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Speaking Arabic to Arabs in London [FULL MOVIE]

Speaking Arabic to Arabs in London [FULL MOVIE]

I’m going to talk to these guys first they didn’t really want to talk so… that’s fair enough… I’ll try someone else I am here in London in Knightsbridge, in Harrods and my goal today is to try and chat to a few Arabs who… one of whom is probably in that Lambo up there and just get a feel for what they’re up to, what they’re here for, what they’re visiting, and see what’s going on yeah, you know me already no way, man that’s me amazing so good to meet you. So… you’re visiting London? we must practice English then yes of course so you’re in London for the weekend or…? yeah, for the weekend, and then I’m going to Saudi and Liverpool next year ah Liverpool, nice so good to meet you, and what about you? Are you here as well studying? yeah studying English amazing well… it’s good to meet you and I hope you enjoy your time in London nice to meet you yeah pleasure thanks man all the best good to meet you man see you later video on Sunday yeah? thanks man, appreciate it so much I’m getting to the point now where I’d quite like to find someone talk to someone because I’m getting a bit lonely here and I think people are wondering why I’m here I’m wondering why I’m here as well oh… there’re some boys every year… every summer, London is full of tourists just like any other big city in the world it’s no different and being my home country, England is my city, London is my city England is my country I though It’d be nice to come into London and actually speak to a few of the visitors here and… not a lot.. maybe three or four different people, just get a bit of a feel for what they like about London, why they visit, and it’s a chance for me as well to practice my Arabic which as you know, I am very keen to do nice to meet you nice to meet you too you’re from Saudi… which city? Riyadh Riyadh? the capital and how long (are) you in London for? one month one month… do you like it here? yeah nice it’s a bit cooler right? then it is in Saudi? it’s not quite as hot Saudi is very hot very hot this time of year, yeah. yeah do you like shopping in Harrods? yeah what else do you like to do in London? I want to go (to) Harrods and Selfridges Selfridges and Oxford Oxford? the city? yeah nice city I used to live there do you want to be on YouTube? what are you going to do here in London? you visiting? Or on Holiday? Visiting visiting studying studying English? what’s your favourite YouTube channel? 50 in Saudia Arabia, 50 in Kuwait How’s the weather different here form Qatar? there are some things different from Qatar, here of course is a Christian country, (Qatar) is a Muslim country sure and everyone, wishes to come to London, I know everybody wants to come and visit right? yeah exactly London is London, everybody knows about London and there are many things different from Qatar like most countries, and we know about that do you come here to shop? I’ve seen lots… I’ve just come from Harrods and I’ve seen loads of people in Harrods do you like to go to Harrods and shop there as well? I’ve gone there so many times, I’ve been there 3 times in the past week oh really? do you go there to drink coffee? yeah, coffee, pizza… everything Harrods is amazing I really like, also… you’re staying here for a whole month? yes, a whole month anywhere else in Europe? Or just London? jut London, maybe somehwere else, I don’t know I don’t have any ideas about that because I have to think about that sure, yeah, yeah, yeah you’ll see how it goes yeah, but I don’t feel bored I you get bored, you’ll move somewhere else yeah of course, I have to move on and do you like this area? yeah exactly, nice area, everywhere is a nice place here and also the weather, I really enjoy the weather because today and yesterday, it was raining I loved to Kuwait… and Dubai, I used to live in Dubai as well, and I moved there because of the weather because I love the sun and… do you really like it there? yeah, I like the heat I enjoy the heat, I used to go running in 40℃, I loved it and then when I come back here, it’s cold, raining, damp I really like cold, raining, everything, but I don’t like sun actaully it’s the total opposite you like to be able to put a jacket on yeah exactly, I really enjoy it because I don’t get to wear it out in the Middle East and in my home country I’m actually form Pakistan but I’m living in Qatar because I have a job there and my name