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SUPPLIES? WHERE TO START? Calligraphy & Lettering

SUPPLIES? WHERE TO START? Calligraphy & Lettering

– [Kristina] Hi
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another video at
my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be
answering some of your lettering and
calligraphy questions that I’ve received at Instagram
or on Facebook or my blog or even in emails that
some of you have sent. And while I answer
these questions, I thought I would just go ahead
and show you some of my own lettering or
calligraphy practice and I’ll talk a little
bit about practicing here in a minute. Before I get into my
answers to your questions, I thought I would go
ahead and just tell you what I’m going to be
using in this video. I’m using a FineTech palette, this is the Garden Pastel,
or maybe Pastel Garden. I’m not entirely sure. But I will have it linked
down in the supply list below in the video description
or at my blog, so if you see
anything in this video and you are wondering
where I got it, I’ll have it listed down below. I’m using a watercolor brush
to pick up some of that paint in the palette and applying
it to this pointed pen calligraphy nib. I’m using a pen holder
from Ink Me This dot com. I’ve recently just
received this in the mail, I was looking for a
fun pen holder to use, it’s definitely not inexpensive. So if you’re just starting out, don’t go for one of
these fancy ones, you want just a
really inexpensive
plastic one at first. And I’ll link to some
plastic ones below too if you wanna try those out. But this is a
beautiful pen holder and I’m really loving it. And I didn’t know that it
would come with a nib in it, but it did, and I’ll list
the type of nib that’s in this pen below as well. So I’m just picking up the
paint from that palette, from the FineTech palette,
and applying it to my pen so I can do some calligraphy. Okay so. Oh and also the
notebook that I’m using is from Ink Me This
dot com and okay so one of the most common
questions that I receive is what is my experience with
calligraphy or lettering, did I take a class, how
did I learn to do this? So my calligraphy experience
goes back almost 20 years, which seems crazy. But when I was in high school, one of my friends in my
classes, her name is Coco. She was involved
with calligraphy, she had been since
she was 12 years old. And her handwriting
was beautiful. And she would write on
the board in our class and I was just amazed. I’ve always loved
penmanship and handwriting, so when I saw hers, I was
just completely enthralled and was so curious
and wanted to know how she had learned to do that. So I asked her and she said
she had been doing calligraphy and that she was sending
postcards to some friends and she just really took
every opportunity to write as an opportunity to
practice her calligraphy and her writing. And I really took that to heart. So another friend that was
in the same class with Coco, we were both interested
in calligraphy after she had talked about it, we decided to take a
calligraphy class at night. This was just a
community ed class. Very beginning introductory
calligraphy class. We learned italic calligraphy, which is a style of
calligraphy that you do with a chiseled pen,
it’s the flat square tip. And that was really
fun, I was introduced to a bunch of different
supplies in that class and our teacher was
really knowledgeable, was really fun. So if you have the opportunity
to take some sort of community ed class or even
if there’s a calligrapher in your community
that has classes, I would really highly
recommend trying that out. Anyway, so I took that one class and then it was just all
on my own after that, and the class only lasted
I think just five classes. So it wasn’t very extensive. But the thing that I
really took from that very first class, even though
I wasn’t very experienced after I finished it, is that
you really have to practice. You have to practice, you
have to set aside the time every day to do a
little bit of writing, whether you’re
writing the alphabet or just one letter
over and over and over, you’re never going to improve
if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to improve. So you really do
have to give yourself lots of time to practice. So over the years,
I never really had a really steady practice
or exercise time set aside, it was mostly just whenever
I had the opportunity, I would practice things out. And I think in the
last few years, I’ve really taken it upon myself to force myself to practice. I’ve been doing a lot of
lettering on Instagram over the last few years. You guys have probably
seen that if you follow me on Instagram. And just knowing in
the back of my mind that I need to do more
lettering for Instagram has really helped me
develop my own style when it comes to
different lettering. So that’s my experience
with lettering, I’ve just done it off and
on for nearly 20 years, so it’s been a really
fun experience. So okay, so that’s my
experience with it. Another question
that I get a lot is where to start, what
class can I take? What supplies do I need? All along those lines. So this is what I recommend
to all of you who email me or message me about this. I send you over to Instagram because there are so many
amazing calligraphers and lettering artists
over at Instagram. So I would really
recommend going over there and following a bunch of people that you really
love their style. See what they’re doing, maybe even join some of
their monthly challenges. There are quite a few
lettering and calligraphy monthly challenges out there where they actually
give you a prompt for each day of the month. So let’s say for the
seventh of April, it has a short phrase,
maybe it’s something like smile every day. Just something really short. And it gives you a prompt
so you know what to write for that day. And then you can
take a picture of it and share it on your
own Instagram feed. So it’s really fun way to
get involved with that. And then also if you are
doing those challenges, or you’re practicing and
sharing it on your Instagram, or on your Facebook or wherever, you have a history of
all of your practice, and you can see how
you improve over time. I look back at some of my
first lettering Instagram posts from a few years ago, and I
can see that I’ve improved just in the last couple years. So it’s something
that you can do that will get you practicing and you’ll also be more aware of different styles
that are out there because you’re seeing what
other people are doing as well. Along those same lines
if you find someone who has a style that
you absolutely love, sometimes they
will offer a class. So I would recommend
taking a class from someone who has the
style that you really love. I’ve been hoping to put
together a class for ages and I just haven’t
had the time to do it and I don’t know that I will, so in the mean time, if
you find someone who has a style that you
love, take a chance. Go ahead and take the class. If you wanna ask them
questions about the class before you sign up, you
could do that on Instagram or on their website or whatever. But there are some amazing
lettering platforms out there. Whether it’s brush
lettering or pointed pen or modern calligraphy,
just anything, there’s so many great
classes out there. And then as far as
what supplies you need, if you’re just starting
out, at the most basic, you could just use a pencil
and a piece of paper. Because a lot of calligraphers, when they have classes, at the
very beginning of the class, they actually have you
practice with just a pencil. For a period of time. And that’s just to
help you get to know the different letter forms. So you can start with
whatever you have on hand. Whether it’s a pencil or a pen. If you want to venture
into brush markers or things like that, which
I find are the easiest to get to know the lettering
and calligraphy with. I would really recommend
Tombow Dual and Pens. Those are really great, a lot of people
start out with those. I would also recommend that
Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pens. I’ll have all of these
linked down below as well. I would start there, those are
two different markers or pens that are really
really fun to use. And if you want to go straight into the watercoloring
lettering, which I find to be a little
bit more challenging, just because there
is that added step of making sure you have
enough paint on your brush. I would recommend probably
just an inexpensive round brush, maybe
a size two or below. And then just a
watercolor paint set. Like nothing super fancy, just whatever you can
get your hands on. I practice with a
lot of just gel pens and lined paper notebooks. It doesn’t have to be fancy. And it doesn’t have
to be something you’re going to
hang on your wall. It could be something you
just keep in a notebook. Kind of like what
I’m doing with these Letter Tuesday videos, I’m keeping everything
in a notebook because I just wanna see
how I improve over time. So those are some
answers to common lettering and calligraphy
questions that I receive. This is a little bit
of a talking video, hope you guys were
okay with that. I’ll be back tomorrow
with a regular card video, so if you guys are,
those who are subscribed or are watching for card videos, I will have more
for you tomorrow. Thanks so much for watching and I will catch you
guys in the next video. (upbeat music)

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