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Sign Language Lessons: Alphabet & Numbers : Sign Language Alphabet Lesson

Sign Language Lessons: Alphabet & Numbers : Sign Language Alphabet Lesson

Hello! My name is Melissa Schenk and on behalf
of Expert Village today we’re going to be learning about sign language. In the up coming
clips, we’re going to learn how to sign the alphabet and the numbers 1-10. Now that you
know the alphabet, let’s go through just a couple of times together. We’ll start off
slowly, and then we’ll build to a little bit faster. Now that you know the full alphabet,
do you remember it all? Let’s start off with the basics once again. Of course A. I’ll go
nice and slow. B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, remember J, K. K is up. The P is up, we’ll get to that.
K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, we’re close, W, X, Y, and Z. Now let’s go through
the alphabet one last time, but just a little bit faster. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J,
K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. Congratulations. Now you know the alphabet,
or now you’re able to sign the alphabet. In the up coming clips, we’ll learn numbers now
from 1-10.

80 Replies to “Sign Language Lessons: Alphabet & Numbers : Sign Language Alphabet Lesson”

  • Michael Ayala says:

    Great! Thank you!

  • Charlotte D says:


  • Softee64 says:

    wow i learned alot !!

  • Tonilyn Todd says:

    A, G, and H are all wrong. Close, but turned wrong. Good try and good for starters.

  • Brantley Wallace says:

    Thanks alot with this it helped alot

  • Jeff Honaker says:

    yes that is not a k, a k looks more like a peace sign, and some others are of like g and h there the right shape but the person recieving the signs wouldnt be able to tell the difference

  • Emma Sadler says:

    true but people will sign a k like that i know. My bf does sign language and well know a bunch of people who sign ad some do sign like that the k.

  • hudsonsailor54 says:

    Your a is also worng. I am ateacher of the deaf and have worked with many deaf individuals. You shouls be careful of the "experts" you use.

  • John Kennedy says:

    Although some of the signs are similar, they are completely different languages. One major difference is fingerspelling. In ASL every letter of the alphabet is done with one hand and in BSL every letter besides "C" is done with two hands. Also, most of the signs are completely different.

  • Shanice M. says:

    she does the "K" kinda weird

  • Chevalier765 says:

    Melissa is so pretty.

  • faridjabba says:

    its the same signs for all LAtin-influenceeedd lagnguage s?

  • Lucylex1 says:

    this crap is hard.

  • Laura Ng says:

    Lady, what ARE you teaching..? A number of the alphabets you're teaching are WRONG, including the very first alphabet itself. –' Please refrain from teaching others the wrong thing. You're gonna make the people who learn from you a laughing stock.

  • hhhh says:

    No, KoriKitti! You are correct! This lady is teaching the ASL alphabets all wrong! I am taking a ASL class at my college and believe me, she is erroring quite a bit. You are correct in your assumption!

  • Jordan Bomse says:

    @RaptorLuv, Sign IS NOT universal. There is BSL(British Sign Language) ISL(Irish Sign Language) FSL(French Sign Language) ASL (American Sign Language) and ALL are different. Sign Language is like any other language in that it varies by country. She sounds Canadian and may be signing the Canadian version of Sign.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    Want to learn the correct handshapes as well as correct arm positioning and spelling techniques? Check out my channel.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    No. She's doing it this way because she doesn't know any better. She's is NOT a fluent signer. She's simply looking this stuff up in a book and putting together lessons to make money off it. (ExpertVillage pays her to do this).

  • Rob Nielson says:

    I agree with budbud. This lady does NOT know ASL. She learned these signs from a book (and is showing them incorrectly in these videos).

  • Rob Nielson says:

    Too late. She's already a laughingstock. But she also makes certified teachers like myself very disappointed because she's taking advantage of my language to make money.

  • ExternalDestinyHope says:

    Your doing the alphabet wrong. A, H, X, and G is wrong. You need to be more firmer with the signs. It can't be sloppy

  • lovevsabsence says:

    @Romily205 no, it's the i-have-no-idea-what-i'm-doing version.

