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Surah Al Kahf The Cave Arabic and English translation HD Quran 18

Surah Al Kahf The Cave  Arabic and English translation HD Quran  18

we’ll be learning in a shame on your
lodging this mean lower your manual hmm in the name of Allah the entirely
merciful the especially merciful and handily Langley and that I want a under the keytab LMU John
love you want to all praise is due to Allah who has sent
down upon his servant the book and has not made therein any deviance my email
only the orbits and shall be them mean little more you mashiro no meanie are you mushy runner more meaning and
letting no no slowing her tea and John has an ax he has made it straight
to warn of severe punishment from him and to give good tidings to the
believers who do righteous deeds that they will have a good reward Maggie Dean fe la de in which they will
remain forever why you wanna be on top of the long one
of the and to warn those who say Allah has taken a son no don’t be mean 90 minutes one of the thinking about what Ken limit and the
whole room in FY e or known in command they have no knowledge of it nor had
their father’s grave is the word that comes out of their mouth they speak not
accept a lie but unlike a peon enough Sakana a 30 game in lemon you middle behind and
I Dez SF then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them o
Muhammad if they do not believe in this message and out of sorrow in John out
laziness and then another lure that you can holla indeed we have made that which is on the
earth adornment for it that we may test them as to which of them is best in deed well in nigeria no no mama following the and order and indeed we will make that
which is upon it into a barren ground and has a better and the house hi Anika feel awkward teen we
can mean yeah Tina java or have you thought that the Companions of the cave
and the inscription were among our signs I wonder is 152 in Alaska fifa Paul manner Tina meal , the call of the manor Tina milad own car model Lana mean and marina don’t show the mentioned when the youth
retreated to the cave and said our Lord grant us from yourself mercy and prepare
for us from our fair right guidance on Lebanon the freaka DC now either the so we cast a
cover of sleep over their ears within the cave for a number of years don’t know we not remember is being a
Halima and this is who then we awaken them that we might show
which of the two factions with most precise and calculating what extent they
had remained in time no no no no swallow Thank another girl Ben have more in common idiot own man’ll be alone meme wanted an
a that it is we who relate to you O Muhammad their story and truth indeed they were used who believed in
their Lord and we increase them in guidance what about Donna low beam if BOM of all of gonna boost , 31 up
clean and other women dooney let alone not all I mean andoni other in the shop all and we made firm their hearts
when they stood up and said our Lord is the lord of the heavens and the earth never will we invoke besides him any day
t we would have certainly spoken than an excessive transgression in all of them wanna the hospital in andoni Lola tone early can be sort of warning banging from an album with me any double on a long even these our
people have taken besides him deities why do they not bring for worship of
them clear Authority and who is more unjust than one who invents about Allah
am I well in the morning i doona in Long
Hoffa Elka show kaun Yin mobloc on Bob pokemon never wore a tu y
yo honey level I mean I’m very cool I mean about all the youth said to one
another and when you have withdrawn from them and that which they worship other
than Allah retreat to the case your Lord will spread out for you of his mercy and
we’ll prepare for you from your fare facility what our options are either ball on the
one team that mean you either but the portable me that the Shema he won’t be fragile team I mean he come in I mean my deal of one and the 1i Linfen and – del amor only mmm marchi the and had you been present you
would see the Sun when it rose inclining away from their cave on the right . it
set passing away from them on the left while they were laying with in an open
space there of that was from the signs of Allah he whom Allah guides is the
rightly guided but he who believes astray never will you find for him protecting
guide what the devil woman I all won – 10 Polly boom I mean you are that she
Mele worker boom bad people there are also low with Paula Alan LaLanne item in moon feel all water morning the mean one more bad and
you would think them awake while they were asleep and we turn them to the
right and to the left while their dogs stretched his forelegs
at the entrance if you had looked at them you would have
been turned from them in flight and then filled by them with terror ok then you got to know me and there’s a minami all up all you know me minion
kamla be home barn all a bit noman about wire all of Buchan arilinn bina ready to add
our soon haha he would become had in a matty unity sunny leone valeo I you know a good bond mmm yeah cool he is king I mean morally at a lot of only at ala
