time as well right
Kennesaw what time is it aside yes yeah it’s nine o’clock South Amer sir
it’s a five o’clock okay say it’s about forty I can’t do between the hours yet
I’m pretty easy go I’m okay Fanny Naja I see the finial
okay together Assad wah-wah right okay what have you
learned I’ve been diving a little too towards grammar now and yeah I feel I
feel like I can make more sentences now like I could say that I am going to a
place to do something your boy your boy escuela oil studious to do espanol
I’m going to school to study Spanish I can also do the bike thing you necesito
comprar ropa you necesito comprar camisa Pantaloon
saloons is like Santa it’s like English you don’t say can you say past it’s a
pair of hats yes I can all I could also I could also say what I need what I want
and what am I going to do and ask what’s a day kid yeah boy or os key idea what
day is it today I know the days in Spanish seven days I’m still struggling
with numbers oh I don’t know why but I guess according to my plan according to
my program path we not supposed to learn numbers yes so I haven’t really talked
that much numbers I know uno dos tres cuatro Cinco senpai c87 I
guess and otro is a data yeah that’s pretty much it for me how do we go
through the verb conjugation okay I’m going to use the verb let me see
aha I want me she wants to okay ahaha I want to know you want to speak into a
manner toss-up in you want to speaking to a woman
yah-ha he wants to shut up she wants to may notice it’s the same as you wanted
to a man yes in there we want to know him and
then you all you want to is not another water to hit boom on top of the one in
reserve okay well for me in Spanish has three
sets of verse there is the AR verb ER verbs and IR verbs so I’m gonna pick one
verb from the AR set of luck you know Lars means to speak
habla this is the the root of the verb a blog to speak I speak yo hablo you speak
to up less he or she speaks we say hey habla
el habla usted habla we speak nosotros nosotras
llamas they speak or you speakers are used because of as in plural a lot of
you people you people English people speak English vosotras ugliest English
you speak you people speak English and and pretty much the same that goes for
erm and hi are the end of the verb would be chained with we change according to
the to what kind of set it belongs her and yeah this is this is one of the very
a lot of similar things between Spanish and Arabic yes that verbs conjugate with
different pronouns yes and with also different gender yes so I’m pretty
familiar with the concepts and my friend Lawrance here is doing a lot of work to
get this all conquered and he didn’t have an English I speak English speaking
with its speak it changes but only the test the time yes spoke speed spoken but
in Arabic and Spanish it’s a lot different so how are you dealing about
how well you just have to remember it the pattern is regular it’s not much of
a problem I’ve learned German and there ain’t no it’s it’s fine
the only distressing thing I find about Arabic is that everything conjugates so
as I understand it the price of something if that thing is feminine or
we can say away from this later what will actually different
yeah if I saw for a necklace it would be canceled wha hum scene and because the
necklace is feminine and there is right I just conjugate all the time you’re
gonna have to do this standard urban then yes yes right
so the number conjugates depending on what you’re talking yeah plus an
informal Arabic like the daily spoke America we don’t really put rocking with
number than your body I did want to learn yeah you know you have to start
there yes yes but yet conjugate think numbers very unusual didn’t expected it
was awesome I haven’t wanted to learn a Semitic language for this reason well
here it is it’s difficult that’s okay then let’s do the masculine and feminine
now he did okay so on going this way courses both say now the same now in
our respective languages and say it’s masculine or feminine
alright okay we’ll start with shirt Spanish we say camisa turning Arabic
commies masculine right coffee cafe masculine like happy encounter in Arabic
couple and it is feminine schools school wrench in Arabic madrasah then Spanish
escuela coming up to Les Bois hmm so a lot of similar a lot of similarities
between both I guess in fact perhaps this has something to do
with the several hundred years of Spain being on the Missouri yeah ruled by the
Islamic empires yes Ottomans a Pisces I don’t think the
Ottomans were originally all right it definitely was that was variously one
miss Trentham of the first period the second the second Ottoman Empire they
didn’t reach Spain the first one day there was only one Ottoman Empire to
know that was theirs the Caliphate the rich ones like the nephew of Mohammed or
whatever and that went on the Ottoman Empire is a Turkish yeah yeah yeah there
are two there are two periods there is longer than they stopped and that there
was this the second month that ended after world war market perhaps but they
did not get this way now it was accomplished they took it over right
after we’re doing this turn I will tell you the correct answer to this we will
next week we will look up it was it was definitely initially yeah they started
yeah they took it over in the abysses the turnover probe’s the church the
seats Malta for a while and then I made a big sphere last time
that have been a brute force of the flashcards hasn’t worked
I believe the reason is I’m used to using that method learning Chinese
Chinese words don’t conjugate at all it is what linguistic professionals for
an analytical language their work from Chinese it does not work for our area I
learned of route my route is useless because it is gonna be different in
every single context and mainly never be used in the form that I learn as the
group so back to the old ways I’m learning
tapes listen to my podcasts and okay steady bit slower steady two-speed not
mine listen to them more often seven weakness seven lessons a week plus
podcast how about you any changes no Sarah and this is very unfortunate
especially for me because I previously promised that I’ll be trying as much as
possible different resources but not yet I’m still sticking to duolingo and a
couple of channels on YouTube I’ve been always posting on the description in the
description box and I was doing this future learn online course learning this
knife but I found it pretty much not very useful a lot of articles I read a
lot of English articles and I mean there is knowledge in there that’s not what I
need it’s just a lot a lot of time consuming yes it’s probably useful but I
don’t have that much time like in order to learn a couple of words or one
grammar like what piece of grammar I would have just to read article for an
hour well that’s no good well the lingo do that for me in a
couple of minutes yes mentally I just carry it everywhere
so it’s if I’m home I would be checking out YouTube channels it’s on the outside
