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SPEAKING ARABIC! Arabic Language Challenge!

SPEAKING ARABIC! Arabic Language Challenge!

96 Replies to “SPEAKING ARABIC! Arabic Language Challenge!”

  • P. Tünde says:

    sziasztok ügyesek vagytok :☺☺☺?

  • Hatzegopteryx.Sounds says:


  • Devil Kate says:

    új videó ❤❤❤

  • I am Peti says:

    pls can i get a hearth?

  • Bori Török says:

    Egész jó a kiejtésük??

  • Nexorlangor says:


  • Attila Kovács says:

    you can say viszlát too 😀

  • Travelling Weasels says:

    HUNGARIAN SUBTITLES NEEDED! IF YOUR ENGLISH IS GOOD ENOUGH, SUBMIT HUNGARIAN SUBTITLES! Click on 'settings', 'subtitles', 'add subtitles' to submit them! Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial:
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    ► Watch our Hungary Playlist here (WE VISITED HUNGARY!):
    ► Watch all Speaking Hungarian Videos:

  • cornpotato tomato says:

    why arab? why not finnish or estonian. by myself i'm not prefer arabs or anything connected to them…

  • Patrícia Palaics says:

    Nagyon ügyesen beszèltek magyarul! Remèlem sokáig folytatjátok?!

  • Andor Tóth says:

    Helló! Jók a videóitok, ügyesen beszélitek a nyelveket. Üdvözlet Szécsényből! ?

  • Napi Dumcsizgatás Bükkönnyel ! says:

    nice vid !

  • Hóhér the only says:

    nagyon jól beszéltek magyarul :} and i know the arabic numbers to 10 … :} (sorry for english i'm hungarian .-.) a következő videóban bemutatjátok a kedbenc magyar filmeteket és rap zenéiteket? :} <3

  • Jamal says:

    majd csináltok egy olyan videót amiben csak magyarul beszéltek? ?

  • Hey Hoo says:

    Try out the romanian language 😉

  • charlie szilwi says:

    Magyar nem nehez de Arabe es muy diferente tanto hablado como escrito !

  • Hey Hoo says:

    Who gaves like before see it?
    ki likeolta mielőtt megnézte?

  • Judit Schiller says:

    I think hungarian language isn't hard because of it's pronunciation but for it's grammatical complexity. I'm not so sure about other languages but you might have difficulties learning them for various reasons one of them is pronunciation but there are other things as well for example different writing system like in Asian languages or tenses like in English and so on. So compering languages by only pronunciation doesn't necessarily mean you can tell which is harder. Nevertheless it's still fun to watch you guys struggling with the words 😀 And you probably noticed by now that there will be some languages that one of you can pronunce easier than the other . Why don't you try to learn some short but useful sentences like Where's the bathroom or something like that, maybe it comes in handy when you visit Hungary next time

  • Virág Gyömbér says:

    please do more 'speaking arabic' video because i write it down and learn it with you guys! this is so helpful because my crush is arabic and i can talk to him lol also i love your videos keep doing them!
    thank you! i love you!

  • dominik 1028 says:

    Sziasztok van egy kérdésem mikor találtátok ki hogy magyar videókra reagáltok? (Hi I have a question when did you find out how to react to Hungarian videos?)

  • Ádám Domschitz says:

    Szeretlek titeket
    I love you.

  • MrCsongor2 says:

    I try to help you. Beautiful means gyönyörű but you said jönyörű and no means nem but you said ném.

  • beemy says:

    It would be nice to know where you are (country) and how you will be in one of these Playit

    Sziasztok az lenne a kèrdèsem hogy hol laktok(orszàg) ès hogy ott lesztek e valamelyik playiten

  • beemy says:

    Nagyon ügyesek vagytok ès nagyon gyorsan tanultok hajrà ìgy tovàbb road to 100k

  • John Aybier says:

    Jam meal XD. Do a Hunarian Chinese comparision.

  • K. Ramóna says:

    Sziasztok nagyon jók vagytok…
    De tényleg…Miért pont Arab??

  • ghanim dashti says:

    hi. I'm an Arab and my wife is hungarian. we always talk about which is harder Arabic or Hungarian? well Arabic has 21 totaly difernt dialects so much so that some arabs has to talk to each other in classical Arabic in order to understand each other also no one speak classical Arabic anymore. my wife lives with me in the Arab world and we some times visit hungary for her family and through only a few days being there my hungarian is as good as her Arabic if not better .arabic language has gender and accents on the letters and the number of people if it's one or two or plural you are talking about. also the difficulty in the Arabic letters and how to connect them when you right. there is a certain way not like English you can't right them individually they are connected and look very different when you write them.also the pronunciation is wayyyyy more difficult than you can imagine. I as a native speaker can't pronounce some words. Arabic is a nightmare for foreigners. we also can't right what we speak in dialicte because the dialect letters don't exist in Arabic.

  • Kitti Hortobágyi says:

    nagyon szèp a magyar ki ejtèsetek

  • H Zoltán says:

    Egyre szebben beszéltek magyarul!??

