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she should be a youtuber

she should be a youtuber

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  • All Things Every Things كل شيء says:

    Yes she should goooo يلا 👍

  • Sophia Gabrielle says:

    please please make a playlist on Spotify of your favourite saudi songs, would love to appreciate more of saudi music but don't really know where to start!!! <3

  • Ugly swan says:


  • C S says:

    i said it before and i'll say it again – your videos are such an aesthetic pleasure to watch, both visually and auditively 🙂

  • Wafqh Al Gullan says:

  • mohammed alkhyaily says:

    Kafka on the shore, Colorless Tsukuru, The wind up bird chronicle and killing commandatore are some of my favorite work by Murakami

  • Star in the sky says:

    راؤوم عندي لك فكرة
    شرايك تحطين بدايه الفديو (في هذا الفلوق ) ولقطات منه

  • safa hammad says:

    Dance Dance Dance is my favorite book by Murakami !!

  • Aladdin benokba says:

    Lols Kefir isn’t vegan , it is basically fermented milk.usually cow milk.

  • asmz bar says:

    انا احب قومة الصباح مره بسس للاسف اوقات اتاخر بالنومة واقوم متأخر واكون مكسلة ، بالاجازة حطيت لي روتين اقوم ع صلاة الفجر بعدها اقرا قران لساعة واصلي الضحى اوقات واشرب مشروب ساخن واسوي رياضتي بعدها افطر فطور محترم ، حبين نظامي مره بس مع الدوام كل شيء تغير ههههه، قومة الصباح فيها بركة بس لو ناقصني نوم عادي اكمل نوم ل10-11 الصباح

  • OhNo Antonio says:

    Hey! Are you more of a savory or a sweet person? Much love from Michigan!

  • ss00ss00ss00 ss00ss00ss00 says:

    i am simple man — if roum happy i'm happy

  • Doha Tarek says:

    Suggestions for new episodes
    -skin care routine
    -hygene related advice for zero wasters
    -hair removal (facial and body)
    -more and more of vegan recipes
    P. S I truly love you and would like to meet you one day if you ever come to Egypt

  • شهد العنزي says:

    Beautiful vlog🤍

  • Sohal Khan says:

    How Education system in saudi arbia Islamic or non Islamic both . And college system. I am from in India. Please give me answer. Your video is good Thanks.

  • Hue Of Han says:

    Place the alarm clock far so you have to stand up to turn it off

    Works like a charm !

  • Leslie P says:

    Define "early"… : 0 ) I have to be up at 6:30 for work. I've been trying to get up at least an hour earlier for workout but…I'm failing at that…

  • سلطان SULTAN says:

    سبب اني اصحى كل يوم بدري طبعا هو الدوام 😊

  • Asmaa Rb says:

    i want a hair routine please

  • Memoali Alqohtany says:

    I just love ur videos so much 😩💜

  • Rahgad Faisl says:

    ليش ما تتكلمي عربي

  • Rhia Woollaston says:

    You are so radiant! I wish we could meet in person and be friends!

  • Sofie Said says:

    Love you Raoum❤️

  • Sofie Said says:

    From where you got b12 spray?

  • Adina Happy says:

    I began reading Sapiens and I like it so far. Thank you for recommending us books, I like your taste 🙂

  • ishihara nozomi says:

    i think you should have a communication with your other self that wants to stay at bed, ask question like why you don't wanna wake up early? and how much time do i need until i feel comfortable waking up? being flexible is the answer, remind yourself how much proud of what you're doing, so that taking rest will not making you guilty about not being able to get your best of the day. it's all about making a strong bond with yourself, so that your other self will thank you for respecting it's needs.

  • soratzkii says:

    My favorite haruki murakami book is “colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage” I read 3times already and still never get bored of it

  • Mahaa Waryaa says:

    Stay away from yoga although you may not know it, yoga is a way to clear the mind and communicate with jinns( demons). If you want to relax pray salah, but yoga and meditation themselves are obviously linked to devil worship, and paganism. Please stay away from this, there’s tons of proof on the internet and a former witch talks about it.

  • Azooz Ma says:

    Meaningless channel

  • Abeer bvlir says:

    انا ماصحى بدري الا لما ايام الدوام اما باقي الايام ماحب اصحى قبل ٩صباحا لاني احب الليل اكثر من الصباح

  • Lool .0 says:

    ايش اسم النادي حقك؟

  • Fouz says:

    احببب قنااتك مرررره واحب اختيارك للاغاني والموسيقى

  • Ayat Mahmoud says:

    من اجمل الاشخاص على اليوتيوب. .وتعجبني اختياراتك للاغاني♥♥

  • Kevin Belegno says:

    I would never leave the gym if mine looked like yours!!!!!! OMG it seems like a really fancy oneeee omgggg you should do a whole video about your gym routine during the week…. I would loooove to watch it ❤❤❤❤ sending you love and happiness from Colombia ❤❤❤

  • Michelle Sunshinestar says:

    We had to do a senior thesis and we had half a year to do it. I did mine on senior citizens. I tried so hard, I wrote 80 pages, and I only got a C, I'm still really mad. I don't think the teacher liked me.

