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SUB) Arabic Bread / how to make pita Bread at home #1 خبز عربي بدون فرن

SUB) Arabic Bread / how to make pita Bread at home #1  خبز عربي بدون فرن

Today we’re making Arabic bread or Egyptian bread on the stove-top 2 cups of flour a leveled tablespoon yeast leveled tablespoon sugar and a teaspoon salt. The water should be warm for the yeast A cup to a 3/4 cup or 1 1/4 cup depending on the type of flour I will put all the ingredients in the mixer I will first mix the dry ingredients and then add the water Now I’ll add the water gradually It only needed one cup of water. Now I’ll let it mix for 15 minutes After 15 minutes It should look like this After 15 minutes of kneading this is its texture After an hour, the dough now looks very good. I’ll cut it into four I’ll cover them for 10 minutes After 15 minutes the dough proofed again I’ll start rolling it And put it on plastic or any surface with flour on it I’ll leave them 15 minutes and then bake them The 15 minutes are up and I’ll start baking I’ll put a little bit of pressure to help it to help it cook evenly. This is the bread after it’s cooked I’ll open one with you This what it looks like from the inside Cooked and beautiful

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  • RaBaB says:

    for perfect bread Please follow the steps below :
    be sure that yeast is good and not expired .
    if water is very hot or cold , yeast will not work , water must be warm.
    knead the dough at least 10 to 15 mins
    the dough looks should be soft same like in the video
    cover the dough by plastic wraps then clothes in every step to keep it soft and that helps the dough to rise
    use high heat for bread and slip it every 10 seconds 4 times then leave it to grow like a balloon

  • Dildar Raja says:

    Masha Allah very nice

  • Humanoid being. says:

    going to use this recipe for tomato filled pita ^^ thanks this really gave me idea how to make pita (finnish cook here 😛 )

  • Tim Тимофей says:

    i tried this today, i did not have a good result, i dont know what i did wrong…… 🙁

  • Dish Wish says:

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing .Hope u will subscribe and support our channel too 🙂 Food Channel Dish Wish!!

  • johnwaynepresley says:

    This dough is amazing and delicious! masha Allah ta baraka Allah. I've made it multiple times now and my family loves it. alhamdulilah, some tips:

    -i'm in the US and i imagine the weather is different from where she may be…make sure after you rolled your pitas that they have enough time to fluff up. she says 15 minutes of resting…i do 30 min.
    -i can't cook them on a stovetop like her…i imagine it's a special skill i don't have i put my oven to 550 degrees Fahrenheit WITH a baking sheet to preheat with it. The baking sheet MUST get hot with the oven!
    -Get your pita, flip it over and plop it in the oven. it will take about two minutes to cook/rise. keep an eye on it!
    -you can probably cook several pitas in the oven at once, i've only done three at a time, but i prefer to do one at a time because i get to have a closer look at it.

  • Janskie Canete says:

    i want cook like that…

  • Atik Pawaskar says:

    Is it fine if i put Little olive oil while kneading

  • لوله ضياء says:

    جربته اليوم… واااااااااااااااااو
    طري ورقيق ومفرغ من الداخل .. يصلح ساندويش .. يصلح للايدامات … يصلح للفطور … وسسسسسهل جدااا وناجح 100% 😍💜
    بس حابه اعطي ملاحظه للي لسه ماجربته :
    لمن تسوي العجين حتلاحظي انه متلاصق جدا لاااا تضيفي دقيق لان اللزوجه ذي هي سبب طراوته لو خليتي العجينه متماسكه حيكون الخبز ناشف وماينفتح من الداخل يسير مسطح … فالتزمي بالمقادير المذكوره تماما والعجينه بتكون لزجه جدا لا تخافي منها بس رشي تحتها وفوقها شوي دقيق وخليها ترتاح وبعدها افرديها بواسطة النشابه وبمساعدة الدقيق مرره وصفه ناجحه.

  • Hervey Bay Rubbish Removal says:

    Wow they are awesome!

  • Sam Armani says:

    Thank you for the great video you are the best……

  • BUFF AF says:

    Pillow Bread.

  • Hasina Haroon says:

    Oh woow …MASHALLAH….

  • Pakistani German Mom says:


  • AdventureFreak86 says:

    Saw your video, and tried it that same night. I am in love with it! Middle Eastern breads are the best! My favorite bread recipe!