is Shahad and I’m really enjoying it here and see you! Nice to meet you, thanks so much Shahad, just before I go, I’m going to give you a business card okay? that’s all my details there Arabic Mike instagram, Arabic.mike snapchat and then of course Arabic Mike, my channel iPhone 10? Arabic Mike enjoy your day bye bye do you like living here? I can’t get you both in, you have to get closer so tell me, do you miss anything about Jordan? do you miss Mansaf? do you think that Arabic is the hardest? Arabic is more exotic, it’s different isn’t it? that’s what I like about Arabic it’s… you don’t often hear people speaking Arabic and it’s a language that sounds totally different from the others and it’s nice to write, it’s very fluid and yeah, I enjoy it to be honest, I’m starting to appreciate my language more when I learned English really? yeah, becuase I started to see the differences like how we have he/she for everything and to be honest, even my English writing is better than Arabic really? even when I text my Arabic friends, which is Arbish, which is an english keyboard, but we write in Arabic really? so you write letters for… English letters for Arabic characters and English numbers for letters? okay so, let’s do this so, which letter do you have for the ح what about the ع three 3 what about the غ to be honest, I don’t like this language yeah he doesn’t like it, I text him in Arabic you’d rather do the script yeah? the proper Arabic script? to be honest, writing Arabic, speaking Arabic, when speaking English, I’m writing English why would write in Arabic, but speak in English? yeah, yeah.. it’s weird isn’t it it’s strange… it’s confusing so when you’re in London, do you like to go shopping? Do you go to Harrods a lot? I’ve just come form Harrods and there’s loads of people there, buying food If I have enough money to eat healthy, I would go to Harrods I don’t have money to go there expensive right? too expensive for me. I like to go there, look around I chatted to a few (people) but the thing is, the Arabs in there are from Kuwait or Saudi, or Qatar Bournemouth is much cheaper If I spend £15 in Bournemouth, it’s a lot, but £20 here is nothing so, let’s talk more about Jordan so Ghazi , you just asked me if I’ve visited Jordan yes I did, I went there in 2013 so about 5 years ago, went to Amman went to do you have any friends there? yes I do actually, I have a couple of friends in Amman yeah… it’s so nice, and now I have two more yeah true he’s going back in 1 week back to Aman did you know that there’s a university in the north of the city? which city? in Amman okay, I’ve got one more question for you… from what? I just wanted to say the accent that’s very Jordanian isn’t it any final last words? for the camera have you got any… get more friendly? Really? yeah they’re not quite as warm right? hopefully Jordan will be like that well Jordan is beautiful like, share, subscribe guys thank you so much so good to meet you boys pleasure… pleasure enjoy your day, have a wonderful weekend… you can find me on snapchat and instagram Arabic.Mike or YouTube yeah because I don’t have snapchat, I don’t like snapchat it’s annoying isn’t it let me just give you a business c ard, here you are there you are, I’ve got more hold on, let me give you a business card. nice to meet you, I like your jumpers by the way nice to meet you boys do you mind if I ask you a few questions for a YouTube video I’m doing? no? okay… no worries do you mind if I ask you a few questions for a YouTube video? do you want to be on YouTube? how do you like London? You enjoying it here? what kind of things do you like to do in London? many things, there are many shops here Are you going to Harrods now? Have you been there already today? yeah… I’ve been here for maybe 3/4 months do you go to Harrods every day? no, not really, because I am a student here oh, your a student, okay yeah, I study in Richmond Richmond London? what are you studying? English Do you live in London, or you just visiting? just visiting where you from? Essex Essex? Oh, you’re not form the Middle East? no oh okay just outside of London most people are all going to Harrods and shopping and all that kind of thing we’re going to harrods now you’re going to Harrods now? okay what’s your name? Mollie Bonnie… Mollie Mollie, I thought it was Bonnie.. haven’t heard that one… and Isabella you like visiting here? yeah, what do you like about London? yeah, it’s too hot in Saudi

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