  • Michelle Sunshinestar says:

    Yeast? I'm not a morning person. I stay up until midnight, wake up around 8 or 9 am, unless I have to go somewhere.

  • Lujain Mohammed says:

    سوي فديو كامل تتكلمين فيه بالعربي يكون شوي تغير وكلامك بالعربي مره حححلللوو 💙💙💙💙

  • mohammad says:

    I saw you a couple of weeks at tanafas event at kafd, you are surprisingly short lol

  • Charlin Ringo says:

    يدك حلوه 😍

  • Maha aa says:

    كتب هاروكي موركامي هي الافضل بالنسبه لي انصحك تقرين له اكثر

  • Don't says:

    اسمعي ، ما سوست اسنانك من كثرة السكريات اللي تاكلينها ؟

  • Alejandro DV Bandong Jr says:

    Wow sana all

  • mashaeels says:

    حطي المنبه بعيد عنك عشان تقومين غصب.
    غالباً تضبط معي

  • Hanan says:

    ليان عسسللل♥️♥️♥️♥️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • NOURA 90 says:

    اللي تترجم الفيديو ياليت تركز شوي بليز رؤوم

  • سهام الحليفي says:

    ياليت تتكلم عربي افضل واسهل لنا

  • Fatmah Farsi says:

    ممكن اعرف هل كتابك مترجم للعربية لأني متشوقة لقراءته

  • TodaysRealHealth says:

    You are doing such wonderful work helping people, it's not even about health anymore, it's about saving ourselves, offspring and the animals. Meat eaters are zapping our oxygen and killing animals, oceans, coral, fish and our planet. We need to fight to make this planet earth for plant-eaters vegan or we have max maybe 30 years before oxygen is zapped by animal production industries methane gases. Now 65 percent of world methane gas pollutants. Use google earth and to your calculations, soon tipping to 68 percent. We need to shut down all animal production industries and change them over to growing plants. Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson know we will be doomed otherwise, that's the main reason they are looking for other planets to survive on. All the vegan Billionaires will have a way to exit if they can't change or stop animal production industries. We all must help, right here right now, we can, everyone who goes vegan or plant-based is an immediate win.

  • kim bel says:

    honestly think Saudi Arabia is one of those countries so misunderstood! Thank you for showing how beautiful it is. More vlogs like these please <3

  • あらんlどです says:

    sit meltable alarms in different times and put them in different places like use ur phone for 2 alarms in different time and ur clock sit in ur first alarm in ur phone and put ur clock in place where u should get out of bed to turn it of and before doing that turn on the light this is my trick and it’s work even in days i don’t sleep that much

  • اروى العبدلي says:


  • TiffANEYmariE1987 says:

    As soon as I seen your sis on the thumbnail I had to watch instantly! Love her!

  • gloria delgadillo says:

    Your such an Amazing young lady🌻

  • At_140 says:

    استمتعت جججداً كمية الججمال بالفلوق على بساططته ماخخذ حته من ققلبيي 🥺💫♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Riasat Khan says:

    The quality of your videos and editing skills are second to none. Your videos are realistic and shows different side of Saudi Arabia which I didn't even know because I was born in Jeddah. Yes I'm Jeddavi. Pakistani born in Jeddah and grew up in Canada.
    Your videos make wanna come back 🙂

  • Joharah says:

    I saw one girl hide her face in the background when you where at the breath thing, so I hope if you will go to sth with people in the background you blur it. Thank you

  • umayman ali says:

    you should open a vegan restaurant

  • Abdulrhmn Alzhrany says:

    ( I love rings tho ) 😂😂😂❤️

  • Safaa Lag says:

    Shed be a great youtuber! I wanna see what she'd make

  • رزان ' says:

    When I wake up I wipe the sleep from my face with my both hands as prophet muhammad used to do (peace be upon him), and that really works with me

  • Russel Santos says:

    love u raoum from the philippines 😍😘

  • Taz H says:

    Which park did you have your picnic? I'm always looking for nice picnic spots in riyadh xx

  • Muna Almaliki says:

    ما أعرف ايش استفادوا أهلك من نمط التربية الغربية اللي ربوك عليها …الله يهديك ويوسع مداركك ويرزقك الاستقامة

  • هاجر سعيد says:

    ليش احس انو كل اكلك حالي اقصد بالصباح او الليل ؟ مع السكريات زينه الصباح تنهضم ، انتبهي بنسبة السكر بدمك

  • Dalia Alrajhi says:

    i looooveeee youuuuuuuu

  • Virat rc says:

    Sukkari.. for a change can u do a 👙 haul vlog next time around

  • twotwo3sal says:

    ‏أجر لي ولك 🌱
    – سُبحان الله
    – الحمدلله
    – لا إله إلا الله
    – سُبحان الله و بحمدهِ
    – سُبحان الله العظيم
    – أستغفر الله و أتوبُ إليهِ

  • Areej Alyafee says:

    My trick is basically before you leave the bed, stretch your arms until your fingers could reach your toes. Idk why, but this move rly wakes me up.

