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Soft Watercolor Background with Tombow Markers

– [Kristina] Hi everyone. Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today I’m going to be
creating a background that’s made out of watercolor, but I want it to look a little
bit like the Northern Lights. So I just did a Google
search for Northern Lights to see what type of
colors are in the sky when the Northern
Lights are visible, so that’s the color inspiration
for this background. And I’m going to be creating it using some Tombow markers. So I did this background
a couple of times before I came across
one that I really loved. And in the first one
I used some of that kind of neon green color that, it seemed to be in
every single picture of the Northern Lights. However, I couldn’t get
that neon green color to really blend with the
other shades as well, so I decided to
omit the green color and instead use some
purples, pinks, and blues in order to get a nice color. So I’m using my craft sheet, and I’m just scribbling out
some of those colors onto it. The craft sheet is a
very slick surface, so these inks will
bead up on the surface and they won’t
dry or be absorbed into the surface
of the craft sheet. And I apologize for any of
the blurriness on this part. My camera doesn’t have anything
to focus on at the moment, so it was having a
little trouble focusing. So after I drew all
of those scribbles on, I took a mister, or
just a spray bottle, and misted on some water. I wanted to use lots
and lots of water to create some big droplets, and then I took some
Strathmore watercolor paper. This is the cold
press watercolor paper that’s cut to five by seven, and I press that down
into the marker ink that I’ve added water to, and I’m really
squishing it around, moving it around, and
when I lifted it up, I realized there were
some areas near the top that didn’t have any color, so I very carefully just
pounce the top color back into the ink. And then I decided that
I better just dry this before anything changes, because I was really loving
how the colors really blended together and made a
kind of a soft-looking sky. It was exactly what
I was looking for, and I, it’s something that I
couldn’t have even predicted, but I loved how it looked. In fact, you might remember that I had some
circle dies onscreen at the very beginning
of the video. That’s because I
had planned to cut this sky watercolor piece
into a circle shape. But in the end, I decided
that I could not spare, or I could not bear, cutting off any of
that watercolor piece because I thought
it was so beautiful and I love how it turned out. So instead, I trimmed it down
to be a standard size card, which is 4 1/4 by 5 1/2, and then I took this
die from Lawn Fawn. This is one of their
brand-new dies, it just came out for
their holiday release, and I’m cutting some Bazzill
Licorice Twist cardstock. This is a nice black cardstock. Just running that through
my Big Shot machine. This die gives you a cut
edge all the way across. It doesn’t cut those house
shapes out completely. It leaves the bottom edge uncut so that it can be put
onto some cardstock and it can be whatever
height you want. So I prepped that
black cardstock with an anti-static powder tool, and then I stamped noel from one of Lawn
Fawn’s new stamp sets. So I’m using a couple new
products from Lawn Fawn, and this is actually,
I think it might be my first holiday
card of the season. I’m not entirely sure. And if you’re new
to card making, or you’re new to
my YouTube channel, you might be thinking, why is she making a
holiday card in August? That’s because, when you hand
make a lot of Christmas cards, you have to start early so
that you have them all done by the time you, it’s
time to send them. So I coated that
stamped greeting in white embossing
powder from Hero Arts. I stamped it initially
in a VersaMark ink, which is a very sticky ink, and that made it so
that that white powder would stick to it, and then I used a heat tool
to melt the embossing powder. So in order to adhere the house, a line of houses to
this watercolor piece, I cut down some foam tape so it’s a really skinny strip, and then I removed
the release paper on the back side of the foam, and that allowed me
to shape this foam to the slope of that die cut. So I’m gonna go ahead
and cut off a little bit of that extra foam on the end, and then I can press that
down onto my watercolor piece. Now if I would’ve had the
bottom of the black piece lined up with the bottom
of the watercolor piece, I would’ve created
a regular card, it’s like a regular card size. But I couldn’t bear to cover
up any of that watercolor, and I loved how that bright pink just faded off into white. So I decided to go ahead and just make a custom
size for a card today. So I’m gonna have to
make my card base. You’ll notice that one is a little bit taller
than the other, and it’s just a
half an inch taller. So the finished card
size is actually about just under 6 1/2 inches tall. It’s about 6 3/8
tall by 4 1/4 wide. So I just scored that
at 6 3/8 to make a flap, and then I put some
adhesive on there, and then I can
fold this flap over and it will create my card base. And this is going to
be the perfect size for my watercolor piece, and now I can just add a
little bit of foam adhesive onto the back of the black area, and also some regular
adhesive to the watercolor, and then I can put it directly onto the front of my card base. Now in order to get these
to line up just right, I’m going to turn the
card base upside down and my watercolor
piece upside down, and rest them against
my work surface here. That’s going to
line up that edge, and then I can
press them together. There were a few spots
that were not lined up. They weren’t cut perfectly. I’m sure you guys
experience that as well. So I just use my scissors
and also an X-ACTO knife to help even up
all of those edges and make sure they were perfect. Finish off the bottom
edge of the card using a Uni-ball Signo
broad white gel pen to create some faux
stitching or a dashed line, and that pretty much
finishes the card for today. Hope you guys enjoy. This is just a fun,
easy, simple card. You could definitely change up the supplies used
and the colors, and it would be
just as beautiful. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you guys
in the next card video. (peaceful guitar music) (upbeat guitar and vocal music)

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