  • theghostin2501 says:

    Your Hungarian R-sound is now perfect! Congratulations! You both are getting better and better!
    You should try the difference between the E and the É sounds: Laura you said "ném" for the Hungarian "no", but right after you also quite well found the correct "E" sound in the Arabic "no". Try that sound and you'll have a much better Hungarian "nem" and other words. At 2:32 you also used the word alphabet with the perfect Hungarian "E". The letter "É" is when you open your mouth as in a smile e.g. in "német vagyok".

  • AngeHongrois says:

    Try Polish!! 😀 Once I tried to start learning it because of the Hungarian-Polish brotherhood but it took me forever to learn how to spell words… like seriously, 'girl' is 'dziewczyna' in Polish >< xDD So I ended up only knowing this one line from a Polish-Hungarian song: 'Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki.' :'DD But a lot of us know this one line in Hungary (as most people in Poland know the Hungarian version: 'Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát, együtt harcol, s issza borát')

    (Warning: the 'sz' and 's' thing is the opposite in Polish. So 'sz' is pronounced sh and 's' is just like s in many other languages xD)

  • György Klutsik says:

    hamarosan megtanultok arabul kötelezően….

  • Yara Badran •Recommended for you says:

    You did really will and actually i speak both languages you were great ??

  • Zsong Lee says:

    Hungarians should make a speaking english video ?

    A magyarok készíthetnének egy angolul beszélős videót ?

  • Patrícia Bugyi says:

    Nagyon nagy megtiszteltetés, és jó érzés hogy tanuljátok a nyelvünket. Csak így tovább, ügyesek vagytok! ?

  • Orsi N says:

    Nagyon ügyesek vagytok!☺

  • Channel's LV says:

    sziasztok!i love your vids ,you guys are doing a good job
    please can you say this on the video: szopjal geci!!

  • Aaron Explores says:

    On paper Hungarian looks hard, but I have been told that Polish is harder, by Polish themselves because you have 7 cases for each noun… you only realise how EASY English is when you try to learn another language lol

  • Dalia Madi says:

    I am a hungarian Syrian so this is very intersting?I haven't ever met any other hungarian arabs so this would be very interesting

  • True Tuber002 says:

    "gyönyörű" video 😀

  • Judit Végh says:

    Szerintem több magyar követi őket mint angol:DD

  • AAlem Farmane says:


  • RiçhieChannelHD says:

    Szerintem az Arab nehezebb nyelv mint a magyar

  • Dávid says:

    Nem azért 😀 de csak magyarok néznek titeket majdnem 😀 és az jó!

  • judit Sovány says:

    l live in Hungary and you are very very good write words dog=kutya mother=anya music =zene l 'm a girl =Én egy lány vagyok ✋

  • Horváth Ákos says:

    Egész Magyarország Büszke rátok ????

  • MasRawey says:

    Arabic is easy for arabian like me only xD

  • Bencooo says:

    So, a little help with pronoun.
    I am > Én
    You are > Te
    He is > Ő
    She is > Ő
    It is > Ez/Az sometimes Ő
    We are > Mi
    You are > Ti
    They are > Ők

    Btw We don't make difference between He/She/sometimes It. We're just saying Ő expect they are boy or girl or a dog.

    More help with this:
    Én köszönöm.
    Te köszönöd.
    Ő köszöni. (He)
    Ő köszöni. (She)
    Ez/Az/Ő köszöni. (It)
    Mi köszönjük.
    Ti köszönitek.
    Ők köszönik.

    This grammar also helps to inflect that you want to say with pronouns.
    Have a beautiful day!

  • Ghadeer Alsabah says:

    Considering Arabic is a relatively difficult language, and it is your first try with it, I'd say you did rather well. (:
    Just a few pointers: adjectives in Arabic are gender/quantity-specific, so one would tell a male that he is "jamīl", and a female that she is "jamīla". (Add an 'a' to the end of any adjective and it becomes feminine)
    And "shukran lak" is aimed at a singular male, meaning literally "thanks to you".
    "Shukran" is the general way of saying thanks.
    Of course, Arabic grammar is greatly expansive so it's impossible to tackle it completely in a single post.
    Anyway, keep up the good work. (:

  • Fanni p. says:

    You can describe a thing, or object in Hungary with more than 5 words. It's like everything has so many meanings. And the grammar is the hardest. I'm hungarian and I even struggle with the grammar sometimes 😀

  • Astrid Shyhall says:

    Hááát nem vagyok jó angolos 😀 Se németes ezért magyarul írom le:
    A "Szia"azt csak akkor mondják amikor 2 ember találkozik egymással pl.: két barátnő.
    A "Sziasztok"-ot akkor használjuk amikor te mondod több embernek.
    Remélem segíthettem és a Google fordító nem fordítja le rosszul 😀

  • Martin Bán says:


  • Mohamed Abughrara says:

    your Arabic language kind of good but you have little mistakes but it's so great accent you both have

  • Mohamed Abughrara says:

    I think you can speak Arabic

  • Zoltan Hoppar says:

    I think if you want to compare hungarian language, you have to put turkish, or turkic language next to it for comparison. Not a semitic language, I think. If you are learning languages, then select similar, or related. Like spanish-portugal-and so on. For Hungarian, turkic languages (eg. turkish, uzbek, khirgiz, bashkir, uyghur) – or another agglutinative languages would be more interesting and useful. Including celtic…. but that is language history.

