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Speaking Arabic

Speaking Arabic

Hello My name is Kiki I wanted to do a random video a random of stuff that I know in Arabic like Egyptian and Fusha Arabic Just random so Here it is I live in America My name is Kiki boy daughter girl woman man black rabbit shirt pants clothes my eye mouth my hair bed door car I use the computer everyday bread the bathroom fish chicken chicken (egyptian dialect) fake she’s tired she can’t focus in class I’m hungry I want to eat I want to eat fish with rice I love you I like Spanish I speak English book pen desk library chair window heart cold What are you doing? Good evening I’m sleepy she he you (male) you (female) I you two they all father mom sister brother niece school languages city Morroco Egypt words university tired (repeat) Mecca mosque Peace be upon you Peace be upon you too my heart powerful I cannot think of anything to say listen to me tell me call me aqol- I say Akol-I eat the computer film what is your name? I’m just gonna stop I can’t really..I told you all I don’t really speak Arabic I just know like words and sentences. things like that ok masalama

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