moana shower on a Honda and similarly we awaken them that they might question one
another said a speaker from among them how long have you remained here they
said we have remained a day or part of a day they said that your Lord is most knowing
of how long you remained so sent one of you with the silver coin of yours to the
city let him look to which is the best of food and bring your provision from it
and let him be cautious and that no one be aware of you in mammals a while and
Camille no more come and we read all comfy me
letting in more than to flee who we then about the indeed if they come to
know of you they will stone you return you to their
religion and never would you succeed then ever what the liquor up certain language me
now – one now are down long help all 1w Tina or and you fina yeah Donna’s hour I’m begging you know me I’m more
football organ wanting you bonilla and boom our then we all and let me know on
the honor a marine learn 30 then now I like you must be the and similarly because them
to be found that they have found them would know that the promise of Allah is
truth and that of the hour there is no job that was when they disputed among
themselves about their affair and then said construct over them a structure
their Lord is most knowing about them said those who prevailed in the matter we will surely take for ourselves over
them a mass shit to help alone at the lab that don’t we r 1 convertible my uh porn our phones that don’t know answer this one can go home Roger – y por unas there are two want the new normal color bone or 1b our limo behind the
team my number woman you know Polly yeah no man in oh oh oh long haul wanna test step TV mean had they will
say there were three the fourth of them being their dog and they will say there
were five six of them being there dog guessing at the unseen and they will say
there were seven and the ace of them was their dog say o Muhammad My Lord is most knowing
of their number one knows them except a few so do not argue about them except with
an obvious argument and do not inquire about them among the spectators from
anyone anyone well a double and nothing to show you in you know kawada and never save anything indeed I will do that tomorrow in and show a law was cool Becca and SE pehle palasa the annual on be up on the mean except
when adding if Allah wills and remember your Lord when you forget it and say
perhaps my Lord will guide me to what is nearer than this – right conduct well before we can beam laughs I mean a deal see Nina was the door to side and they
remained in their cave for 300 years and exceeded by nine pulling love our level bina be sooo
level IE most gonna be one else will even be a smear my love me Dhoni me my money what I usually goofy help me the say Allah is most knowing of how long
they remain he has knowledge of the unseen aspects of the heavens and the
earth are seeing is he and how hearing they have not besides him any protector
and he shares not his legislation with anyone or toma la coka mean que todavía of Nikola movement Deena
Lee kanima you then that you the Dhoni more hard the and recite o
Muhammad what has been revealed to you of the book of your Lord there is no
changer of his words and never will you find in other than him a refuge also be
enough second out and levine I don’t normally tell me and be no wonder he was a she Yuri do
now imagine what a talent to ina account to reduce zeenat a higher duniya water
filter men of full now on someone the Carina what about how we looking a little more formal ball and keep
yourself patient by being with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and
the evening seeking his countenance and let not your eyes pass beyond them desiring adornments of the worldly life
and do not obey one is hard we have made heedless of our remembrance and who
follows his desire and his affair is ever in neglect or only help normal walk in boom Irma La value meal oh sure nothin yet for in a dozen early warning mean an out on a
half Bobby you solo de forma de studies for you want to be my in government issuing orders you’ll be a
sháá borsa no more death ball and say the truth is
from your Lord so whoever wills let him believe and whoever wills let him
disbelieve indeed we have prepared for the
wrongdoers of fire whose walls will surround them and if they call for
relief they will be relieved with water like murky oil which skulls their faces
wretched is the drink and evil is the resting place in let me know and I’m you
know Molly happy in milano you’re a gentleman Jackson armor indeed those who have believed and done
righteous deeds indeed we will not allow to be lost the
reward of any you did well indeed ola : – Arden the genie me Santa anymore welltwomeans any more and now we have long enough I mean as a wee – have you my aunt sue well as soon as he had been wrong I mean this will go see you what is stubble popping lucky I feel alone link near mad fella has won a little
stuff out all those will have gardens of Perpetual residence beneath them rivers
will flow they will be adorned therein with
bracelets of gold and will wear green garments of fine silk and brocade
reclining therein on adorned couches excellent is the reward and good is the
