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TAKBEER SHAFAYEF BIL MAKIYAGE (in Arabic) | تكبير الشفاه بالمكياج (بالعربية)

TAKBEER SHAFAYEF BIL MAKIYAGE (in Arabic) | تكبير الشفاه بالمكياج (بالعربية)

so beautiful! Dad is with us today Hello beautiful people! Today’s tutorial is all about lips how to make them look pretty and juicy what is juicy in Arabic Dad? You don’t know? this is the first word i ask you today and you don’t know it! i did not understand that the tricks i am showing you today are very useful and i love using them Hello Beautiful daughters today we’re going to show you how to make your lips fuller and younger looking Thank you Baba Dad loves the camera so i am going to show you how to get amazing lips if you have dry lips, you should scrub them first we should first remove any dead skin it is very important to scrub the lips so that when you apply lipstick especially one that is pigmented it won’t stick to the dead skin cells this will help your lipstick look nice and smooth so the first step is to scrub your lips so i am taking this towel with some warm water i love scrubbing my lips using this method it is not so harsh on the lips so i am rubbing the towel on my lips in circular motions so i am scrubbing off any dead skin cells, making my lips soft and smooth as you can see my lips and a bit red this is totally normal i can feel my lips are now clean and very smooth i am now going to apply some lip balm just a lit bit to add some hydration to my lips don’t apply too much just a tiny bit i am now applying a very small amount of our Faux Filter Foundation this will help me get a clean contouring since i like to apply a little bit of foundation on my lips i use some baking powder as well to make the contour and the lipstick last longer i apply some baking powder on the corners of the lips because when you eat and drink, these areas tend to fade quickly also, applying a lighter color on the corners gives the illusion of a lifted face as you can see, my jaw looks smaller i am using this lip liner which color i adore and i reach for every single day this is Trendsetter for our collection i love it because it is natural looking but also contains some yellow so it looks very flattering on my skin tone my skin has golden undertones i look straight ahead in the mirror to see where i want my contour to start i am going to over line my lips a little bit i like to make my upper lip look bigger and my lower lip a bit smaller if you have narrow lips, you can extend the line a bit further to make them look wider and your features more balanced i like to apply a lot of contour to the corners to make my lips look tight and perky and cute if i over line the corners, i look like this i am going to stop here because i am trying to achieve the 90’s lips and now i am going to apply some lipstick i love this color although it’s a bit of a lighter shade i don’t know if it’s going to suit me, let’s try it out but the color is beautiful! so so so beautiful this is a new shade from the Power Bullet collection from Hudabeauty i absolutely love this shade i am using a brush to blend the edges just a little bit i love the 90’s look which is known for contoured shiny lips so i am applying some Lip Strobe on top i want to add a bit of shine which was a huge trend in the 90’s i am using the Lip Strobe in the shade Shameless which i love it is very pretty and shimmery i am applying a little bit on the center of the lips i adore this shade and then on the upper lip, a am applying it over the contour this was the last step, this was so easy to achieve this look is very sexy and trendy probably not the trend right now but it is definitely coming soon i am in love with this look, i love my lips like that i feel very beautiful and sexy and feminine thank you so much for watching this video it was a bit challenging because my Dad kept interrupting me and i wanted to teach you how to contour your lips while speaking Arabic i hope you enjoyed this video and i will see you next time love you guys, bye! you are so beautiful! Thank you Daddy we want to see you dance

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