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Talk to a Korean man at Arabic pubg game

Talk to a Korean man at Arabic pubg game

recording now? yes yes recording oh! hello youtuber crazy she is on TV did Arabic language fun? Arabic? yes enjoyable she happy with him you are so funny .. you are so funny oh thank you thank you oh foot steps ok ok where did you hear that oh there he dead one more one more one more i want a useful sentence tell me a useful sentence to understand you yum delicious delicious i wished you hadn’t talked you raped the language girl shut up i don’t know what happened with me ah beautiful ( x2) wonderful wonderful not beautiful what wonderful wonderful wonderful just say bravo oh excellent it’s wonderful or excellent? (dead) wonderful wonderful my teacher teacher no no my teacher do you accept…. this yes i accept you as my seekers da da da da teacher oh song! song sing~~ do you like his song ? Sara voice me? excellent no say wonderful my voice excellent? you are excellent! you excellent not? bravo bravo no!!!!!! don’t die! i killed zero zero i was killed three

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