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Teaching My Friend Arabic

Teaching My Friend Arabic

umm… right where’s my paper? In Egypt, they pronounce… you took my paper no, you were sat on it it’s gone I think you moved it… you burned it, because you were… I want to learn Arabic Hello and welcome to this video, I’m here with Rose Reynolds ‘salam 3alaykum’ she knows it we’re going to be talking about Arabic, languages, being an actress… all these different things and I’m going to try speaking some Arabic so you can’t miss it she certainly is so welcome to my channel if you’re new, a special welcome, and I hope you like this video! Here it is! Got it! Got it. Okay. I’m excited… okay this is good I’m really… I’m really… I’m saying sorry in advance, I’m really sorry about this I am here with none other than Rose Reynolds Hello! actor… several films… several shows and you know what? all she really wants to do is learn Arabic that’s really your goal right? that’s my goal right now for the next 7 and a half minutes yes, one hair past a freckle okay so… somebody has kindly prepared some phrases for me here do you know what Mike said to me? Before he gave me this piece of paper and he was like, just have a look at this, just to familiarise yourself well, I wanted to give her the chance to get a look ahead, so I gave her these but… I don’t know what that means can you not read Arabic? no you’re about to teach me okay… this is how it’s going to work just repeat after me, okay? oh god, okay, speak really slowly i can break it down break it down ready? as I’ll ever be no… too fast too much? you’re going too fast oh god, well that’s the easiest one are you rolling an ‘R’ yes I have to look at your mouth like this yeah, guess what that means my name is Rose Hello, my name’s Rose hello, my name is.. so what’s hello in Arabic? you can say ‘as-salaamu alaykum’ like that, or you can just say marhaba marhaba is easier… it’s shorter but you can also say as-salamualaykum you can also say… but that’s quite long that’s lesson TWO so… oh, you’re using a part of your pallet you’re doing it right though because you have to imagine that you’re rinsing mouth wash good… I think that’s pretty good don’t you guys? Yeah, leave a comment by the way tell her how she’s doing because you need to keep up the encouragement no, please don’t do you know what that means? what does that mean? I love your channel oh, thank you okay, next one which part of that is channel? uhibb means I Iove qanaa is channel and qanaatak is your channel what’s I love you? or if you’re saying it to a female, you can say uhibik there’s lots of ways of saying it if you’re talking to a female? I beg your pardon? yeah, Saudis would say uhibits Kuwaiti’s would say uhibich is it where you’re stressing part of the word? is that what makes it different? it’s just the ending really so it’s just basically a different way of pronouncing this last letter she’s… I can tell that you’d be a good student because you ask lots of questions… I like that okay next one nailed it first time… what does that mean? tell us… someone in the comments tell us what does that mean teach her where’s the loo? it means this, ‘sounds delicious’ that’s confused you hasn’t it okay, next one why… why would you go that fast why would he go that fast? break it down okay good good, did it what does that mean? you’re going to love this come here so I can show you what’s up, is that it? come here so I can teach you some manners who got these phrases for me, what is this? come here don’t.. you know… i’m bringing you on my channel and you’re giving me all this… all this gip did you write these? my assistant did it that means, ‘you are crazy’ yeah you flipping are anta maynoon means ‘you are crazy’, you can also say anta majnoon maynoon is like a slang dialect the thing about Arabic is that there are so many different dialects so can you ever be fluent in Arabic? if there are so many…. absolutely you can be fluent in Arabic but as a non native speaker such as myself, it’s very difficult to get fluent in several dialects so most people choose one what have you chosen I’m a bit of a patchwork quilt because… I don’t know where that came from beautiful I’m an amalgamation of different accents, so… your a mongrel I’m a mongrel, I’m a mixed breed and people tell me, ‘Mike… your Arabic is good, but you must choose an accent’ ‘you must choose one dialect because you sound funny speaking lots of different dialects ‘ don’t be on the fence I’ll be speaking… I’ll be like… for example, I’ll say some Tunisian and then I’ll say ismak ayy which is Egyptian, and then I’ll be like shlawnak which is ‘what’s up’ in Kuwait, so I’m mixing them up and it sounds very crazy but I like to learn lots of different accents do people do that? do they mix it up or do they speak… any native speaker would just speak the accent they were brought up with if you’re born in Dubai, if you’re born in Sharjah, you will speak Emirati dialect if you’re born in Kuwait, you will speak (with) a Kuwaiti accent okay e tcetera… et cetera… et cetera really interesting what’s that… that’s a long one what’s that one? oh it’s fine… we’ll get to that that… it’s got a number in it it’s got 10 yeah well that’s your clue… that’s why I gave it to you ahead I thought you could get a tip from that okay absolutely go slower! where is that coming from? it’s coming… you tighten your throat like Homer would what I like to do to yo sometimes yes, like probably right now what does that mean? this is quality watching okay, that means, ‘my hovercraft is full of eels’ okay your reaction was quality there literally just like… okay… sorry, did you want to learn something you could use out and about yeah cause that’s a useful phrase i thought my hovercraft is full of eels… yeah if you’re in Egypt, what are you going to do? if you get stuck what am I going to tell my butler to bring around? that was a legit like… okay… next one was that just that one? that was that one yeah so.. tell me which one… oh, because it’s right to left isn’t it? my hovercraft is full where is the sign for the ‘a’ sound that squashy one yeah, the one that looks like a black dote cool huh? yeah really cool something about a colander colander? who’s Collin? Who’s Collin? no… go again okay let’s break this down, I’m going to break this down for you you have a trip you have one strange trip and all the people know about you you have one strange trip and everybody knows about you you have one weird trip and it’s all anyone knows about you is that a quote, have you ever said that before? I have… I’ve said something along those lines that’s very clever cool huh? you’re very clever aww… isn’t she good you have one weird trip and that’s all anyone knows about you yes ghareeba mean strange you have one weird trip and that’s all everybody knows about you cool huh? you’re very clever well done I’ve brought it back now from the hover craft I like that there’s an internal rhyme in this one, I like this one yeah, it’s got some flow and some rhythm to it hasn’t it okay, break it down sorry, sorry… I that wrong no, I can’t done thank you I will be teaching I haven’t told you what it means, but it means what have i just said? I can see everything, and I’m 10 feet tall you’re so sweet yeah, I see everything, and I’m now I’m 10 feet tall so… I don’t know this guy…

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