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Speaking Arabic with a British Accent

Speaking Arabic with a British Accent

Greetings, about 4 years ago I started learning Arabic 4 years ago I spoke Arabic with an accent like this It was difficiult for me to pronounce some the letters and it was hard for me to pronounce some of the words I was speaking Arabic with a British Accent now I am better at speaking Arabic with an Arabic accent some people who listen to me speak Arabic tell me I sound like I am from an Arabic country and it’s my mother tongue of course, I don’t believe it but it’s nice to hear I never noticed the progress I made day to day when the changes are small, we often do not notice improvement at all in life it’s easy to forget how much we have improved and it’s difficult to notice the progress we’re making when things get difficult we feel like we’re getting nowhere but the truth is we forget where we started so I guess basically what i’m saying is whether you’re learning languages or learning music or learning science or something difficult sometimes you can forget where you started, and actually you’re making a lot more progress than you thought see I think it’s quite funny to speak Arabic with an English accent because that’s how I sounded when I first started I’ve tried to improve my accent slightly I’m actually in Shanghai at the moment learning a bit of Chinese… so i’ll finish with some Chinese ser ser guan kan (thanks for watching in Chinese) cheers, guys, see ya later ma3 as-salaama

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