  • Guilaine jeanpierre says:

    I'm currently "killing commendatore " last murakami and very good!

  • Sara Canzian says:

    Ohhhh you were in DQ, in the park right in front of my house🥰

  • Nazish Bilal says:

    you are really goals you vlogs are so soothing relaxing and feel nostalgic i dnt know why love your lifestyle

  • N B says:

    Thank u رؤوم على هالمحتوى اللطيف u so nice and cute و كمان انتي سلمى ما انساك شكرا❤️love u guys keep going big love

  • Sarah B says:

    for me, drinking water helps me wake up. if I don't drink two cups of water, that dehydration makes me feel like I have a headache till I do. but since I was a little girl, my body won't adjust to anything before 8 am no matter where I am in the world. I can wake up every day at 6 am for a year and it still won't make a difference. when 8 o clock hits my body wakeup and so does my other systems like needing the toilet and actually my stomach letting me eat.

  • جمالك من الداخل from nature says:

    اشتركوا في قناتي

  • Currently Aqeel says:

    Great video! Check out my channel, it has some cool videos as well 🙂

  • Ray Roses says:

    What camera are you using?

  • Berna Sezer says:

    You should open your own vegan restaurant with all the vegan receipes you have! <3

  • EverLearner4 says:

    First secret to waking up early: have something to do in the morning
    The second is not much of a secret: sleep early, and if it doesnt work sleep earlier, much earlier

  • Wh says:

    فلوق مليان حب

  • Rayia Alfahad says:

    في ساعات كثير نحتاج نتحرر من الخطط للي نحطها ونسمع جسمنا اذا الشخص ملتزم لفترات طويلة بجدول وينفذه ولقى نفسه يبي يسوي العكس يسمع نفسه وإحتياجة أما بالنوم أو قضاء يوم بدون تخطيط لأن ساعات هالأمور تخلي الشخص يرجع أكثر حماس وطاقة وبرضوا للجسم طاقة تحمل هو يحتاج يرتاح.
    بس ممكن أسألك الحديقة للي صورتيها وين موقعها😍

  • Dana A says:

    ليش ماتخلين في ترجمه بالعربي؟ اللي يبي يقدر يحطها واللي مايبي يشيلها

  • Serena Sinti says:

    Do they do forced agony shock shrunk helll innocent heads in Saudi…shock electric helll concussed burned 13 year shick comas

  • Creepers Jeepers says:

    Would you every try lab grown meat or pork flavored vegetarian sausage. Its okay if you're undecided.

  • Aisha b says:

    Your videos are just perfect for coffee

  • Plushteddybear69 says:

    Great vid!! Where in Saudi do you live?

  • Roba says:

    Omg that scared me 😂💔

  • عبدالله السويد says:

    اذا تبين تصحين بدري خلي الستاير مفتوحه علشان يدخل عليك النور ولو تفتحين الشباك افضل

  • D D says:

    اسخدمي خرائط قوقل لتحفظين مكان سيارتك

  • Aryam Fhd says:

    اقوى من العذاب النفسي اللي انا فيه مافيه
    جالسة اكل برقر واتابعك 🤯

  • λνλ- λΧτરλ says:

    مرحبا 👋🇸🇦

  • Fafa says:

    I feel you 😀 I always have small hands with short fingers but at the same time they are so chubby 😀

  • 5 1 says:

    Waiittttt you wrote “weekend in Saudi”
    Buuuttt waiiittttt🧐…. I don’t understand…?
    WHERE DO U LIVE ?…😂🤔🤔🤦🏻‍♀️

  • dodieletome says:

    I got diagnosed with cancer two months ago. At the beginning of my diagnosis, I immediately turned to Google for answers as to how my life was going to be and how I could possibly deal with what at the time seemed like such a horrific tragedy that I was dealt, and I found that there was no real guide book to cancer. I’m a meat lover, but since that I have to deal with cancer so I have to watch what kind of food enters to my body. YOU and your channel helped me and you still do to go through this! Thank you and may god bless you.

  • Suzan Adrian says:

    Some healthly yet tasty recepies for kids please…

  • Afnan Muhd says:


  • Ghla Star says:

    😂😂♥️فرحت ع بالي الكوفي لك

  • Abdulrhman for public says:

    الخاتمه طططططططططرب😭

  • Free mind says:

    الله الله على ذائقتك الموسيقيه 💘

  • taylor lerman says:

    The 5 daily prayers allows you to stay consistent And wake up early !

  • Gypsystore Gypsy says:

    I really loved this blog💕

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