  • ExternalDestinyHope says:

    You are doing the ABC wrong.
    A, G, H, X is completely wrong…

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @xktgx33 Excuse me, but you do not pay to learn the alphabet from me. I give that knowledge away freely to everyone. What I DO offer though, is in-depth, low-cost lessons on how to accurately and correctly learn ASL from someone who has spent years studying how to teach and is a certified ASL teacher. But, if you'd rather learn from this woman who is incorrectly "teaching" signs that she self-taught herself from a book, then THAT is lame.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @xktgx33 Actually, yes you DID say that. In fact, you used the word "lame" in sharing your opinion of it. Interesting that you would say I am "taking advantage" of my knowledge of ASL. If I was offering Spanish lessons or French lessons, people like you wouldn't be so rude. But, because people like you view ASL as only a sort of "quasi-language" you feel that it should be offered for free because it's "not really a language." [continued…]

  • Rob Nielson says:

    [continued…] In fact, if you want to talk about "taking advantage" then you should be aware that this woman who made this videos knows absolutely NOTHING about ASL. She couldn't carry on a conversation with a Deaf person to save her life. And yet, she is getting PAID by "expertvillage" for these lessons. I bet you didn't know that did you? Now THAT is taking advantage of ME, MY CULTURE, and MY LANGUAGE. That is what I would consider to be "unprofessional" and "lame." (To use your words.)

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @BYUFanatic Final comments on this… I am VERY professional in my teaching style and in how I defend my language and culture. I've put together a top quality website that teaches my language in an organized and in-depth manner (rather than random videos). I have such a passion for sharing my language that I offer my lessons for dirt-cheap while others charge as much as $30 or more for one lesson module. I also have over two dozen FREE videos on my YouTube channel. Yep, lame indeed.

  • Erika Wentworth says:

    @xktgx33, that's the most bizarre statement. "By getting paid for knowing something other's don't, you take advantage of it." No, actually, he's getting paid to TEACH something other's don't know, and they (the paying customers) are getting something of value in exchange. In your mind, teachers don't deserve payment. Why, exactly? And why does this woman, who is NOT a teacher, deserve to get paid? The information she is sharing is false. She is tricking people into thinking she is a teacher.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @xktgx33 You apparently have a problem with accurately expressing yourself. "Taking advantage of" something is generally considered a negative term. So is the word "lame" (you called me this earlier). Do I "admit" that I am creating a quality product that people happily purchase because they know they're getting their money's worth? Yes. Am I tricking people by pretending to be something I'm not? No. I'm still scratching my head to try and figure out what point you're trying to make.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @xktgx33 "Talking down" to a person who is the equivalent of a "carpetbagger"? Again, interesting choice of words. What you call "obnoxious," others do not. I get many comments from others who are grateful that I have cautioned them about learning from people like this woman. My comments are factual and to the point. If you consider that unprofessional then that's your problem, not mine. As for why I comment more than once – it's because most people only read the first page or two of comments.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @xktgx33 Ah, but it's ok for you to be rude by calling me "lame?" Isn't that kinda like the kettle calling the pot black? What you consider obnoxious, I consider righteous indignation. After all, it's MY language and MY culture that this woman is exploiting for personal profit while blatantly spreading false information and misperceptions. How silly of me to express my displeasure for her actions.

  • Erika Wentworth says:

    @xktgx33, when someone is blatantly and knowingly making money at other people's expense, while foolishly making numerous blatant errors, she is a laughing stock. Pointing it out saves others the embarrassment of believing in her false advertising. Few people look past the first few comments, so that's why it's necessary to keep commenting. Personally I think she is exploitative and should pull her videos from YouTube voluntarily.

  • Ellainie McCollum says:

    when did they change the letter A ?

  • mamanestas says:

    We own a restaurant and we have Deaf Customers, And I would like to impress them with sign. 🙂 Thank you for the video

  • nymphacissa says:

    aboot 😐

  • Harry Ballard says:

    the letter z kills the whole thing XD

  • caticia1 says:

    i thought this was a lesson for beginners

  • caticia1 says:

    she almost made me do k wrong.

  • symmylynn says:

    aboot? Is she canadian?! maybe its like canadian sign language?

  • MD RAHMAN says:

    The first Alphabet 'A' is wrong…….lady, learn first then teach…..

  • Carla C says:

    Now Every Time I Do K , I Start Out As P Then I Do K 🙁

  • Stiobhan Redmond says:

    OMG! Awful! TAKE ASL class FIRST then teach.

  • Khalil Sulker says:

    Better to learn ASL the wrong way than to not learn it at all. Think of all the hearing people who use grammar wrong and speak incorrectly yet they are somewhat understandable, but yeah this lady isn't very good.

  • Kpaw Willett says:


  • Penguin From Florida says:

    totaly rong!!!!!!!!!!

  • abbuhofwgkta says:

    Your a really bad teacher im 11 and i can sigh better than you
    im not even deaf…………i learn off my deaf friend (:

  • abbuhofwgkta says:

    @sambomuaythaijack I'm Not Trying To Troll? Some Comments Are Even Ruder Than Mine, I Do Apologize For Saying She's A Bad Teacher. But Honestly She's Not Very Good. She Should Learn More Before She Posts A Video That So Many People Will See. If Someone Tries To Do This In Public They Would Be Laughed At. Look At Other Comments They Agree. At Least The Lady Tried.(: Once Again I Don't Troll.

