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Speaking 5+ Languages with my Polyglot Grandma

Speaking 5+ Languages with my Polyglot Grandma

100 Replies to “Speaking 5+ Languages with my Polyglot Grandma”

  • Miri Uziel says:

    I love this Nathaniel! This inspires me to continue my polyglot journey 🥺💞

  • Alicia Lisa says:

    Vraiment impressionnant

  • andrieux elise says:

    T'entendre parler français avec ta grand-mère c'est une vraie pépite ! J'ai l'habitude maintenant de t'entendre parler anglais italien et espagnol, et j'etais sidérée de voir ton aisance avec le français (parce qu'on va pas se mentir, c'est une langue tellement dure en termes de grammaire et de prononciation !)
    Cette conversation me rappelle celles que j'ai avec ma grand-mère ^^
    Chapeau pour tout ça 😉 et merci !

  • Gianna Pica says:

    Mil gracias por este video. Thank you very much for this video. Grazie mille per questo video !!!!!! 💖💖💖

  • Vincenzo Salerno says:

    Bravo, saluti dalla Sicilia

  • Caeyric Hasz says:

    C'est très chouette. Tu parles également pas mal de langues. Bravo, pour ton français. I am a language learning digital nomad, actuellement j'apprends les langues européennes. En 2020, le basque, continuer avec le hongrois, le finnois et améliorer mon russe, l'italian, l'espagnol etc. Si je dispose de suffisament de temps, également le géorgien. Es-tu encore en Italie? Si oui, on pourrait organiser un digital nomad meetup:) Au plaisir.

  • Federico Spano says:

    Bellissimo video e grandissima nonna. Complimenti 🙂

  • Sophia Ernst says:

    More language videos please 😍😍

  • Mewcancraft says:

    Very interesting! I live in the northern half of Belgium (that's in the centre of Europe), and it's fairly customary to learn at least the native language (Dutch) and the southern half's language (French) from a very early age. If you asked the average Belgian, he'd assume it to be quite strange for you to call them bilingual, however. Bilingual to us means you don't speak Dutch with family, even though we all learn two to three languages in elementary and middle/high school.

    Since age 5, I've been practising English as well, and I'm fully fluent – which definitely isn't a given for most Belgians. What's weird, is that, although I've been out of high school for two years now and I never was good at finding the right words in French (though my grammar was very good), I can fully follow Nathaniel and his grandmother when they're speaking in French. I'd have trouble replying, but like, j'ai compris presque tout.

    Also, I'm not a regular here, and I thought Nathaniel was a native Italian speaker due to his fluency and accent. Très bien!

  • Beth Souza says:

    This is the cutest and most entertaining video of this channel in my opinion. Your grandma is cute and this conversation had me wanting to give a second chance to French 😛

  • nikolas garcia says:

    Creo que este es mi video mas favorito de todo internet.

  • Nessa Elessar says:

    Ah, I loved this. Do try Russian, it opens up a whole new set of languages. Also, I find ancient languages are equally fascinating. I'm German and I learned English, French and now Russian, but I also did Latin, Ancient Greek and a little Elvish for the geeky fun of it.

  • Andre Avila says:

    Your grandma speaks more languages than u bro. 🙂

  • Lucas Silva says:

    Amo a tu abuela jajaj

  • mark12345680 says:

    Nathaniel has so much respect for his grandma 🤗

  • J Camara says:

    Me encanta cómo te cambia la voz totalmente cuando hablas en español jaja

  • K tea says:

    This is so sweeeeeet <3

  • Andrew Coates says:

    Your family history starting with your grandma is fascinating. All my ancestors did was excessively breed and stay exactly where they're born.

  • Paul Watso says:

    As someone who has always loved studying languages in my young adolescence until now, your grandma is my hero! I get myself down and tell myself I cant pick up another language (after majoring in Chinese and Japanese) I have always been very passionate for italian and always wanted to become fluent. You've inspired a lot of people by sharing this content 😊💪✌

  • Diego Uriz says:

    Una historia increíble. Greetings from Argentina.