  • Foxhill says:

    It should be in French or English not Arabic. This woman says Blastic not Plastic. It's very odd.

  • ابن الحجاز العظيم says:

    Is not arabic tho , its greek passed down to arabic countries

  • YiBoZhanGe王一波小 站 says:

    shukran to share ur arabic bread ( execellent )😍😍😍😍

  • Obemah Hesslup says:

    This came out delicious thank you for the recipe!!!!

  • Azrini Adnan says:

    Hi there thank you for a great recipe. Taste awesome and it fluffed like crazy 😁 but I’m little confused why my dough turn out a bit more stickier. I tried with both types of flour, all purpose and bread flour. I still can work with the dough it’s just it sticks more to my hand. I added a little bit of flour because I’m scared that if I add more the bread will become hard. Any advice? Thanks in advance 😘

  • Abraham Varghese says:

    For long time, I was looking for a practical way of making Arabic Pita Bread. Xlent demonstration. Thanks. Subscribed.

  • Ann Jirjis says:

    Pita bread is not arab, it is not, this is another of the limitless subtle arab advertisement (which is a lie) ……worth billions…….

  • Fatima Vergara says:

    I would like to ask i followed same ing but mine the flour is too wet so i added flour is it ok?

  • A JAE says:

    I love making bread. I was making pita a couple time, follow different recipes but never have good pocket. My last batch couple days ago had only 1 out of 8 pluff up… still dont know why… I will try your way tonight. Wish me luck 🙂

  • Sevgilisi says:

    love this recipe 💕🌸thanks for english translation

  • grace jam says:

    🙏 gracias

  • Abraham Varghese says:

    Much, much appreciated. An xlent recipe and demonstration. Already subscribed because of English subtitles.

  • Wendy Hernández says:

    Your recipe is the best I've tried! My pita bread turned out so good 😊 Thank you so much for the wonderful video 🙏🏽!

  • B.N.S says:

    تسلم إيدك.
    ياريت لو ذكرتي سمك الصاج، وقوة النار.

  • أم أنس. البلد الأمين says:

    تسلم ايدك

  • Mark Wood says:

    I made these tonight, they came out perfect, thank you for the recipe. For those having trouble getting them to puff up, this is a pretty sticky dough, the more you work it the more pliable it becomes. Flour the surface where you rest the 4 smaller pieces so the dough releases easier in 15 minutes. I used a non-stick skillet over high heat, I did not pat it down like she does. I flipped it every 10 seconds or so, 4 or 5 times until you start to see some color, then just let it go, be patient and it will puff. The key is that flipping and getting a good film on both sides. We cut them in half, opened them up, and filled with some wet chopped asian pork I made tonight, no leakage at all. Excellent recipe.

  • MOHAMMED Yusouf says:

    Arabian food
    I love my mum

  • Leticia Gutierrez zamora says:


  • Leticia Gutierrez zamora says:


  • Rasheeda Elahie says:

    I like how she put the ingredients and instruction in English thank you sister.

  • Janice Shira says:

    Thank You So Much for making pitas bread look easy.

  • Moumitayes Islam says:


  • وصفة هنية says:

    لو سمحتي ايلي بتعملي عليها الخبز دي ايه

  • kb be says:

    hulhu hulhu hulhu

  • Sara Goody says:

    I'm so happy to find your channel. Your videos is well presented and you write the ingredients in English which makes is a big help. Can you please make a video of how to make the Egyptian style 'koosa' zucchini with stuffed tomatoes and rice. And koshary tomato sauce. And a video of how to make Egyptian style babagounush and tahina and all those white colored sauces that is commonly served with the pitas bread at fish restaurants in Cairo. The egyptian style tahina paste tastes like it has a bit of cheese spread in it, is that correct?

  • Savita Chopra says:

    Please give English subtitles

  • Clyde Hub says:

    Great thanks

  • William Tukei14 says:

    I love the puffiness

  • Perdana Agung says:

    Very nice and perfect,
    but how long it could be reserved in freezer or refrigerator ?
    With compliments from Indonesia.

  • Pradip thapalita 9849407875 says:

    I have two years work exprance this wokrk

  • Oum Fadwa says:

    تسلم اديك حبيبتي

  • Lenny Lombardo says:

    Thank you very good

  • Neil Awad says:


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  • Meshiel Dasigan says:

    You think instead 1cup water.. put fresh milk ?

