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Speaking Arabic after One Week

Okay George, how are you? Hello I’m great, thanks (lit: praise be to Allah), and you? I’m great, thanks, hello. Okay George… where are you now? I’m in Brazil, in the city of Sao Paulo Very good. How’s the weather in Sao Paulo today? Weather in Sao Paulo is… hot hot and sunny Great. The weather today in Chicago is cold and sunny Okay, very good What’s Sao Paulo like? the city’s… very good I like Sao Paulo Sao Paulo’s big, very big Yes Sao Paulo’s big… Okay Okay… is the city of Sao Paulo as big as New York, for example Is the city of Sao Paulo bigger than New York? Bigger than New York? Yes I don’t know. and… I know… that Sao Paulo… is bigger, is very big the city of Sao Paulo is the biggest city… in the southern hemisphere The biggest city in the southern hemisphere Sao Paulo’s the biggest city in the southern hemisphere Yes, yes Great, okay. Okay How long have you been in Sao Paulo, how long are you going to be in Sao Paulo? Are you going to go back to England or will you stay in Sao Paulo? since… I’ve been in Sao Paulo for… a month a month, one month I arrived in Brazil a month ago and and I don’t I don’t know how long I will stay in Brazil for But I know I’ll return (to England) before October because because in October, because because I’ll start university in England in October Great, very good You speak English, you speak Spanish, you speak Portuguese, and now you speak Arabic, right? and French and French I studied I studied, I used to study French in… How do you say “school” in Arabic? I studied French in the school And how long have you studied Arabic? I’ve been learning Arabic for one week Great. So you’re in Sao Paulo with your girlfriend How did you meet your girlfriend? How did I meet my girlfriend? I met my girlfriend in Spain because I used to live in Spain But she wasn’t living in Spain She was on holiday in Spain, in Barcelona. I lived in Barcelona and She was… living in Germany because she was working in Germany Great, great

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