  • filifionka says:

    amazing!! I love your video, and this one its big inspiration. I speak only 2 languages – my native and a bit english. Always wanted learn Italian and German.. I am 28 – maybe this year is perfect to begin?:) Best wishes from Poland! Your "dokładnie" sounds great :)) good that you didnt lern how to curse in polish becouse its so common that people from other countres know only this one particular rude word:)) Your grandma is fantastic person:)) it was nice to meet her;)

  • ameerah m says:

    اهلا وسهلا

  • Ignacio GS says:

    Ironically, I have no words.
    Esto es sumamente hermoso.
    Très bien !

  • Koyuki Panda says:

    This is so dope. I'm trying be like this with my future kids and grands

  • Kate Merrick says:

    I Love your grandmother….what an inspiration….

  • Dominik says:


  • Janis T. Preiss says:

    Man, I didn't know I needed this. I was so impressed by the both of you. It is truly amazing and your grandma is great! Hat's off!

  • Agnesa Bajraliu says:

    This video made me so happy for the fact that I am a multilingual. Keep inspiring us Nathaniel and it would be perfect if you would do a part two. 😍

  • Beth Richardson says:

    Sono inglese, parlo già un poco d'italiano, ma voglio migliorarlo. C'é persone possono raccomandermi i podcast italiani che sono interessante, ma non troppo rapide, per me ascolatare quando sto guidando etc., e non posso darlo tutto mio attenzione?
    Grazie, spero che fa senso!

  • Juliana Cohon says:

    I was in two Spanish classes in high school and could not pick up that one language. I am in Spanish again as a mandatory class for my college degree. I find it incredible when people can jump from language to language so quick! Your grandmother is incredible.

  • Hamza Ahmad says:

    Got motivated by you and this happened
    Check out my first vlog
    Also LIKE if you love the content here

  • Nicolas Bucspun says:

    Conversation? Love your videos but you need to let her speak!

  • Débora Teixeira says:

    Your grandma is the sweetest! I really related to some aspects of her story cause I lived my childhood in Germany then moved to Brazil and now really looking forward to move and to learn more languages and living in tons of countries!

  • Sebas Ramirez says:

    Nathe eres guapísimo!

  • Dj Pare says:

    Ok so, here goes my story of how i ended up learning 5 Lenguajes.

    My parents are from Africa and they speak French and Bambara.

    My mother move to spain beacuse my big brother was sick an he couldn't be treated there.

    I was born in Spain and my 1º lenguage is Spanish,

    Groing up my mum bought a tv so she could watch Afrika's news and shows like she used back in home , i didnt used it becuse i already have my favourite cartoons in spanish and i even didn't understand french so…

    time pases by and our tv broke,like, it turned on but it wouldn't get signal, only tv chanels in otters lenguages so… i only could watch cartoons in italian, 5 moths after i could understand all my favourite italian tv shows

    when i turned 10 my Dad came from Africa and he insisted in me learnig Bambara (one of Mali official lenguajes) and after he learned spanish still refuses to talk to me in spanish. so i ended up learnin that too

    after that i went to france with my aunty for a couple of weeks, i learned a lot of french there and when i came back to spain i develop my french with the rest of the family.

    Theeeeeen i discober 1D and i became obssesed with them , i could easily spend 1 day olny watching then, i started to love english and since then i never stop to learn more

    now i can speak fluently those lenguajes and i'm looking forward to learn more i'm only 19!

    sorry for mybad english 🙂

  • Arianna Black says:

    This video is amazing and beautiful. My only criticism would be to mark when a new language was spoken and what language it is. Certain ones I could guess or I understood them, but because some have similar roots I couldn't always tell when the language switched. I would love to work towards a conversation like this one day.

  • Zerge6095 says:

    Me encanta ver hablar a Nathaniel con acento Argentino! Hasta vocea!

  • Amanda Nicole says:

    Woah! Your grandmother is actually my inspiration. That’s how I want to be. I’m terrible at keeping up with practicing the languages I’m trying to learn, but I think once I’m able to travel more it’ll be easier.

  • Allie A says:

    Only 2 minutes in and once again I need a love button for Nathaniel's vids.

