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Teachers aim to continue cursive under common core

ERIC — IN THIS AGE OF SO MUCH TECHNOLOGY… DO YOU STILL WRITE IN CURSIVE? SOME TEACHERS AND THERAPISTS BELIEVE WE SHOULD STILL BE TEACHING IT TO KIDS… NEWS THREE’S JESSICA ARP EXPLAINS WHY. now we’re gonna do what’s called my turn your turn with building capital letters :48 2 VO/MINI-DISCW1 55 IN A ROOM FULL OF TEACHERS… IT’S NOT HARD TO FIND THE MAGIC OF LEARNING. 2 SOTW2 44 where we’re gonna start is with the magic C letters :58 and thats why we bringo ut the magic c bunny :04 3 VO/MINI-DISCW3 55 THE MAGIC. NOT FOUND INSIDE THE LIT-UP PIXELS OF AN I-PAD… 3 SOTW4 44 we’re going to take a c, and turn it into an a 4 VO/MINI-DISCW5 53 BUT AT THE END OF A NUMBER TWO PENCIL. 4 SOTW6 45 magic c, up like a helicipter, back down, bump :16 1 SOTW7 46 i’ve had parents come to me and they’ve been concerned that you know they’re not teachig cursive in my child’s school and i’m really worried about that because the declaration of independence is written in cursive ;12 all those old historical documents are written in cursive :16 2 VO/MINI-DISCW8 55 HANDRWRITING WITHOUT TEARS A PROGRAM TO TEACH HANDWRITING. IN A TIME OF TOUCH SCREENS. 2 SOTW9 45 i’ve even had a child a few years ago who was very touch screen driven and really loved his touch screen, spent a lot of time on it but couldnt zip a zipper, because you cant zip a zipper if you have this :43 3 VO/MINI-DISCW10 55 THAT SAME POSTURE IS NEEDED TO HOLD A PENCIL. BUT CURSIVE ISN’T SHOWING UP IN SCHOOLS AS MUCH AS IT USED TO BE… COMMON CORE STANDARDS DON’T REQUIRE IT. 3 SOTW11 44 cursive is much faster, they can get their thoughts down a lot quicker because cursive flows :51 4 VO/MINI-DISCW12 53 THAT FLOW… IS WHAT TEACHERS ARE LEARNING. AND HOPE TO BE TEACHING… INCLUDING IN SCHOOLS THAT MAY NOT CONTINUE THE CONVENTIONS OF CURSIVE. 4 SOTW13 46 i understand the demand and the competition for the time but for some kids it does help them to learn better :09 4 VO/MINI-DISCW14 53 IN MADISON, JESSICA ARP WISC NEWS THREE. ERIC — MADISON SCHOOLS *DO* STILL TEACH CURSIVE… A SPOKESWOMAN SAYS THE GUIDELINE IS 10 MINUTES OF CURSIVE A WEEK IN GRADES TWO THROUGH FIVE.

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