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STATUE OF UNITY | Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue | THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO | PART 1 |

STATUE OF UNITY | Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue | THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO | PART 1 |

whats up guys, we are here in Vadodara right now and today i will be making a special episode on Statue of Unity! As i was in Gujarat already, i thought why not come here and make a vlog and i always wanted to make a video about SOU! and finally today i got the opportunity to make it and hence we are here and i will try to cover and keep the video as much informative as possible as there are a lot of confusions about which ticket you should purchase? and which ticket variant is the best in order to see all the places inside the SOU compound when you see thier official website i.e https://www.soutickets.in/ so i wanted to clear the confusion for all you guys.. as even i was confused when i was browsing the tickets on their website I’m currently at my hotel approx 90kms away from SOU! and we have hired a car from here which will take us to Statue of Unity! its 7am in the morning right now and we should reach SOU by 9-9.30am so lets continue with this vlog… As you can see there are a lot of variances in the ticket cost and entry to SOU the board sign says the entry ticket for 1 Adult is 180 Rs and for the child is 90 Rs this is only and only for the entry to SOU and it will not cover the Gallery Deck view The Gallery deck means you can go all the way till the chest height inside the statue and have a view from the top there is a lift that takes you to the top and from there you get a beautiful view of the entire Kevadia compound so that is covered under the 2nd Variant i.e the Gallery ticket which will cost an Adult 380/- Rs and for the child it will cost 230/- Rs the child ranges from the age of 3 years to 15 years there is a 3rd Variant as well which is an express ticket which will cost an Adult 1030/- Rs and for the child will cost 1030/- Rs this is an express entry ticket or like a VIP entry ticket for SOU you can also bring your car inside the compound which will cost you 150/- Rs and if you don’t want to do that there is also a Bus shuttle service, you can see behind me it will pick you from the main entrance gate and will cover all the area points inside the compound so its up-to you to decide because it could be that a bus will only leave when it is entirely full so you can also bring in your car by paying 150/- Rs as an entry which you have to pay at the parking area entrance i think the 2nd variant i.e 380 Rs for an Adult is the best to choose according to me as it covers all the entry points inside the compound i,e The Gallery, Valley of Flowers, also it covers the light show so i think you should go with that ticket variant go with the 1st Variant of 180 Rs if you want to see the Statue only but i would recommend if you have come this far, do visit all the places inside as it has a lot to offer like Tent-city also River rafting happens just adjacent to the Statue there is a food court as well in case you are hungry everything is well connected and nicely constructed and the area is quite huge and this place has a lot to offer so now lets go inside and then i will show you what all is there inside!

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