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Suomalainen resting b*tch face – Almost Finns

Suomalainen resting b*tch face – Almost Finns

It is often said that
Finns are serious, desiccated… And yes, they are a bit like that. However, instead of really being it, they seem like it. Why? The reason is their resting bitch face. What is a resting bitch face? According to Wikipedia, a resting
bitch face is a facial expression that unintentionally appears as if a person is angry, annoyed,
irritated, or contemptuous, It appears particularly, when the individual
is relaxed, resting or not expressing any particular emotion. When you talk to Finns, many of them actually change their
expression and act friendly, social… Many of them? Ok, some of them. However, when they dive back
into the sea of people, the resting bitch face returns. Yes, true.
Sometimes you talk to a Finn and the conversation is so weird,
that you wonder: why did I want to start this conversation
in the first place? Why? Some people make unintelligible sounds
to communicate. How are you? Do you want to watch Bordertown? There’s a new episode. The same people have a resting bitch face
when they try to communicate. Every day you can see different types of
resting bitch faces in the streets of Finland. The classic one. I’m tired of the world. It doesn’t get any better than this. It smells like shit. Only weak people smile. I just saw something horrible. I’m better than you, you disgusting worms. We talk about a phenomenon
whose existence is scientifically proven. Really? Scientists also call it a
resting bitch face? They didn’t find a more academic term? The term isn’t politically correct, but it’s the the best
to describe the expression. In fact, we all know how to make
a resting bitch face. Especially if we live in Finland. It’s normal, the cold, darkness, grey days, rain,
there’s no snow this year, the climate change, Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un, coronavirus, wildfires in Australia… Fuck! What a shit life! Yep, tell me about it. That’s it. In Finland we all adopt
a resting bitch face, at least during ten months of the year. You have to make an effort
to avoid making it. I’m fascinated by how many different
resting bitch faces Finns can make. Sometimes I sit on a bench and
I observe people quietly But… what is that? Like you were in a speed tunnel? And you, don’t go around
looking so serious, we all know you are a pervert. Pervert! We hope you liked the video. In the first place, we want to say that the idea for the video came
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