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Simple DIY Mother’s Day Card – No stamping!

Hi everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to another
Make a Card Monday video. Last year around Mother’s Day I created a DIY Mother’s Day
card and you guys really seemed to like it, so I thought I would do it this year with
some Washi Tape and also with a printed sentiment that looks like it was hand written. So what
I’ve done for the hand written sentiment is I’ve taken a font. This font is Melanie Lane.
I’ll have a link to where you can buy it online, if you want to use this font. I just took
the font; I typed out Happy Mother’s Day and then printed it in a really really pale gray
ink. So that as I write over the top of it you won’t even be able to see that light gray
underneath. I’m going to take this black pen. This is a Pentel Fude Touch Sign painting pen. I don’t
think I said that correctly, but I’ll have links in the video description or at my blog.
It’s basically a marker that has a flexible tip, so that you can get thicks and thins
while you’re writing. So I’m going to be doing an example, using some thicks and thins first
and then I’ll show you how to do this with just a regular point marker. So I’m using
the tip and I’m making the down strokes much thicker than the up strokes. So you’ll notice
as I go down that I really put lots of pressure on that pen and then I lighten up on the pressure
and go in just a really thin line for the rest. Speeding up the video process here so
that it doesn’t take too long. But I’m just tracing over that really really pale gray
type that has been printed out. This is a really great way to kind of test yourself
with some calligraphy, if you don’t quite know the letter forms yet. So now I’m going
to show you with a regular black marker. I’m going to switch to just a Momento Marker.
This is Tuxedo Black. Just using the fine tip and I’m going over all of those letters.
I’m not going to be varying the weight of line or anything like that. I just want it
to be very simple. This is a really easy way to add a handwritten look onto your cards.
I’m just going over this with a black pen. This would be a great thing to do if you wanted
to add your sentiment in a color of ink that you might not have as stamping ink, but you
do have a pen that’s that color. You could definitely do this with even a greeting stamp,
if you stamped it in a very very light color and then went over the top with a marker or
a pen. So I’m going to be using the one that has the thicks and thins. I think it looks
pretty cool. I’m going to start working on the rest of the card. This is where the kind
of like the DIY with the Washi Tape comes in. First folding my card in half so that
I know exactly how big that front of the card is while I’m working. Now, I’m going to take
some white embroidery floss. You could use thread or bakers twine or string or anything
like that for this portion of the card. What I’m doing is I’m just stretching it across
the front at a couple different diagonal angles. Where those end on the edge of the card I’m
just going to draw in some little tick marks with a pencil. I’m going to be doing two rows
of banners on a string. So I’m just putting those on. I’m going to take my scissors and
I’m going to cut little tiny notches where those pencil marks are. This is going to create
a place for the string to rest on the edges of the card. So it won’t slide around or move
away from those areas where I want it. So now I’m going to take that white embroidery
floss and I’m just going to let it sit right inside those notches that I’ve created. I’ll
wrap it around the front of the card. Going to have the inside of the card have a tie,
a little bow on it. I’m not too concerned about that showing. If you don’t want that
showing you could definitely put another piece of card stock or some pattern paper or just
any paper over the inside of the card, so that it would cover up this knot or bow, right
here. I figure it’s a DIY handmade card. People know it’s handmade; it’s not a problem if
they can see the string on the inside of the card. So after the string was wrapped around
the front of the card I’m going to be creating some really simple banner shapes using Washi
Tape. I’ve got four different colors of Washi Tape here. If you don’t have Washi Tape, you
could definitely do this with some colored tape or even some strips of pattern paper
or wrapping paper. You would just need to add some glue on the back side of those strips.
Basically I’m going to slide the Washi Tape underneath with the sticky side up and then
fold it over so this created the banner. Then I’ll take my scissors and I’ll cut a little
ribbon end on the bottom. So the upside down V shape on the bottom. This will create all
those banners that go all the way across the card. So I’m going to speed up this process,
so it’s a little bit faster. I’m just going to give you some tips and tricks of how you
can do this most efficiently. So like I said before you could use any type of pattern paper
or ribbon. Anything you want with this. I thinks it’s really essential do to it after
you attach your string, because then you know exactly where those banners are going to be.
For example I moved that yellow banner up and away from the edge, because I didn’t want
it to be running into the word Happy. Also when I get to the top row of the banner shapes,
I’m not going to have as many banners nearing the right side of the card, because that area
between the top and bottom banners is a little more narrow right there, so I can’t have any
banner shapes too close to that bottom row. So this is a really fun card. You can definitely
adapt this to other holidays or other kinds of cards. I think it would be really fun to
do a birthday card with really colorful banners. Or even a congratulations card or like a baby
card for a baby shower. Anything like that. I also wanted to mention that I did vary the
shape on the bottom of a couple banners, just so there was a little more interest. I did
just a diagonal line on the white with black hearts on the top row and also the purple
polka dots on the bottom row. There are all of my little banner shapes. Super fast and
easy. I think I completed this card in about 15 minutes. If you’ve never done a card like
this before it might take you a little bit longer, but it is definitely very simple and
easy to do. So I hope you guys enjoyed and I will catch you guys on Wednesday for a brand
new Color Wednesday video. Thanks so much for watching. If you’re looking for some additional Mother’s
Day card ideas I have three on screen right now for you. I did these three last year for
Mother’s Day or around Mother’s Day. So you could definitely do any of these. There’s
cards on either side and in the center is a very small gift card holder. So you can
have fun with those. Thank you so much for watching today. You can catch me on social
media at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I will see you guys on Wednesday.

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