resting place well what about her womb . what you’re
lame shall only a hadn’t imagined that thing you mean no be moore has not I’ll be enough for you what John bringing home haha and present to them an example of
two men we granted to one of them to gardens of grapevines and we board them
with palm trees in place between them fields of crops in television a tiny at
that : alum doubling mean who she was and
dominant Sheila hello all each of the two Gardens
produced its fruit and did not fall short thereof in anything and we caused
to gush forth within them a river ok no foul stop all that is all maybe one more you
have a little I mean come on over well I felt all and he had fruit so he
said to his companion while he was conversing with him I am greater than you and wealth and
might hear in numbers of men well the halogen at the horny moral NFC
honor No Debbie than meee that the and he entered
his garden while he wants unjust to himself he said I do not think that this
will perish ever one uh oh mattel what you wanted to NL be edgy then for
your own I’m in love Alaba and i do not think the hour will
occur and even if i should be brought back to my lord I will surely find
better than this as a return all levels for him or why or how we will double any other Park a couple double
lady follow on community to all of you I mean noble 15 so what God gonna his companion said to
him while he was conversing with him if you disbelieved in he who created you
from dust and then from a sperm-drop and then proportion to you as a man looking
one la juana ocean will be on me haha but as for me he is a lot my lord and I do not associate with my lord
anyone one else on the agenda not a cup on the mash oh hello what you in love in downey Anna on let me come on no one of the and why did you when you entered your
garden not say what Allah willed has occurred there is no power except in
Allah although you see me less than you in
wealth and children is a wee no DNA on file on general nautical or seen our language berna what you see now I like the first
burn Amina sermon efectos be housed on then love all it may be that my lord will give me
something better than your garden and we’ll send upon it a calamity from the
sky and it will become a smooth dusty ground 0 wheels me hammer oh well and that’s partly on a more one of the
or its water will become sunken into the earth so you would never be able to seek it
well hey upon me that Maddie is behind you only more of a neon ah I don’t know on thetenthone year Paul
we will he have all we had to do not you know oh yeah like I mean emotionally beyond
me haha and his fruits were encompassed by
ruined so he began to turn his hands about in
dismay over what he had spent on it while it had collapsed on its trellises
and said oh i wish i had not associated with my lord anyone one of the coolest movie at Tony yellow hold on Norman love you want to and don’t tell me at all and there was for
him no company to aid him other than Allah nor could he defend himself Oh nanny can wanna fall in love to help 40 why you more muah why you one or more of the they’re the authority is completely for
Allah the truth is best in reward invest in
outcome what – Bella moong dal and higher to do
near command in meanness you’ve done for me well the lobbying
that Thun of a way for us from the Hasheem and does all the worker and a long leash a in more do
more and presented them the example of the life of this world it’s being like rain which we send down
from the sky and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it and then it become
dr reference scattered by the wind and Allah is ever over all things perfect in
ability and one man known as Xena to hire to Donia one here to quality have
to for your knowing and on because the bow before you wealth and children about adornment of
the worldly life but the enduring good deeds are better to your Lord for reward
and better for once hope well man was saying your energy balance
out on out of my body is that down what I shall move wash all now know the moon had the and warn of the date when we will remove
the mountains and you will see the earth prominent and we will gather them and
not leave behind from them anyone already Laura because of the love
of the g2 muna come out fired up on now come out one another one venice on – 11 holla boom worry does and they will be presented before your
Lord in rows and he will say you have certainly come to us just as we created
you the first time that you claim that we would never make for you an
appointment what we are located double katana more
generally mean and which being mean not you i hope all why i am paul known i am when you let
them Lena akita you want you something you want to
tell you can be rotten in love a long huh well I doma me know helping
at all what I only more on vaca had and the record of Deeds will be placed
opening and you will see the criminals fearful of that within it and they will
say oh woe to us what is this book that leaves nothing
small or great except that it has a numerator to integrate and they will
find what they did present before them and your Lord does injustice to no one well if Gordon and mana it get is your
