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Street Food in Japan – Tour of Ameya-Yokocho Market | Budget Japanese Food and Spicy Kebab!

hey everyone its mark Wiens in Tokyo Japan I met on my yokocho market which is one of the best open-air markets for just about everything in Tokyo you’ll find fresh ingredients there are lots and lots of clothes and all sorts of things and this is one of the best places to eat Japanese street food and especially budget Japanese food in Tokyo so I’m going to give you a tour of this market and we’re going to eat lots of food this market is right at window station which is a big one of the major railroad stations in Tokyo but then underneath the track which the tracks are right up there you’ll just find just lots and lots of stalls there are jewelry stalls there are you can buy handbag gear you can buy clothes of every sort imaginable and then touch with in the stalls you’ll even find fresh market ingredients there are fresh fish to buy and then there are plenty of restaurants where you can get a budget meal or some Street food Japanese food snacks and it’s just a great place to people watch to walk around to eat and just to enjoy the atmosphere one of the things that this Street food market is well-known for are their budget sashimi and just raw fish bowls I think this is a perfect way to start this Japanese food tour in a yokocho market and they have one of this this one yes the poll the polling and then also also this one yes please yeah you can order by just pointing to the different dishes stone booties that they have and then you pay upfront here because oh oh and then yeah and then you get a number and then you can come in here and inside the feet I was in Tokyo a couple years ago and I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure this is the place I ate as well I think I think I remember this exact same place and you can get a cup and they have the dome buddies have arrived and it is quite a quite a colorful collection of different fish overwrite ying and i ordered two different two different ones but we’re going to share them both and i will begin they also have let me grab a little dish of soy sauce Rebecca and oh yeah okay I’ll start with one of the I’ll start with this one and one of the one of these pieces of tuna we can get off Yujin needy that is that that’s a pretty big sized piece on there’s also some wasabi here my handle Mesabi to this bite oh that’s a nose clearer oh yeah to follow with some right the fish is pretty good has a little bit of a fishy taste to it maybe it’s not the ultimate freshest but it’s still still good and now moving on to the Oni which is sea urchin and then these are our salmon roe Oni is just one of those one of those amazing things that you just can’t get enough of it it’s creamy it’s a little bit bitter its fishy it’s very steep ooty about that custardy texture is what’s so attractive in it you kind of know this going in but it’s not not going to be the best quality of fish that you’ve ever had in Tokyo but the price is right they do have they do give you a pretty good portion size of fish and I had this one which was a thousand yen and that’s probably probably the price was was more because of the Unni the sea urchin and they even had one of them over there but yeah the you do get quite a lot of fish alright what’s next another place that I really wanted to try here at the market is it’s called a Yama meet and on the sign there it says meat dish and beer and it’s a little yellow kiosk on the corner here I’m going to go order one it’s the type of place you come and you just kind of stand around you order a snack on these little they look like a little meat pies all on here some cabinet full of deep fried goodness shop for the Colombian people known as the that’s 200 poke them to be pork and beef is me me okay yeah yes that’s all I’ll try this one okay it’s right here let’s move up here stay thank you very much this is a really cool little corner shop and they specialized in a bunch of different fried little cutlets and they have a have a bunch of them but I asked them which one is the classic I got the classic one it’s a mixture of pork and beef and the owner mentioned to me that oh Yama is a mountain so this is a I’m a meat pie and I can just feel how how crunchy crispy that is from holding it into this little paper bag all right oh wow it is flaming hot on the inside gets filled with minced meat are there are there any vegetables in there maybe just onions and garlic its pepper is it extremely like crusty around the edges and then inside it’s just like that ooh the meat that is the afternoon snack that you want to be eating when you’re craving something salty and meaty all right I suppose oh this one is deeper okay I like mustard haha okay so you can either add these two sauces I think I think I’ll go mustard on this next like oh shake that up a little bit oh yeah oh yeah I fall out oh that’s the horseradish wasabi mustard or very good boohoo all that goes up your nasal passages and just cleans them out oh yeah let’s go do nets like the Japanese Worcestershire sauce okay final bite here that went down so easily so I just breezed in on that mustard I’m feeling energetic after eating that although it sounds good this is an izakaya style restaurant which is a place to hang out a lot of people come here especially after work and you can feel this whole area is just getting busier by the minute as people get off work people come to hang out with friends to have a drink and some snacks and after work after work snack yeah they just have a whole variety of different things on their menu from relishes to session you need to come put on two grilled dishes we’re going to try a few afternoon snack here it’s such a great thing about being in Japan the late afternoon when when people start getting off work and just hanging out with friends eating small snacks delicious small snacks and just just hang it out first nak that scum is edamame which are boiled or maybe steamed soybeans and I could buy as a tender [Music] and just get them all out they have to be one of the healthiest most addictive snacks you can possibly eat they’re so good they’re I don’t even know what it is about eating soybeans like this but they’re so so addictively good thank you I guess you when you order the template on here really did come this one one piece for birthing what a night what did I even good I got a strip I got a tomato and then I got I’m gonna remember what that is anyway I guess I could have ordered a lot more that’s got a small but anyway one of the coolest things about this place is that they serve you their specialty is just an entire an entire jug full of daikon radish that is really fragrant I can smell that radish very very strongly that looks like a it looks like a giant ice cream all of the little snack