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Sketchtember Speed Paint with Copic Markers and Finetec Watercolor

Sketchtember Speed Paint with Copic Markers and Finetec Watercolor

Hi everyone welcome back to another speed paint video so for today I’m going to be coloring these 2 drawings that I did previously for Sketchtember and I’m going to be using Copic markers as a base and then go over top them with my Finetec watercolors this was the first time that I used these watercolors and I just- I love them so much they were so amazing to work with it just I love them! I didn’t record the sketching and inking for this because I just kind of didn’t expect to do anything amazing I was just originally drawing these just for fun because I feel like I’ve been really stressing myself out about the details too much in my drawings recently like the last drawing that I was working on I was on my 4th try like my 4th do over and I’m just like there’s something wrong with me right now why do I feel the need to keep restarting it over and over again so I heard about a thing called Sketchtember where you sketch a drawing each day for the month of september and then you upload it to like twitter or instagram with the hastag sketchtember I’ve also, I just saw on twitter someone used the hashtag I think it was drawtember so there’s also like a drawing everyday which kind of would make more sense for me but I’ve been using the September tag because I didn’t know about it because these aren’t really sketches they’re like drawings but um I’ve been finding it very very helpful for me to kind of get out of my head space when it comes to my problems with recently drawings and also I’m trying to gear up for Inktober Inktober is next month, October and you do an ink drawing every day in the month of October and I just grew so much as an artist during last years inktober and I just learned so much about art and I got so into it it’s such a great thing and sooo many people do it as well so I’m definitely looking forward to this year and I’m still trying to plan out what I want to do and I thought sketchtember would be a perfect opportunity to just relax myself and get back into that vibe of doing things so yeah sorry I don’t have the inking and sketching but I hope you guys will enjoy the coloring anyway I’m using the Strathmore toned tan paper and first I’m going over it with some Copic markers to get a base coloring in and then I’m going to go over that with my Finetec watercolors and that’s why I wanted to record this I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself I kind of can’t remember what I’m saying already lol I’ve recorded this thing so many times but um I really decided to record the coloring process because I decided I wanted to use my finetec watercolors I had swatched them out on the back of my tone tan sketchbook and they looked amazing and it seemed like they held up really well on this paper so I was like yes! I want to use those I want to see how they work and I thought gold would work really well with this drawing I could see a few places on her outfit that I thought would be really cool with gold and the previous drawing I just used mostly the whiteish silver color cause she’s like I dunno like shes like a warrior with rocket boots lol she was a lot of fun to draw too when I was doing the copic part for this one I don’t really have a back story for these people by the way I just call this one the moon worshiper drawing I just I really like it when I went to sketch these two I just drew something pretty I drew a pretty female form and then I just figured it out from there to be honest so when I was doing the Copic marker for this one I kind of over thought the flames and I kind of messed them up so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go over them with the gold cause then I would hide all the problems lol I had created for myself with the Copic markers and it would look awesome and it did i was just as soon as I decided to do that I was like Yes this is amazing gold fire oh yes this will be perfect and I dunno I was just so happy coloring this drawing I was doing little happy dances the whole time it was just so beautiful and the one thing that I was reserved about when I was going to go buy the Finetec gold palette was there’s 5 gold colors how are you going to use 5 different gold colors? it’s like that’s ridiculous I’ll probably end up using only one and then once that’s empty I’ll go to another color right? nope wrong with this drawing I used all 6 colors in the palette it was crazy to me but using a lighter gold and a darker gold really gave me a lot of different tones and it just looked so beautiful and uh I’m just so happy with the purchase on these finetecs I’m not sponsored by them by the way um they don’t know who I am I just purchased it for myself and I love them and I’m just kind of excited about them so that’s why I’m talking about it so much so yeah I’m just really happy with how they look the only down side is that when you go to scan it with a scanner it picks up the color underneath and not really the gold it’s kind of a pain I’m still not sure how I’m going to take a picture to post on like deviant art yet but I will find a way I’ll probably take a really good photo instead cause the scan came out kind of weird so yeah if you want to see these pictures up close then definitely check out my Deviant art I will have something up there once I figure it out and um yeah it’s so fast this drawing is so fast I don’t have time to say everything so I hope I didn’t miss anything but um if you have any questions let me know in the comment section below and if you like this video let me also know in the comment section below and also give it a thumbs up if you like it and if you haven’t already please do subscribe to my channel because I post art related videos every week and if you are participating in Sketchtember or your looking forward to inktober like i am then also let me know that’d be great I’d love to see more peoples art works and get to know more people who are participating cause that’s great and um yeah I dunno lol thank you guys so much for watching and definitely check me out on Instagram, Facebook and twitter and I will stop rambling now so yeah thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time, bye~

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