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SHORT HAIR AND LONG HAIR PROBLEMS || Everyday Hair Problems And Funny Situations by 123 GO!

SHORT HAIR AND LONG HAIR PROBLEMS || Everyday Hair Problems And Funny Situations by 123 GO!

You never think about your hair being a problem… Until it’s a problem. Sorry Vicki! It’s not my fault, it’s my stupid hair! Yep, today, we’re talkin’ hair struggles. Alright, time to do my hair before my lunch
date. Let’s just plug this sucker in. This hair is so straight — I want it curly. First curl, comin’ at ya! Ooh! Justin’s calling! Hello? Wait, what? You’re kidding! Uh, yeah I want to go see the Jonas Brothers
for free on Thursday! I can’t believe you won the tickets! This is so exciting! Uh, Vicki? Shouldn’t you be paying attention to what you’re doing? Oh my god, this can’t be happening. I didn’t mean to keep the iron on that long. Alright, the water’s nice and hot and it’s
time to lather up! And if you’ve ever washed a long mane before,
you know that shedding is just a part of the process. Woah, that was a big one. Better put that here for later. And by the end of your shower, you’ll shed
enough strands to make a whole wig. Ew, you’d better remember to get rid of
those before the next person uses the shower. GAH! That was a lot of hair. Geez, I hope I’m not sick or something, that was a lot! Ugh I wish I could change my hair but I don’t
want to wait to book an appointment at the salon. I wonder if some bangs would change up my
look a bit? Hey, this looks pretty cute! I could probably just cut them myself. How hard could it be? These scissors should work. They say online that if you twist them like
this, they’ll end up cut evenly in one move. And whoever made up that rule was a complete
moron! Lesson learned: leave bang adjustments to
the professionals. Okay, it’s been 40 minutes — my pie’s
got to be ready by now! Oh wow, that smells absolutely divine! And it looks even better than it smells! Vicki’s gonna love this, it’s her favorite. Better put it on a plate, it’s all about
presentation. There we go. Looks like Vicki is in for a real treat! The perks of having a roommate who loves to
bake, am I right? I can hardly stand it! This smells incredible! Thank you, Bella! Now for the best part of the whole thing:
taking the first bite. Here it comes! Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Geez, Bella, where did you learn to bake like
this? There’s only one thing that can ruin a perfect
dessert like this. And that “thing” is a big, long, curly
hair. Ich!!! If that doesn’t want to make you vomit I don’t know what will. To think that entire thing was in my mouth! Okay, I gotta get this taste outta my mouth
before I yak! Little tip? You may want to put your hair in a pony next time you bake a tasty treat, okay, Bella? Finally, it’s time to relax and binge the
rest of that show everyone’s been raving about. Well someone was sure hungry! I guess it’s time for a refill. OW! These headphones are completely caught in my hair! Ow! That’s stuff’s attached to me, you know! Okay, I give up. These things will just be attached to me forever, I guess. Nothing like perusing through fashion magazines
to get new hair inspiration. Ooh! Check out this girl’s hair! You think I’d look good as a blonde? I think I could do it myself if I just use
some bleach, right? Okay, my mind’s made up — we’re doin’
it! I don’t know why I’d spend a fortune at
the salon if I can just bleach my hair at home. But there’s a reason why people pay the
big bucks to get their hair done. They actually know what they’re doing! How did my hair turn red? Did I pick up the wrong stuff? Suddenly your old, boring dark hair isn’t
looking too bad, is it? Ah, rise and shine, Vicki, the to get up. Should I wash my hair this morning? It’s lookin’ a little crazy isn’t it? Alright, hair is officially clean and ready
to be styled. Just gonna spritz in a little moisturizer
before I put any heat to it. And now we mousse it up. Geez, this hair routine is sure taking a while. When you’re doing your hair, it often feels
like you’re running a marathon. One step down, seven more to go. But some girls, on the other hand, have slightly
different hair routines. Once you pick that outfit out, you’re ready
to go because you’re hair’s already in a cute messy bun. And Vicki’s still going! And only halfway done, I may add. She’s sure putting in a lot of effort to
create that naturally messy look. But girls with long hair like Bella can complete
their ‘dos in just one or two easy steps. Woah! Was that hair in a bun all night? How are those curls so perfect? Aw man, that’s no fair! She didn’t even try! Yay, it’s salon day! Every girl knows the second she sits in that salon chair, they’ve got to carefully explain exactly what they want. So, I was thinking just a little trim, maybe
a few layers, but nothing too crazy. And while the hairstylist looked like they were listening, their scissors start painting a different picture. They call this look tears and sheers. Oh man, this is worse than watching a horror
movie. I’m too scared to look! Okay, I think i overreacted, this cut is totally
cute! Aw man, is it 7 am already? Guess I’d better get ready for the day. And first step, is getting rid of that nasty
morning breath. But for girls with long hair, even something as simple as brushing their teeth can get a little complicated. Oh man, Bella didn’t even realize she got
toothpaste all in her hair! Yep, there it is. And now I have to wash my hair. Awesome. Wow! That shade of red looks amazing on you, Bella! Now all there is left is to make sure our
hair looks good and smooth. Uh oh! We’ve got a knot, people. Um, did this comb just get smaller? I think the other half is stuck in my hair! Hey, how’d you get in there, little guy? May as well see what else is hiding in here… Hmm…something feels weird. I don’t ever remember eating this! I’ll save it for later, I guess! Okay, that’s gotta be it — how much could
possibly be back there? Okay, whatever this is definitely doesn’t
belong in my hair… Red yarn? How? I guess I’ll keep pulling until I get to
the end… Yes! I think I finally found the comb! OUCH! Looks like I’ll be making another impromptu
trip to the beauty supply store. Thick, curly hair struggles, am I right? If you thought these hair blunders were hilarious
then wait till you check out these outtakes. Be sure to share this video with your hair-struggling buddies and don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube channel for more side-splitting content!

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