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Stimming Alphabet #TakeTheMaskOff

Hello and welcome! With this video we want to take part from the White Unicorn eV to the hashtag “#TakeTheMaskOff”. This hashtag was originally launched by the English community and you will find all the information and the initiators linked in the text below the video and here is also the flyer. No autist is the same to another and stimming can, should and may only be done intrinsically motivated. We thought about how we can best show this alphabet to you. Through the video, the little Elekk called “Trötchen” of us, which comes from the game World of Warcraft by Blizzard, will escort us. A like Alignment To grasp and understand things better, alignment is a good exercise. Here you can sort and align by size, color or maybe even taste. B like Browse It’s fun and creates confidence to browse through a picture book all over again. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but reading does not have to be. C like Chanting Holding a shell to your ear or just humming, it is quite normal. Do not let yourself be interrupted! If you chant, then you can completely relax. Hmhmhmhm … D like Dancing Turning and dancing are creative forms of movement. You can feel inside yourself and see how your body moves. E like Echolalia Repeating words is called echolalia. You can sing or speak it, it has a calming effect and helps to concentrate on reflection and thought. F like Flutter A really wonderful form of exercise that is fun and can help you as an autist to express yourself. G like give a yawn If you are sensory a bit overloaded: just give a yawn. H like Hop When hopping, you can get closer to your body in a witty and boisterous way, and if you overspend yourself, you can sleep well in the evening. I like Imitate Do you feel like discovering something new? Just imitate the person sitting right next to you. J like Juggle With this hobby you can not only impress your friends. Your hand-eye coordination and your whole skills are trained and it’s fun! K like KungFu Here you will learn mindfulness in the movement and you will also train your mind. There are so many different martial arts styles that you will surely find your own. L like Laughing I do not have to go any further explain it? M like Meow Meow … similar to chanting or humming, the meow can also have a calming effect. It’s a pleasant tone and you can talk to a cat. Meow, meow. N like Nail chewing Sometimes it can be reassuring to bite your nails in very tense situations. O like Organizing Just like align things, organizing books in a closet, for example, can provide peace and clarity in a self. P like Painting As a creative expression process brushing, painting or craftsmanship is recommended. Q like Quacking Not only our mascot from the game “World of Warcraft” by Blizzard, other stuffed animals can make quaking sound too. Or you yourself – just make quaking sounds and out with the power. Quack quack. R like Run During running, you can get rid of excess power and keep yourself fit at the same time. S like Swing Swinging and rocking is just great! It’s so amazing to feel your body in a swing and rock it back and forth. T like Tiptoeing Tiptoeing has an elementalary effect. You are connected to the ground in some way, but you also have to balance. It is relaxing. U like Underwater Whether diving in the bathtub or in the sea, with or without your head under water, it brings pleasant peace and relaxation. V like Videogaming In a video game, you can retire, process the experiences a bit and just be a bit for yourself and completely fade out the outside world. W like Warm If the circulation is overloaded you will feel cold. Make yourself comfortable and get warmth. A blanket, a hot water bottle, a warm tea or maybe a stove. So you create a cuddly well-being. X like X-ing You can cross your toes. You can cross your fingers, actually you can cross everything. Try it. Y like Yoga Yoga is good for body, mind and soul. It’s a wonderful hobby to find balance and stay fit. Z like Zigzagging Just think in a different direction than just straight and run zigzag – just try this new kind of movement!

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