of the studying on my phone in transports bus matter or whatever it is
no no it’s working pretty well for me please not to forget where it please to
stay at a pace that I feel that I’m not I didn’t stop the learning process I’m
supposed to make more progress and the progress I’ve made already but at least
I’m not I’m not pulling down I’m slowing down my case because of my tight
schedule but hopefully I promise after the
so that will change my mind resources and I’ll clear a little bit of my
schedule for this because we’re almost halfway through we are yes
so I wouldn’t say I’m halfway to the finish line what up yeah but not in a
disastrous situation itself but at least 30% of the way out of the beach why just
going faster 30% about 40 days yeah yes you know I’m going to speed up a bit I
suppose I’ll get that all right that is pretty much it for the first three
segments how about we reflect now well I think that was a little bit of
reflection already you’re too slow and but we speed up and we’ll get there I’m
certainly looking forward to the test oh right right to meet an Arab I’ve
never met before and all the conversation I’m looking forward to that
too yes deviating that’s not a speaking person that will see how we’ll go
speaking of flour a bit slower so Mia Mars here we both are working in
different places I believe your work in two different places about two jobs I
have on two job there’s your own private and there’s my own product projects and
then there’s this plus plus a1 and the door – you don’t think none of these in
the spirits of excuses we’re getting it done the whole point of how to take
challenge you can do it ready live bring us how how well can you do with a
limited time right that’s it that’s a point of it
we’re trying to tell you he’s with two jobs a wife and a private project and
it’s all good yeah and I’m also with three jobs and no dogs and a wife but
three jobs pretty much a lot and then this so yet we’re doing it working
so no matter how busy you are you can you can still learn an extra language
learning I just was yeah it really is once you get deep into it yeah yeah you
think in the language it kind of realize your brain chair make you smart for life
right and it increases your memory ability there is one thing I learned in
Spanish and that I got a sort of wisdom just for myself so in Spanish they’re
two sets of pronouns there is one for permanent situations and then there is
one for temporary situation no no so if I thought of it I am happy I said
restore it to this mmm I am happy you is that to change because it’s ugly but if
I want to say I am from your mom I said yo dude don’t date
I am from your life that cannot be changed I am from you I was going there
oh my get an extra passport become me Ana so the verb aprende to learn in
Spanish is goes for the for the for the permanent pronounces I don’t say it’s
toy okay go I said you’re a big dog so learning is a
permanent long-term thing that goes with everything you do in your
life you’re constantly learning yes there is no no harm in learning language
in your like a company or your daily stuff that you do every day you you
drink coffee you go to work go home I literally do that now I learned Spanish
on bullying go in my coffee breaks on transport is going to work going home
and we’ll see the result I can keep on only doing that just to prove that I can
learn a language just like this just like it’s a side thing it’s a self
mission a self test I’m doing a test I go to work
that’s my my task my obligation tax but I’m also doing a
which is learning elaborate and if I offer that I will be able to learn
Spanish proof that I’ll be able to learn Arabic no deal at this region right yes
we did at this point Noam Chomsky would come in
like a meteor and inform us that the sapir-whorf hypothesis which what we’re
saying about about this is the Spanish verb having that meaning any kind of
affecting your thoughts is connected to something called the sapir-whorf
hypothesis which allegedly is totally disproved but I’m skeptical about this
this proof I think it I think it’s true that the grammar however which works can
affect how many think we were tweet one they do a podcast and we’ll talk about
that kind of thing did you know this one South American
native I mean South American Indian language for instance where part of the
ground you have to conjugate every verb depending on how you came by that
information so like it’s not it’s got it’s not tense the graph to the turn is
moot that’s what sort of mood there’s one
mood before things you know yourself very much you see it with your own eyes
one another mood before you heard it but from someone you trust another one for a
rumor it makes for one help you lie in that
language who do they have a tense but it’s not true in that case why say it
maybe my hands are master bottom that maybe they don’t like maybe then unless
it seems unlikely I think he must lie but usually wrong mood or I don’t know
they don’t figure they’re out there out there couple is inside of us yes there
is but there is also a small village near
the Amazon River new Brazil and there in their language there is one two three
that’s it that’s all the numbers you know so they can say one phone to phones
three bunks many phones right they’re really bad math yeah really bad not so
this is this also proves that the language can influence your brain and
how it works massively but do those threes then work like the decimal system
so that you can express for by saying three and one one two three many
rach23 many there’s also a small village in Australia where people there they
don’t do in front behind right clubs and they do north south east west right and
they came they can know that what’s amazing about it you could put up that
in a room you make them you blackballed them you make them turn around get them
dubbing this little they would still distinguish directions angry oh good
well some pit bull a publicist battle the table I think like learning language
could be key to a massive dropped your frame with influence you’re bringing up
in like you know huge way that’s you walk you won’t believe it yes this is
the point of it that’s why we love languages yes in Bulgaria this news no
this means yes in mammarra the pot Aymara second most common language of
Bolivia the pass is in front of you you just shake your head then you say
okay okay so this means or rock I can’t do that either
oh I think we’ve been talking dr. Daleks try yeah this is that for our fourth
episode yeah I’ve seen your net see you see you next week right yeah see you
next week and yeah we have a little thing for our fourth episode get ready
right there go ahead we’re going to have a couple fans of our of our channel we
have just to mix up but we promise is going to be special it would be very
special we’ll figure that thanks for missing
children gracias and yes

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