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Thanks You for 6,000 Subscribers [Goose game] Funny Moments

Thanks You for 6,000 Subscribers [Goose game] Funny Moments

I would like to say thank you all for 60 K subscribers The next school is now 69 69 cuz your boy Likes that lucky number 69. Can we hit that 69 subscribers my gosh like not gonna lie I kind of want that. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people played this game. So I want to try it out myself I’m finally about to play this game after I seen so many youtubers played Press square to hunk. Oh my goodness So we’re just gonna hunt this whole game. I Am a freaking duck I am a duck now just just look at my swag I’m already swagging the field Why do I have bells my dude? Why why is that’s my background of my um, backyard Wait, press press l to the lean forward Lovey salt press circle to break. Yes. I said break instead of beak continue on okay Am I supposed to break the bell though The way he’s looking at the ball, oh my goodness dope that’s dope the way he’s just looking at the object It’s spreading my wings gonna make me fly it am I gonna actually fly, but this is like getting near the water. Oh, We’re actually about to play the game So, what do I do now old egg Okay, we’re on land this is a picnic table Oh R1 is to zoom out. Nice nice to know and l1 is to zoom if there’s a sandwich You give me that sandwich Can I eat in this game is unfaithful I’ll actually eat in this game. Does that be nice I Can’t eat it. Come on, beau Well, I don’t want to fertilizer bag. I Don’t know what can I do with a fertilizer? Okay, uh To see to-do list. Oh my goodness is in cursive. It’s been so long. I read the cursive I’m not gonna lie get it to the garden. Okay, so if they get into the garden somehow Let’s pick the shovel Let me use it as a weapon Wait, can I pick up three? Oh We got some music going on heck yeah, buddy Yeah We know what you’re doing let me do Yeah, yeah you can’t get in the water can you thank you oh Jesus gonna get the order now You got back Give me that Give me that no, no, no screw you give you that back. I was jamming my boy Give me give me the radio. Hey fine. I’ll stir your lunch Hey, I got your Apple, what are you gonna do? No, I got your Apple Hey, man, you watch your app or not. I? Guess you don’t want your lunch All right. So we’re in the garden now. Well, what else? Hey what else? Man it’s been so long with cursive. I’m not even gonna lie watch there’s the option vac sheets that I Have a crate give me that mmm You don’t need a shovel eh you don’t need it Hey listen to me you don’t need a shovel without evil. What are you our Weight can’t get a carrot. Oh my god. I can I can get a carry Am I actually helping this man what what am I even doing with these carrots Hey, man, I’m trying to help you well Hey, no, it’s my carrot now. Hey, hey Charlie help you. You know what my guy me that give me that no. No, ah Ha ha ha always supposed to do actually I want that who the cool if I could just get the cooler I Think the cooler needs something Getting back my music getting back my music I’m just gonna put it right there. Look at this or we possibly make the gardener keeper wear his hat Oh, I guess I have to somewhat get his hat somehow I don’t know how we’re all gonna do that. I Don’t know how am I gonna do this It’s just a cooler what are you gonna do with a cooler roll? Hey, hey, stay away from the nope. Nope. Get away from that radio No, you don’t need this No, you don’t need this radio Mine Give me that back Oh my lord, you thinking what I’m thinking do it? We need that on Yeah, you don’t need to turn off the water my guy no stop it I I Attacked you – that’s my guy. Oh wait, I took I don’t Know what to do Gotcha This is such a disguise What do you want? What do you want? Huh? You want to square up bro? You want to square up bro, huh? Don’t know I Was actually struggling You don’t need it you don’t need it you don’t need it. You don’t need it. You don’t need it. You don’t need it How could he yeah, you can’t eat it and you Aha, you can’t reach in this hole What nah, you’re some beers. Ah What the heck am I gonna use a pumpkin for? Oh boy, oh You know what? I’m gonna use a pumpkin a Matter of fact, I’ll just leave it there If this goose had sonic speed we would have been like gone by now. Oh He’s looking for a pumpkin My brain is trying not to get lost I have to yank this man’s keys Not yet eat eat eat What’s hope he doesn’t get his keys if he does then it’s a rap what’s wrong buddy you lost your keys That’s that’s kind of nope Nobody’s gonna notice. Nope. It’s mine now Yeah, come to the other side get your keys. How much make him wear son hand? Oh, there it is How do we grab it? Okay, this looks so weird his face is like rubbing against the door Make me grab it you new but give me that real quick food strawberry jelly my favorite I Hope you didn’t get his keys back cuz he All right, that’s good you didn’t get his keys all right, so we can Turn off cursive. Oh my goodness. I’m such a dude carrying heavy objects is a joke with a goose This is actually a joke Let’s say you won’t see me in the water Come on bring it on home baby. I Need the radio that’s the last thing I need Piece of cake no sweat. I’m just gonna bring it over here Surely he won’t see us We did it we did it bring the picnic blanket – we already did that Yeah, your roses gonna keep focusing on that rose This will not make it faster, there we go. Goodbye rake What make the ground keeper hammer his thumb Makes the ground keeper where his Sun Hat. Listen, the only way I could make him wear his son had if there’s some BS yeah Yeah, who’s the boss now, hold on Yeah. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm if this goose get dab. I would literally dump on you, bro Exactly. Yeah, you can’t get in here now How does it feel how does it feel to be locked out by its mark goons? Huh? How does it feels? Explain you cheese ball Yeah, go get the Ray. Yeah, go get three. Yeah Yeah, go go get the ring. What’s wrong? You don’t want this? Yeah. Yeah, you can’t get it up Suck my goose toes. You hear me suck my goose star Wait wait, I think I have an idea. I think I know how I think I have to pick it up somehow. Come on Okay Wait, wait, wait wait Isles about the big brain big brain. Oh Oh Oh big brain big brain No, I had a big brain idea come on Control now stop give me that back. Give me give me give me that pumpkin pumpkin If you don’t give me that pumpkin if you don’t get fine, I’ll get your keys. Oh Oh, that’s how you’re gonna do things, huh, how you’re gonna do things, huh? That’s what you get that’s what you get that’s what you get not fucking freaking good That’s what you get Yeah, that’s what you get let me know by hitting the like button if you want to see more of this this goose game barrel cos like I Actually wanted to try this game out myself, and it’s actually really fun. I I Want to honk people to death? so we already got the next path open and I guess that is all to do this you’ve got to do because we already completed everything so Yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this goose game. I don’t know what the heck this title will be but let me know down below Comments down below what you think and I’ll see you guys next time. I Will honk to my destiny

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