duly Adam FS a door in love abilities can I mean and jeans in Belize second I mean and soon fess up on em
along being a fat that the people who knew him
one down only uh I’m going noni or – no model big son of one II
mean that and mention when we said to the Angels
prostrate to Adam and they prostrated except for it please he was of the gin and departed from the
command of his Lord and will you take him and his descendants as allies other
than me while they are enemies to you wretched
it is for the wrong two words as an exchange had to follow us imma be one of you wanna follow up on also seen in warmer don’t almost Daffy then and more
willingly narmada I did not make them witness to the creation of the heavens
and the earth or to the creation of themselves and I would not have taken a
misguided as assistants well my uh porno nado Chaka me and
loving as I’m from further down on Bellamy yes the g ball of but there are let me a study more and
more john bain & MLB ball and warn of the day when he
will say all my partners whom you claimed and they will invoke them that
they will not respond to them and we will put between them valley of destruction all a little more
Jerry moon and the one No Oh more working on one and the energy due on the
most believer and the criminals will see the fire and will be certain that they
are to fall therein and they will not find from it away elsewhere where one of
those all of natural Annie not see me Kohli methyl can and in and what about I show you and Gentile and we have certainly diversified in
this Quran for the people from every kind of example but man has ever been
most of anything prone to dispute one on NASA me know in the am or who da YS
don’t feel more balanced in a little not that I am so not only am warning Aaliyah d and one morning I the Walla
and nothing has prevented the people from believing when guidance came to
them and from asking forgiveness of their Lord accept that there must befall
them the custom president of the former people’s or that the punishment should
come directly before them one man or she were a shitty no more lady in why your dad in love in a half hour
being about any other name or being helpful what the Honolulu I do you want mama Oh only war door and we send not the messengers except as
bringers of good tidings and Warner’s and those who disbelieve dispute by
using falsehood to attempt to invalidate their by the truth and have taken my
verses and that of which they are worn in ridicule woman of level mean looky lobby I will be on bond wanna see em a condom Atia the in Jonna
ila all beingsix percenta have all won p the you Paul what ya don’t mean I know
that and I’m dead even better and who is more unjust than one who is
reminded of the verses of this Lord it turns away from them and forget what his
hands have put forth indeed we have placed over their hearts
coverings unless they understand it and in their
ears deafness and if you invite them to guidance they will never be guided then
ever ever well vocal fold or one man alone we were
told FEMA has a more now I’m jalaluhu nada the beloved delay and you know mean no nimal in a and your Lord is the forgiving full of
mercy if you were to impose blame upon them
for what they earned it would have hastened for them the punishment rather
for them is an appointment from which they will never find an escape what do you can all look now mmm one of them were John what you are in the lehman linking him
LOL the and those cities we destroyed them . the
wrong and we made for their destruction and appointed time what is all animals a factor about who had the imagine now I mean by all you need only
hopeful the and mention when moses said to his
servant I will not cease traveling until i
reached the junction of the two seeds or continue for a long period : Bella homogeneous our been nasya hold a moment that the whole SMB
level – that he sold on the but when they
reached the junction between them they forgot their fish and it took its course
into the sea slipping away sudden jaw was a all leaf
a time to know what the the gotta be no I mean and so far you know no father so when they had passed beyond
it Moses said to his boy bring us our
morning meal we have certainly suffered in this our
journey much fatigued all I think you know enough for 44 in neenah see toward home mmm that you see to hotel on the Oh concerning in shape on one of the corner what the hardest savvy remove feel that
any idea the that he said did you see when we retired
to the rock indeed I forgot their the fish and none
made me forget it except Satan that i should mention it and it took its course
into the sea amazingly amazing on you , Coon never
really felt that the honor 30 mail apostle fall Moses said that is what we
were seeking so they returned following their
footprints college at the dam nobody nuh a day you know mentum me know latina on them not I mean it on and they found a servant
from among our servant to whom we had given mercy from us and had taught him
from us a certain knowledge all level moves and a double Carla a you are limine me – that moses said to him may I follow you on the condition that
