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Stationery Favorites

Hey guys! Today, I’m going to be telling you about my
favorite stationery. My favorite pen, which I use for use for pretty much
everything is the kind of Frankenpen combination I created. So I use the body of a Zebra Sarasa because it has a
long grip, and that’s helpful to me because I hold my pen really close to the
tip. And then I use a 0.5mm Pentel EnerGel refill, because it’s super smooth and it dries really quickly, which is very useful for highlighting. For bullet journaling, I use a UniBall Signo Needle Tip
pen, in the 0.38mm size. I use it because it’s incredibly smooth; it’s probably the
smoothest gel pen I’ve ever used, despite its small size. And it’s archival quality and waterproof, which is important for my bullet journals, which I plan to keep for a long time. The highlighters I use the most often are the Zebra Mildliners because the colors are really pretty, and they have decent quality. They’re also double-sided, with a marker tip that’s useful for drawing boxes, or underlining. If the color range isn’t that important for the task, for example, if I’m annotating books, I’ll use the Uni Propus Window Highlighters. They have a really smooth feeling and they don’t smear ink much. The main reason I really like them is the window, which allows you to see the text that you’re highlighting, and they’re double-sided so you can underline. I only have the teal and purple because those are the only two colors that are actually pastel. My favorite brush pen is the Ecoline Brush Pen because it’s super juicy and smooth, and it creates this cool gradient effect. One downside is that it does bleed through paper quite a bit because it’s filled with watercolor. My favorite mechanical pencil is the Pilot Fure Fure Sprinter. I really like this pencil because it has a smooth grip, which again is important to me because I hold the pen really close to the tip. It also has a retractable lead sleeve, which helps prevent it from damaging my pencil case, and the lead sleeve is in the style of a drafting pencil, which is helpful for graphing in math. To go along with the mechanical pencil, I like to use the Pentel Ain Stein HB Soft graphite. Since it’s HB Soft, it’s softer and smoother than most mechanical pencils, but it’s still HB, so it works for tests. For wood-case pencils, I recommend the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, because their high-quality graphite, and they have a good eraser on the end. I especially like my holographic pencils. For paper notebooks, my number one favorite is the Kokuyo Campus paper, because it’s super smooth and bleed-resistant and it has a dotted-line pattern that’s really helpful for keeping your notes neat. However, since it only comes in this dotted-line pattern, I use Muji paper for other pattterns like graph. For notebooks, I recommend the Kokuyo Campus notebooks, which are the same paper but in a bound format. And similarly, I would recommend the Muji notebooks for other rules. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I’ll be sure to link everything in the description if you want to check that out. I also post pictures of how I use these supplies on my Tumblr and Instagram, which I’ll link in the description. I upload new videos every Monday and Friday. See you next time!

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