appetizer dishes have arrived and the first thing I got to do though is make that nikon for the stop routine do this like vanilla ice cream well that’s that is some juicy daikon there well I hope I don’t spill it Oh the cream juice is pouring out of it at the bottom there that’s a unique style of serving the daikon that I’ve never ever seen before and that’s really fragrant it smells like a cross between onion and playa smoke smells oniony and then over here they have a whole picture so it’s almost like a water a water boiler full of the sauce oh yeah okay that should be good and I may as well start with the tempo Dobson I got the sauce ready I don’t think I’ve ever had tomato tempo top so that’s like a good quarter or a third of a third of a tomato and then just deep-fried I think it’s pretty clear that they they specialize in their stock here so I don’t want to I don’t want to get myself on that first bite I want to own a really get that daikon on there and really really dip it in that sauce [Music] that tomato just dripped all over my pants uh-huh that’s like up just to the ordinarily juicy tomato but all that juice was held in with that net fried wrapper around that’s right batter wrapper next up I’ll try some of these little fish and these are drilled I think you can just eat the whole thing and they’re circles oval blob of mayonnaise on the side I think we can just eat the whole thing oh yes you can it’s just loaded full of eggs that’s like a smoky little little fish started oh that’s delicious oh that’s fantastic Netta that is a quality salty snack there [Music] next up for the squid which has been drilled that’s another another beauty and then they’ve disliked it into bite-sized pieces [Music] you’ll squid is a favorite of Union – we always love real good slightly chewy rubbery texture and then it’s done what a wonderful thing grilled that’s delicious Mike that has joined me now to eat the what what on the menu it’s called the grilled turban turban shell the thing is see it’s pretty huge chop up a little bit of some kind of parsley or cilantro on top here and then I’m excited to see what’s inside the shell it should be a little too big I’m going to pull the hold it down [Music] wow that is a sort of a sizeable nugget and then if you can check out inside of the shell there’s some juice as well I don’t know if I should drink at games I forget that looks like it’s definitely going to be pretty chewy that’s pretty that’s kind of rubbery it’s really salty it’s good it’s almost like the squid but more more rubbery yeah you could definitely throw that on the ground and we’ll just definitely bounce up that turban shell took quite a while to chew but now moving on to the shrimp and it really it really is amazing with all that nikon that Nikon is what makes this template are unique and really good I can just pile on the daikon with that daikon so it’s so refreshing and so so like mild but flavorful at the same time like Korean Alex l’anima three remaining okay next up we got ice cream I got eat it fast so it it’s drooping in the oh yeah well let’s you can really take the the milk penis of that doesn’t even have a vanilla flavor but it’s really like that milk strong milk flavor this place has all sorts a few different baked goods including the famous Japanese taiyaki the fish I think that’s taiyaki the fish makes it with red bean paste in the middle but it seems like most people that come here get the ice cream but I do have a one of the fish snacks coming up – oh hi analemma so this is right out of the griddle the fish shaped griddle it it’s really really hot scoot this out and oh you can feel how soft and supple that is within the fish and I think it’s filled with the red bean paste and then it’s kind of like feels like a cracker around the outside edges you got to take a pretty significant byte in order to reach the bean paste on your first bite it’s like a sweet kind of starchy bean paste in the middle and then that’s almost like on like a waffle tasting batter crust around the outside [Music] buona doner kebab mix it’s like spicy please thank you Alex it’s cool they have the different sizes sure I’ll go for super high army so more votes but I’m using a swivel but I love sure I’ll go superb it was just super hot please all this until this one is called jumbo doner kebab I have mild hot very hot I’m going super hot I know kebabs are not very Japanese okay they’re not Japanese at all but it is one of the most popular things to eat when you come to this market and it’s very popular with Japanese people Jeff a lot you see a lot of Japanese people ordering the kebabs here and there’s there’s at least a handful of kebab restaurants we chose to come to one called jumbo who ain’t no jumbo kebab and this is just loaded with meat look at that I got the mix of beef and chicken it’s just packed out with me there’s some cabbage in the bottom there I think and then yeah I got that I got the super hot spicy sauce all over it that is that is beautiful what a what a handheld treat this is for they often plot amazing oh and that’s off is good just a little bit slightly it is it’s really fragrant daughter it’s salty and that meat that just has that wonderful slow roasted slightly crispy slightly oily is meeting us going oh man I love how the meat just like overflows out of the the wrapper out of that pita bread that is awesomely delicious I wanna ask for more sauce I’ll just finish that kebab and even though that’s not Japanese that was incredibly delicious the sauce the super hot sauce was fantastic I loved that that was a perfect way to end this I’m a yo-yo coach Oh market tour this is a this is a really cool market to visit when you come to Tokyo there’s not actually a lot of street food you don’t you don’t see through food everywhere but tucked within the alleys and the lanes there are a lot of a lot of restaurants so you’ll find a lot of sushi restaurants yakitori small little izakayas where people come after work to hang out and have a drink and eat those little snack and also you’ll find quite a few kebab restaurants around here as well but then also you can there’s just seems to be an overload of shoes if you’re if you’re in the market for some shoes you will have like there’s the full assortment of shoes you can possibly think up here you can buy some fresh seafood you can buy cosmetic it’s all available at this market this is a great place to come when you’re in Tokyo especially if you enjoy the open-air market style I think this is a great place to visit thank you very much for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it also I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below and if you’re not already subscribed click subscribe now for lots more food and travel videos goodbye from Tokyo and I’ll see you on the next video

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