you teach me from what you have been taught of sound judgment all that in a
girl and that’s dealt Leon now else although all
he said indeed with me you will never be able to
have patience ok fact also be wanna dorable be at all and how can you have patience for what
you do not encompass in knowledge all of us at that you don’t need me show a wall saw your own on the absolutely like a and more Moses said you will find me if Allah
wills patient and I will not disobey you in any order ah never any development Danny fella us
and neon shading had the oh this Annika mean only call he said
then if you follow me do not ask me about anything until I
make to you about it mention and follow all had the either talking about he’s 15
at the photo bhama or a heart of all time Alito very important Lana about the g dash a and in mall so they
set out until when they had embarked on the ship I’ll better tore it open Moses said have
you torn it open to drown its people you have certainly done a great thing
all Alan ample in the second and that’s stopping on that
we also lawl I’ll cutter said did I not say that with
me you would never be able to have patience all da to a beam annecy you wanna talk the pony mean and the most small Moses
said do not blame me for what I forgot and do not cover me in my matter with
difficulty Oh on alcohol had is the idea bell bottom all the bottle turnips and lucky them d ye enough’s all the bottle ton of fun lucky them don’t be along in a seal of other g dash
a and no call so they set out until when they
met a boy house better killed him Moses said have you killed a pure soul
for other than having killed a soul you have certainly done a deplorable
thing on an Apple lekha in : this helped me on that one else on the
ball Hunter said did I not tell you that with
me you would never be able to have patience all that in and talk on Shay you God
than a fellow too far hey many other baliol tamii nadu neon the hall Moses said if i should ask you about
anything after this and do not keep me as a companion you have obtained from me
an excuse well ha ha ha ha a die a la orilla teeny stop our mom i love about this stuff on the ye ye for my seed only read one come off a bomb blah was she telling the hunt down anything
and you’re all so they set out until when they came to the people of a town they asked its people for food but they
refused to offer them hospitality and they found therein a wall about to
collapse so I’ll cutter restored it Moses said if
you wished you could have taken for it a payment all their feel are you banging
you are a unique that will not be all cabinet that weenie man does helping
eileen is on the hall I’ll cutter said this is parting between
me and you I will inform you of the interpretation of that about which you
could not have patience and let’s definitely not to fuck and that ms a
keen eye out man who never been back three four r 2 and r you been for a lot too and ringy been thinkin uh
oh oh we don’t call unless every nothing
loss the as for the ship it belong to poor
people working at sea so I intended to cause defect in it as
there was after them king who seized every good ship by force what am i canna about me 94 fascina home
but we are now wankel football and as for the boy his parents were believers and we feared
that he would overburden them by transgression and disbelief but Allah in
oma OMA my arm mean cat a lot of all bow so we intended that
their Lord should substitute for them one better than him impurity and nearer
to Mercy 10 g del can anyone among you getting my knee feeling Mady NAT you
again at home hola mama what kind that damn we can level now I gotta ball mouse lonely hi what kind of a more miles on any kind the bouquet of all why should i dunno – help – JA well yes definitely Jack gun zelma matin your warm pink one on 21 and
me the cata we know this we are hanging on the wall and as
for the wall it belonged to two orphan boys in the
city and there was beneath it a treasure for them and their father had been
righteous so your Lord intended that they reach
maturity and extract their treasure as a mercy from your Lord and I did it not of
my own accord that is the interpretation of that about
which you could not have patience OS alone akan little problem nibbles at
kuehne call and they ask you o muhammad about building , 9 say i will recite to
you about him a report in that can feel we were hanging me coalition you the indeed we established him upon the
earth and we gave him to everything away at the bars of a so he followed away had
the either 10 or even shemsi larger than the
total movie I evening having a team watch it down hmm alma mater luna yeah the problem name my I want to leave our in and that the alevi in person until when he reached the setting of the
Sun he found it as if setting in a spring of dark mud and he found near it
a people a lot said Oh it’ll come nine either you punish them or else adopt
among them a way of goodness on a memo bottom of her cell phone while the
wardroom my one do you know being for you on the
ball a lot of the call he said as for one who wrongs we will punish him
then he will be returned to his lord and he will punish him with a terrible