  • Salut c'est maya says:

    That lady is what I aspire to be in terms of languages, so amazing 🙂

  • André Silva says:

    Omg such an amazing video! Thank you so much ☺️

  • Zerus Zephuros says:

    If you're always curious, opening and diligent then you can always learn about anything

  • Rainer Schwachsinn says:


  • Marzipanfrau says:

    I love languages and this was soo heartwarming <3 Yes, there are good people in all countries.

  • Takieeddine Benyoub says:

    u should make a video on how you learnt those languages , i wanna know the process can u do that please

  • Sofia Dom says:

    At first when she was speaking italian I thought that she had the “tonada Argentina” and I was right! And I didn’t know you kinda had it too!
    De que parte son?
    Your grandma is amazing!

  • Cristian Alba Music says:

    Wow! I'm from Mexico and i find this very motivating! I'm about to start learning French.

  • Productive Holly says:

    I always feel like a failure of a human as I can only speak one language lol

  • Daniel Grzegorczuk says:

    Greetings from Poland 🤗

  • Maggy Rivas says:

    I’m bilingual but this just gave me the biggest push to learn even more languages

  • Christine says:

    This has been really inspiring, thank you

  • Adri says:


  • Lama Al Monajed says:

    I strongly encourage you to learn Arabic it's an AMAZING language and learning it will open the wonderful world of them that a very small amount of people knows thanks to the media, and if you need any help or find something difficult just remember that you have a lot of loving and supportive Arab followers that would be more than ready to help you on your journey.

    You've been helping me with your videos to get over the massive changing period of my life right now so I will be more than happy to give even the slightest amount of help. ❤️

  • ninaaa l says:

    You and your grandmother inspire me so much, i wish my grandma was as cool as yours 😁 sending love from Serbia ❤

  • Lucia Bittnérova says:

    The ending was just so beautiful …I wish more people would realize that! ♥

  • Emilio Gomez says:

    This video is amazing, your grandmother shows that it isn't impossible to learn a language as an adult…
     Now I'm 20 years old and I speak Spanish (as my mother tongue), English, Portuguese and German (I'm still working on it), and I'll continue learning other language💪

  • Carito Carrion says:

    #grandmagoals! Amazing!!!

  • hannanou24 says:

    Wow ce français ! Bravo !!!!

  • azza jedidi says:

    So Tunisia should be your next destination to learn arabic 😀


    best conversation i have ever seen including all the language i aspire to learn( i can speak French, English, Arabic and Spanish though)

  • Echion says:

    I feel like you interrupted your grandma a lot because you were so excited about the conversation – which is sweet, but I also wish she had gotten to talk more freely and less guided. She seems incredible!

  • michael wilson says:

    Thank you so much dude! This is great 👍

  • Magdalena Waniewska-Bobin says:

    Dokładnie ❤

  • d a t g i o says:

    bilingual and languages lovers gang where ate you guys at!? ❤️

  • Sturmklinge says:

    Quite impressive! Unfortunately I'm only able to speak two languages, but I'm working on learning another one. But I think it's kinda hard to learn a language without having someone to practice with

  • Shayla Bateman says:

    What an amazing lady!

  • Lorraine Pannetier says:

    Hands down, this is the best, most heart-warming and life affirming video I’ve watched for ages! Nat, your grandmother is such a wonderful woman who I resonate with so much. While I haven’t had a fraction of her experiences in terms of living abroad, I did spend a year living in France at 18 after studying English, French and German. Après 28 ans je parle toujours très bien le français et juste comme votre grand-mère je saute sans problême entre chaque langue! Back then I even used to dream in French and after watching a movie I couldn’t recall which language I’d watched it in! In 2020 I’ve set out to learn Italian which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Just like your grandmother I feel like a sponge with languages (last year I learnt a little Greek). Thank you so much for this video. 😊

  • Gabriel Marquez says:

    Que loco verte hablar español porteño

    Saludos desde Uruguay

  • Wallulli 27 says:

    Wow to much content to process 😍 me encanto mucho el español y todo, los dos son ejemplo a seguir ❤

  • Nadia Huaco says:

    this is so pure <3

  • charlotte01991 says:

    Impressive! (from both part) and adorable too 🙂 Everytime I'm watching your videos it remindes I have to learn another language!