  • David Craig says:

    quais, jidan quais. shukran

  • Farzana Ameen says:

    Wow perfect preparation 👍👍🤗🤗👌👌

  • ملكوت السماء says:

    طيب ينفع نعمله علي طاسة تيفال

  • Tatag Mutaqin says:

    bread bread :H

  • Cheryl Wright says:

    What is it that you are cooking it on please? Looks amazing and want to try this ahead of Ramadan

  • Rinie Niarti says:

    1 m ragi maksudnya apa y?

  • Jasmin says:

    بربی سوءال المرة الثالثة بعد ما ارتاحت العجینة ثانی ثلث ساعة نحطها علی النار مثل ما هی من غیر ما نعجنها ولا نفردها مضبوط؟

  • Luz Cave says:

    Wow gonna try it now

  • nate carroll says:

    Khubz on the streets of Iraq (Mosul) taste the best. Idk how they do/did it but the bread was phenomenal. I have never seen anyone replicate it. Good video tho

  • peter vangeli says:

    Thx so much!

  • khalid khan says:

    Wow after watching this I start cooking pitas in Ramadan

  • NorthBride55 says:

    Excellent bread.

  • Ardian V. Hoxha says:

    I try it and it was fantastic, just like kn the video. Thank you

  • Renee` Hill says:


  • Zain Zoya says:

    Masha Allaha 😍

  • Sabreena Subhan says:

    So each bread is half cup of flour?? =O?? Lol can v replace it with wheat flour?

  • Agent Ben says:

    Home made esh bolbol pls..
    Home made Kunafa also pls pls pls

  • jeffery abulasan says:

    Beautiful! I used to watch my grandmother in Lebanon do it outside with stones.. she made delicious lavish bread too!

  • Aruna says:

    This reminds of sada roti, an indian bread we make at home, although it doesnt hve yeast, teh cooking is similar. You are very skilled, thanks so much for the recipe! You deserve more views!

  • Fatima Fati Zurich says:

    تبارك اللهعليك اختي

  • HappyJackSlade says:


  • Jesus Abella says:

    You are Super ! you show the ingredients and what to do in the video, thanks for sharing.

  • anna alexiou says:

    Wowwww 😍😍👏👏

  • jeffery abulasan says:

    Why doesn’t mine blow up like yours.. what am I doing wrong? I went to Istanbul once. They make the best!

  • something new something different says:

    I have cooked and it turns out as u have shown in video same . My 2 cups all purpose flour takes only half cup of water , thank u very much sister for wonderful recipe god bless you

  • Adam Al-faqih says:

    Sukron ❤

  • hade King says:

    Thankyou miss

  • Hamsa Sukanya says:

    Can we use whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour ?

  • sayyid vappu says:


  • X -Why- Z says:

    I made these and they are delicious. Thank you Rabab👍

  • Olinda Lobo says:

    Can you show how to make this with wheat flour? Please

  • taste in haste by saira says:

    Any 1 who read my msg. Plz subscribe to my channel its a humbl request

  • Leena Barbary says:

    نجيب الحاجه اللي بتسويه عليها منين

  • deemdoubleu says:


  • Aimen Rashi says:

    Sound is irritating

  • RyllenKriel says:

    Excellent video, thank you for sharing. I will be making some pita bread this weekend.

  • pablo montagna says:

    Thank You

  • chanaka madusanka says:

    Thank you so much. This is really help me to learn about making hamoos

  • Starlight GT says:

    I just made your bread and it was perfect I had it with kibbi nayeh thankyou very much for sharing

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  • Manuriya Kaladi420 says:

    I like this khaboos with hammus

  • عبدالله السعيد says:

    بصراحة روعة

  • Daniela Díaz Soto says:

    Best recipe on Earth. My pita bread turned out great, soft and with great flavor. They puffed perfectly.

    If someone is trying this, don't be afraid of a super soft sticky dough, (as a I've been) that's the perfect point.

  • trackie1957 says:

    Just beautiful.
    When I was little I learned to make tortillas the same way. The woman who showed me could make them puff up like that every time. We used to form the dough in our hands. Today as an adult I have difficulty making tortillas even with a rolling pin! I think for kids it’s not hard until someone tells them it is.

  • Vivi Ochaia says:


  • Haseena Ahmed says:

    Yen indha akka quran odhuraanga

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