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Succulents from The Greetery + The Stamp Market Thank You + Spring Color Palette

Succulents from The Greetery + The Stamp Market Thank You + Spring Color Palette

hi everyone its Jennifer Svare thank
you so much for stopping by my channel today today I’ve made some cards
featuring the succulents from the greetery and I am in love with this
company I just love everything they have I have had so much fun but the crimped
frame set comes in a set of three and I’ll be using the largest of the three
there and I love the the design that’s on those edges the Botanicuts
Succulents come with a large succulent and a small one I’m using the large they
come in four dies each and you stack them after you color them in addition
I’ll be using a macra-made filler now there’s one more die that I forgot to
mention from the greetery but I will mention that and show it when I get to
it next up we have the stamp market thank you and this is a double layer die
with the shadow and then the words and sushi my cat got into my photo lightbox
and so she definitely wanted her picture taken and so there’s sushi the cat so
anyway I also wanted to talk about a website I found
it’s called coolers.CO and it’s free it generates pallets and from those pallets
you can download them you can look to see what Copic markers would match the
best or just use them as a palette and I I went through all my papers to kind of
match the palette and that really helped me you know not be so overwhelmed with
colors and what colors to use and I just drew from that palette and made the card
that you’re gonna see me make today so these succulent dies like I said come in
four layers and they’re super simple but yet they look really intricate and
detailed when you stack them together but I chose to watercolor them and I die
cut them out of arches watercolor paper and you can see me here just using my
palette from I think this is watercolor confections pastels
and I just wanted to use those greens and the the pinks and I you’ll see me
put a little bit of that I see blue and I see blue green in there and I just
kind of had fun with that now there is a great how-to video on how to watercolor
these I’ll also link that video down it’s by the greenery but I just had a
lot of fun going through you know looking at the dye getting to know the
dye I’ve made a whole bunch of these succulents kind of learning where to
shade them they take me a while to make right now but they’re getting faster and
I think it’s just the type thing where you just need to practice and you start
learning where to shade those different petals and the things that you know I
like to see the other thing I do is I will stack it before I glue it so that I
can kind of see where those shadows should be so I’ll I’ll stack it like you
saw me there do and then I’ll glue it after I’m done with my finishing touches
and I am a major perfectionist they’re never good enough for me but I
absolutely love these and once you put them together and you come back to them
and everyone’s different I just absolutely have had so much fun with
them so to get started to make the base layer I first just die cut it out of the
largest crimped layer and here you’ll see me going back and forth between
colors I think this was the iced periwinkle that I used but I wanted a
really subtle background that wouldn’t take away and this my favorite things
background stamp I will link that below I can’t remember the name of it right
now but I’ll link it was perfect because you can’t really see it there is a
slight texture to this paper but I I stamped it in white and I used the white
from and that is a very nice white to use and notice that I used
that purple tape around the edges that was to make it so that the crimped edge
did not have any stamping on it so that crimped edge has a little frame that is
the solid color and like I said it’s very very subtle I’m trying to show it
to you here I’m not sure if you can see it but it was just what I was looking
for that added just a little bit of interest
into the background there so here I’m using the half C’s dye from the greenery
sorry I forgot to link that or put that in the beginning of the video here but
you can see me offsetting it and I wanted this offset so I went ahead and
die cut from the left of my paper to the right and there’s a little pin point
that goes all the way around the edge it won’t be on to that far right side
because there was nothing there to cut because I’m making this smaller so what
I did was I lined up the pin point on the right side taped that down and I’m
gonna run that through my die cut machine again so that I can get that
that pin point along that right side so to do that you can see here everything
under the plate will cut everything not under the plate will not cut and you can
see the pin point on the right there that that creates next up is this
adorable handwritten thank-you die from The Stamp Market and I love this diet
it’s got the shadow and then it’s got the words and a lot of times you’ll see
me double stack the letters for more dimension I didn’t in this case in fact
I almost thought about in laying it because I didn’t want anything to take
away from that succulent and the you know the soft colors but in the end it
really looked very nice the way it was and added you know it added it didn’t
take anything away so I left it the shadow layer with one top layer and then
it was time to put in the greenery and this little this is a little pearl plant
from the Macra made also from the greetery and I just think this is so
cute and it was perfect for behind that succulent and so I just cut it out of a
dark green that matched that palette and cut out little extra fillers to throw in
on both sides and you could add to this you could take away from it you could
use different fillers but I just thought a little bit of greenery would be nice
with that succulent now I made four cards during the course of this video
and on this first card I act we put it on a base and then attached it
to the card base so two layers of white there on the top of the card I did not
make the other three cards like that you’ll see me here just working directly
with the the green you can see is attached directly to the card base and
that is how I recommend doing it there’s no reason to attach the green to a white
piece and then attach that to the base at the end but all of these turned out
just a little bit different I used these wonderful spring colors and I absolutely
love these cards there they’re just oh there’s just so much fun to make and I
love how everyone is a little bit different and I just had fun letting
them all be different so I hope you enjoyed this video and I just want to
say thank you again to all of my subscribers and your encouraging
comments and everything that you guys do that inspires me and I just wanted to
thank you all so anyway I actually made two videos this weekend so make sure to
come back on hopefully by Wednesday maybe before I’ll have another one
uploaded and it’s super fun have a great day we’ll see you again soon you

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