  • Fady Abdul-Nour says:

    I feel lucky because I can speak both along with English and a bit of French. Both of my parents came to Hungary from Iraq thirty years ago. They can also speak Hungarian (especially my father who learnt Hungarian in 1984 when he was 20 in the Technology University of Budapest, then he graduated there). My sisters and I were born and grew up in Budapest, and we learnt both Arabic and Hungarian when we were young so I can speak two quite hard languages. I think it's cool for me; and I often teach one of them or both to some of my friends. 🙂

  • Omar Hazim says:

    I am arab and i love you Guys.note:there are alot of meanings have two words like sorry=A'tadir or Asif

  • Lujain G says:

    Lmao I'm dying u guys ahahah u can't speak Arabic at all??

  • 123 , says:

    الي طلعله اعلان تريفاجو لايك????

  • 123 , says:

    الحمدلله ع نعمة الاسلام?❤️

  • hdo says:

    اي حدا عربي هون

  • EL Surgeon says:

    You speak Arabic fluently ?

  • SzaboBeatz HD says:

    I like how you compare the arabik to hungarian , if you discover more languages try to compare them all ? would make the video bit longer but it will be interesting for most :3

  • Manar Hizam says:

    Arabian! And for beautiful.. jameel is for a male whereas jameelAH is for a female

  • Dream High Animation says:

    you are great !

  • doctora felgoghrafia says:

    u both did great! nice vid

  • Omar A says:

    Jamil is for males and Jamila for females.

  • safaa zakri says:

    شكرا لكم لقد أحببت هذا الفيديو

  • Elegant says:

    I’m sorry in Arabic we just say (Ana Asef) but we use (A’Atedher) if we talk for someone very important

  • Elegant says:

    You both are amazing & funny
    I’m an Arab from Kuwait ?? I like you so much ???

  • Elegant says:

    I thought Hungarian are tough people that hard to deal with them, but now I like Hungarian so much, you seems good people ???

  • Lessane Arabi Center says:

    Welcome to Marrakech to learn arabic guys.

  • Amir Shmeis says:

    Actually my language Arabic is more easier when it comes to verbs. Because all verbs are made of only 3 letters:
    Ktl: kill
    Srk: steal
    ahb: got in love
    Glk: close
    SLa: pray

  • إيلاف الهاشمي says:


  • talia's life says:

    you mad all the words wrong but good for the first time …arabic is my first languish becase i live in egypt and i am still a kid not a teenager or an odult so iam also pretty well at englesh.. my spelling isnt good

  • Reemani990 says:

    It’s different if you speak to a woman or a man, for woman we say “jamila” and for man “jamil” which means beautiful

  • Anthony Hankins says:

    Yes you say it good

  • Anthony Hankins says:

    Yes you doing good

  • Anthony Hankins says:

    عمل جيد ??

  • Anthony Hankins says:

    Yes I speak Arabic and you did a good job

  • بهاء المحمد says:

    اللغة العربية أجمل لغات العالم وأكثرها غزارة؛ إذ تبلغ مفرداتها 12 مليون مفردة/كلمة، وأوحدها دقة وبلاغة…ولها ما ليس لسواها، ظاهرة "الإشتقاق"، وفي الخط العربي جمال وفن فريدين للغاية.
    لغتي الجميلة…《العربية》.

  • بهاء المحمد says:

    you can translate what i said about my native languag "Arabic" on my last comment.
    the Arabic is very interesting.
    when you want realy learn it..knows you can do that..because "you will love it".
    thank you so much for you??

  • هيونكل الغضوري العنزي says:

    شكراً لكم

  • wesdd ghfttf says:

    Hi From Saudi Arabia ??♥️

  • fawaz alsehli says:

    Arabic ls Semitic language like a Hebrew and Aramaic

  • OBADAHzxc says:

    Fun fact : there is only around 26 letters in Arabic , But every letter is written differently if it's in the start / middle / end of the word .

  • حبيب الكل الممتاز says:

    هذا رائع

  • Mawj says:

    ممتاز جدا الكلمات نطقها جيد …
    excellent the word (yes-نعم) the medal letter is not a it is ع it is not like no at all.. and in a local dialogue or In the spoken language N3m means:- what?
    Or if you call someone in another room or from distance he well answer you ( n3m? )=(what you want)
    But yes the will say(eeh ايه)or(ayoh ايوة).

  • Youth Manual says:

    that lady has excellent Arabic pronunciation…

  • MR RHINO says:

    We say السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته that's hi

  • Dany Punk says:

    The girl is really good with Arabic honestly…

  • Crazy Helrey says:

    Respect #palestine ❤?

  • Joud tv says:

    l spoke Arabic

  • gaming channel says:

    I'm native of Arabic

  • فهد says:

    Your pronunciation of the Arabic language is very clear and well congratulated??

  • Masterpiece Koosy says:

    Yes rite

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