punishment or and mana army knows Wally have follow the I needed hosting the was an older woman and marina use all
but as for one who believes and does righteousness he will have a reward of
paradise and we will speak to him from our command with ease dome at that was a brother then he
followed away at the non-apology on Shannon see larger than the top / wanna
only lemna John level new good morning at all until when he came
to the rising of the Sun he found it rising on a people for whom we had not
made against it any shield get the girl father help on a beam and daily although
all of us and we have encompassed all that he had in knowledge don’t know about other the then he
followed away at the in the lobby meanest thing anyone’s and
I mean Dhoni mama oh my god don’t wanna this form una bola until when he reached a pass between two
mountains we found beside them people who could hardly understand his speech
all oh yeah the bottom line you need in George Allen
George NOC do nothing wrong with your hand hollow like a papa john locke a problem
janana and don’t judge Oliver you know about you
know that that they said Odile con nine indeed gog and magog are great corrupters in
the land so may we assign for you and expenditure
that you might make between us and them a barrier all a man can he won’t be upon
you no need people working a job banging up on more than you know Miranda mama he said that in which my
lord has established me is better than what you offer but assist me with
strength i will make between you and them a damn Tony’s obon handy it had been you know what the famed ball
and wonderful who had in the jaw no no Paula Cooney of a lot of it all bring me sheets of iron until when he
had levelled them between the two mountain walls he said low with bellows until when he
had made it like fire he said bring me that i may pour over it molten copper the mess hall oh how i wanna stop our problem all the so gog and magog were unable to
pass over it nor were they able to effect in it any
penetration all aah metal middle warm be either John a lot of doing be John i move that good that walk-on bob be a ball field , 9
said this is a mercy from My Lord but when the promise of my lord comes you
will make it level and ever is the promise of my lord true what a lacuna Balboni ailment any more
coffee about 10 field office for the federal
mountain general and we will leave them that day surging over each other and then the
horn will be blown and we will assemble them in one assembly while not German mi mi a de me now ball and we will present hell that day
to the disbelievers on display and letting in a can at unilever reap all in
not leak rework and is telangana munis and those whose eyes
had been within a cover from my remembrance and they were not able to
hear of the Hassi been loving her phone only yet Duffy the wine body dooney the only yeah in out to dinner virgin Maggie feeling what’s going on then do those who disbelieve think that
they can take my servants instead of me as allies indeed we have prepared hell for the
disbelievers as a lodging on hello gonna be all cool being else setting out say o Muhammad shall we believers inform
you of the greatest losers as to their deeds and letting me know one lesson you won’t feel high – duniya or who me a double homie except Warner and no meal seen one else will not they are
those whose effort is lost in worldly life while they think that they are
doing well in work in collecting careful will be a tale of being Moneyball even a
happy about the four happy . management team alumium man whooping amity was those are the ones who disbelieve in the
verses of their Lord and in their meeting him so their deeds have become worthless and
we will not assign to them on the Day of Resurrection any importance that you can
just as a gentleman em bemac phone what the Hangul what the
ha go yeah meanwhile willfully mood or that is
their recompense hell for what they denied because they took my signs and my
messengers in ready to win let me know manoir me know Wally had you gotta love wound or feed
don’t see no Lola indeed those who have believed and done
righteous deeds they will have the gardens of paradise as a lodging clonidine after the war now I’m you
wanna wherein they abide eternally they will not desire from it any transfer or
do that will can and back for me that Danny Kenny Matty lumbee 9fe that not
all publi don’t find that Kenny mat or be linear
feet down the hole abella and the in fact that Kenny mat or me 10 g not be
making me mad at the say if the sea were ink for writing the words of my lord the
sea would be exhausted before the words of my lord we’re exhausted even if we brought the like of it as a
supplement all in Michelle mr. locum your ma area and Emma love em you know Oh that the man can I of julie ball out of be friendly
up mallanna Holly huh funny out man i’m alone funny how shrink very bad that the army had the say I am only a man like you to whom has
been revealed that your God is one God so whoever would hope for the meeting
with his lord let him do righteous work and not associate in the worship of his
Lord anyone

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