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SketchBox Premium Unboxing November 2018 YTAC Versus Illustrations

SketchBox Premium Unboxing November 2018 YTAC Versus Illustrations

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets
Creative. Tthis is not the video you were supposed to see today. This is! Today, our
Friday bonus video is the YouTube Artists Collective theme “versus,” and
originally I had done this beautiful coloured pencil illustration. On one side
it is a luscious green springtime leaf, and on the other side it is a
beautifully decaying orange and red fall leaf, but unfortunately the brand new
micro SD card I put in the old phone that I record on ate footage! So we’re
going to try again. We are going to do a “versus” piece with the November Premium
SketchBox. Here we go with the unboxing, I am reading off of the included
contents card. Three Copic markers retailing for $7.99 each US dollars.
These are the Original Copics, not the Sketch or the Ciao, so they do not have a
brush nib, unfortunately, but they are gorgeous colors.
A SketchBox Signature Brush Marker 2.0 I believe it’s in Neutral 8, you’ll
see it come up. This is $6.99 USD, but of course it is
exclusive to SketchBox, and this one as the name implies does have a brush nib.
We also have a 4″ x 6″ Copic sketchbook. This is a coil bound sketch pad and
it is the 70 pound marker paper, but it’s not coated like their marker pads, so it
will bleed a little bit. You’ll see at the end of my swatching here that it did
bleed through slightly. We also got the Tombow Fudenosuke
Brush Pen Dual Tip. Oh, by the way, the Copic pad retails for $9.99 USD. The
Tombow pen retails for $5.49 USD, and it is black ink on one side, grey ink
on the other. And then to finish it off we have a classic Sakura Gelly Roll Bold
Point in white. This retails for $1.49 USD. It is the 10, not the 8. This is the same
white gel pen we got in the… I want to say May ScrawlrBox. The one that had the
“woodland creatures”(theme) …and the video is already way past this, but the featured
artists on the print inside the box is Natasha Price. You can go back to that
point and pause if you want to check out her information. So since I am doing take
two at a “versus” piece, I decided to take my Col-Erase blue pencil because we’re
working in shades of blue and grey, and draw a circle so it I can do day and
night, Sun and Moon, in a kind of juvenile, cartoony style. It’s… I’ll admit this
piece was done really quickly because I was running out of time to get this
week’s content done, so it’s not my best work, but it was quite fun. I did enjoy
the challenge of using a non brush tip Copic marker. As you can see, I am using
mostly the chisel nib. When you don’t have a brush marker, the chisel nib
becomes way more useful! You can use it flat to cover large areas, or you can
turn it on its side and use that tip almost like a brush. If you’re new to the channel, I do put
out at least two videos a week. On Tuesdays I do art time-lapse videos a
lot like this one. Sometimes they are unboxings and a piece, sometimes they’re
a challenge, sometimes they’re just whatever I was working on that week, no
other affiliated theme or anything. On Thursdays, sometimes those videos are an
art tutorial, sometimes they’re a product review of some sort of art related
product, and sometimes there are a craft video, which is always fun. And then of
course some weeks I do have bonus content, and when I don’t have a special
reason to put it out on a different day, my bonus videos typically go out on
Friday, like today, which I already said, didn’t I? That blue-violet shade I put down
on the night side is absolutely gorgeous and if I wasn’t trying my best to use
every marker in the box here I would have just left it one shade on each side
because yeah, that’s gorgeous! I was really happy when I swatched these
three Copic markers onto my color chart to see that it is just- the blue-violet
is just 2 away from another blue- violet I have that I really like, which
means I now have an ideal blending pair! (Even though one’s not a brush! No, I’m not
gonna let that go!) So the blending here with the dark and the light blue… it’s a
little rough and that’s partly because I was rushing, it’s partly because it’s a
chisel nib, but mostly it’s because they are nowhere close to each other in
numbers at all. They’re not the same blending family, they’re not close in tone, so they really should have had a
mid-tone, but we weren’t given a mid-tone, so excuse that! When I go over
to the night side with the second color I will be using the SketchBox exclusive
marker and it DOES have a brush nib, which is so nice. And you may notice I’ve
got the contents card underneath this sheet. That is because, as you saw when I
was swatching and as I mentioned, this is not coated paper so it did bleed through
a bit on the swatches, so I knew it would definitely bleed through with this heavy
use, and I didn’t want to keep spoiling further pages. So now my contents card
has a lovely patchwork of blue and grey! If you liked this video, please do hit that
like button and leave a comment down below. It really does help out channels
when you interact, and hey, if you didn’t like the video, you can also hit that
dislike button. As Philip DeFranco says, it doesn’t do what you think it does! I
do like to read your comments, I do my best to respond to them as soon as I can,
and I usually do, after a video’s been out for a while, go in and pin a comment. That
could be yours! If you are participating in the YTAC challenge, or if you
also got this SketchBox, please do link me, tag me, whatever! I want to see what
you’ve done with it as well. Feel free to leave that link down in the comments below, I don’t mind you overriding my content
to share that. I’d love to see it! Thanks! Bye guys.

5 Replies to “SketchBox Premium Unboxing November 2018 YTAC Versus Illustrations”

  • Ivy Lily Creative says:

    Sorry you lost the footage of the gorgeous spring/fall leaf drawing, it's so annoying when it happens. But night and day is good idea, too (I made my YTAC painting of night and day as well 😂).

  • ashemarie arts says:

    BV23 is LIFE! Seriously one of my favorite copics. Bummer that you lost that footage, I know that can really suck. But I do like this piece that you ended up with! I've also joined in the YTAC (totes not official lol) and would love for you to check it out!

  • DaugaDagr *-* says:

    Love the way you explain everything ^^

  • Elroyn Gathright says:

    why doesn't this video have more views it is amazing

  • aartadventure says:

    Glad to have found your channel 🙂 That is horrible luck about your memory card losing the data. It's my nightmare! I am not a fan of the old style copics – give me the sketch or ciao any day – but you used them well!

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