  • Artreii says:

    THIS is quality content.

  • enzo souzelino says:

    slc mandaram o papo

  • Michele Mascia says:

    Damn your italian is impressive

  • Stina says:

    This is so freacking inspiring! Thanks for that!

  • O Shots says:

    I loved this video! So interesting. I am a native English speaker and I have learned French at school for 5 years and this year I am learning Spanish. I learned a tiny bit of Italian at the start of the year but I had to change to Spanish because of course changes. I studied German for a year but had no interest so I didn’t do anything with it at the time. My mum has a Danish friend and I know a small bit of Danish. I want to be able to speak a language quite comfortably but idk how. I also want to learn a new language, anyone have any suggestions??

  • Bashayer Q says:

    Such cutest grandma 👵 ❤️❤️❤️ muchas gracias Nathaniel for this marvelous video ✨ I really enjoyed .

  • Emma Alice Smith says:

    She is a total hero. More stories with her!

  • Jordan H says:

    Quand ta grand-mère parle français c'est complètement naturel. On voit clairement que c'est sa langue natale.

  • Berenice says:

    This video did something to me.. ❤️😭

  • Camila Barbarroja says:

    Me gustó mucho el video, que grato escuchar una conversación tan sincera y que parece de historia de libro! Estoy retomando mi estudio del Catalán para cuando viaje allá poder tener las experiencias más vivas como contaban en el video, se aprecia la motivación!

  • Alex Mulet says:

    This is freaking beautiful. Amazing video, really motivational and inspirational! Well done!

  • Holly Saxton says:

    Ypur grandma is the absolute coolest

  • ibrahim Ngaka says:

    your grandma is too precious 😭💗💗💗💗

  • George Kontolampados says:

    Τι κάνεις ; Πολύ καλά.
    Just a touch

  • Mikael Pizzi says:

    Después de casi un año suscrito a Nathaniel, this is his best video until now, tu e tua nonna meritano applausi, chapeau!

  • Arjanne says:

    I have a question: in which language/s does she think? English because it is the last? Or maybe in her mother tongue?

  • Camila Martínez says:

    Ohhhhh, esto es hermoso! Te admiro mucho Nathaniel, sos tremenda inspiración. Un idioma, una vida.

  • Luiza Solano says:

    she’s so lovely, gosh i wish she could adopt me

  • Daniela Faggian says:

    Your granma's accent in English and Spanish is sooo argentinian 😂

  • TheFifa91011 says:

    Your dad born in Israel? That's cool!

  • Chiara Mezzottoni Araujo says:

    Hi, i talk English, Portuguese, Spanish and actually learning French and is amaziiiiiiing

  • Diana S says:

    Awesome! I speak English and Spanish. My grandpa who is long gone was Italian. Would love to learn his language. So inspiring to see you and your grandma. What a beautiful thing to have in common.

  • Carlos Alberto says:

    I wish i had a grandma like that.. ciao nonna!

  • Claudia Hamilton says:

    This video is more than just about Language. Here is a lesson to be learned I think.
    Speaking the language uniteds people. Only when we can understand each other we have the chance to overcome differences and accept the other and hopefully live peaceful side by side.

  • libros says:

    Amazing video. Your grandmother is a gem! I understand now where you get your love for visiting and discovering other cultures and learning other languages 🙂

  • Bryan Schuller says:

    I love this😃

  • ju.liciously says:

    That's so impressive and inspiring. I'm German and I learnt English and Spanish in school and on and off lived in several English-speaking countries over the past 10 years. One of my friends from the US who has hispanic roots has taught himself some German. And when I'm talking or texting with him we switch back and forth between English, Spanish and German as well quite effortlessly. And it's funny because with him I have no trouble speaking Spanish but when I try to speak Spanish with someone else it's always quite a hassle. So my next goal is definitely to spend some more time in Spanish-speaking countries to get rid of the fear of just speaking it.

  • Kshitiz Gupta says:

    Come to India
    I guess everyone here speaks 2-3 minimum languages

  • Danie de Viaje says:

    Me encantaaaaaa cómo hablás en Español argentino!!!! Gracias por este video

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