  • lovelygirl619 says:

    i sign language my name boo yah it was like 7 yrs ago so now im 16 now but almost 17

  • Gaganpreet Singh says:

    Please can u help me with what signs to use for telling time like if i have to say its 12:30, what r the signs for that.

  • KillaaFN says:

    A is wrong

  • lovinguisallido says:

    @BYUFanatic And so do many other people do so a teacher like u should really shut up and deal with it:)

  • Sara Solano says:

    dis vid is gay AF

  • ASL Teaching says:

    Please watch the video on YouTube called "ASL Teaching: On Behalf of the Deaf Community (with voice)" Please let Deaf ASL users themselves teach ASL. Thank you.

  • Kimberly Knott says:

    can anyone suggest good video's to learn sign language?? i've been learning since last week and i dont want to learn it all wrong. any help you can give me will be appreciated.

  • analiz12100 says:

    isnt the alphebet in sign language like the vowels is touching each of ur five fingers with ur index on the opposite hand?

  • SafeHavenForSailors says:

    I just started learning today, but I think that's just in the U.K, not ASL (American sign language.)

  • analiz12100 says:


  • KCFANJJ1 says:

    Your videos are extrememly helpful! My fiancee's mother and father are both deaf and I have been needing to learn sign language to properly communicate with them..this has been extrememly helpful and I have already learned so much in such a short amount of time, thank you!

  • Caterah Mayfield says:

    thanks alot!!! it really helped me:)

  • Max Peel says:

    I'm no expert… but her alphabet is awful. She starts it off nice by doing a wrong right off the bat!

  • Acharis13 says:

    That could be hard since I don't know any deaf people.

  • LeShelia Joseph says:


  • noh nim says:

    her M and N are wrong 🙂

  • Glitter_girl says:

    Her singing is awful

  • Glitter_girl says:

    Sorry I meant signing

  • ilovesparky13 says:

    Her signing is awful.

  • BronzeElf says:

    when in this video was she singing?

  • ilovesparky13 says:

    dude, you're dyslexic. get some glasses.

  • BronzeElf says:

    Oh wow.. o-O sorry, I do need glasses actually, sorry.

  • teragarMMargaret says:

    she is looking dorky and klutz not experted with ASL. she is more likely S.E.E.

  • teragarMMargaret says:

    Hee hee.

  • Dawn Ribbeck says:

    Awful!! Her "A" looks like "fist bump" not a true ASL or SEE "A". Also her "C" is wrong bc of wrist orientation.

  • Aurora Moore says:

    This is awfuLllllllll.first she looks bad

  • Barbara Saunders says:

    Wow, I was thinking about taking a college course in ASL.  I've only watched a few videos…………..yeah, she's not good.  The K looked wrong to me…………and I don't even know sign language.  I guess I won't be watching her anymore……….Thanks to all the commenters.

  • Lori Neil says:


  • Shawn Kovac says:

    sorry, Melissa, but your ASL signing quality is lacking in these videos. i'm far from a native signer but i learned the alphabet in 2nd grade since one friend in 2nd grade was deaf. i see problems with with A, F, G, H, K, M, N, and Z. Some quite big mistakes, and others minor. A is a big mistake tho. your Z seems like you are waving your arm. just move your wrist. many of your signs have your wrist behind your hand. that's a big mistake when signing A. your wrist shud be underneath your hand.

    folks, please learn your alphabet from a different 'expert'. personally, i've always liked the material from Bill Vicars. and since online videos have taken off with sites like YouTube, finding ASL from Bill Vicars is great! you might notice that Bill doesn't speak vocally in his videos, that's cause he is deaf. if you want to learn ASL, it might be a good idea to learn from a deaf friend, or find people who really use ASL who really know it well. Melissa's quality shows she's not what i wud even call 'familiar' with ASL, but rather a beginner. But I encourage Melissa to keep learning. don't let this discourage you!

  • Jason Robertson says:

    Hard to watch, this is so wrong

  • devil614 says:

    Stupid Murrican blonde bitch for ya. "Zed"

  • cristina elias says:

    i first learned the alphabet on a hard copy then after watching the video now i can sign and sing the alphabet. She may not be the best, but she is a start. With more practice i can get better.

  • Kris East says:

    awful! just watch Dr. Bill Vicars…don't bother with others

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