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Shawarma – Malayalam Block buster Short Film | 2018 with Arabic & English Subtitles

Shawarma – Malayalam Block buster Short Film | 2018 with Arabic & English Subtitles

Khorfakkan! Where the dreams of hope blossomed. The distance from this sea to the land, is life. In the history of Indian expatriates
including Malayalis this city in UAE has a significant place. Those who overcame the sea of struggles to reach this unknown desert, was welcomed with a bright land. Khorfakkan The place where the first immigrants from
India saw rays of hope. The city that laid the first bricks of modernization in UAE. In this country that preserves its rural morality, Indians, including the native people and Malayalis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Arabs, live together in unity. The story of a few Malayalis in this beautiful city by the sea is Shawarma. Will your trip to India happen anytime soon, Manu? Oh! This man! Or you try to bring your mother here! You, Go and tell Arbab without waiting for Hajikka’s permission. But for that, should’t Arbab come here,
Abdullaka! Arbab will come after two days. You go straight to Arbab’s house or hotel and speak directly to him. That’s not a good idea Abdullaka. Why? It will be an issue if Hajikka comes to know about it. Yes. You are right. We will be in great trouble if he knows. Yeah. That’s what! Its not just that. Can your Arbab survive without eating your Shawarma? Otherwise, I have an idea. Why don’t you tell me your secret recipe! Why do you want to know all this now that
there is not much time left
for you to live (Sarcastic). (Both Manu and Abdullaka laughing) Abdullaka: Hey! Shut up! Oh God! He reached! Is this some festival to keep the lights lit! Hello. Mom. (Mom on phone)
Manu. What about your leave? Mom,
Hajikka is here. I will call later. (Mom on phone)
Ok son. Alright. What? What about my trip to India, Hajikka? If you find someone to do your job
then you can to India tomorrow! Arbab told me the same on phone yesterday. I have heard this a lot. But I have to get some time off from here. To find someone. If you give me a day off, then I could
go to Dubai or Sharjah
and find someone. If I give you a day off, then who will
make Shawarma here? Without eating your Shawarma, Your Arbab and those Filipino girls will be in trouble. How can we find someone like that
in Khorfakkan. (laughs) (Manu murmuring)
This man will never change. Abdu, take the order there. Hi, tell me. What do you need? I will have a banana juice. I will have an orange juice. ONE ORANGE!, ONE BANANA! ON THE TABLE! Ohh! we have staff who can
hear well. To hell with your banana. Pardon me, Hajikka Juice ready. What is this? The straw is not bent. It is designed to make it easier
for drinking. (laughs) How much? How much do they have to pay? Ten! Ten dirhams. Oh! how many languages should we learn to run a shop! I will just go to the market. Hope the shop will survive until I return. I will call you. Ok bye. Hey Manu. Abdullaka, How are you? Yes, fine. Hey, where were you all these days? What should I say man. You know that I just have a day off in a month. It is not enough to finish everything. You are really blessed, Dileep! You get at least one day off in a month. What about me?
I have been here for four years now. And I have not got even a day off. And during Eid, have to work until the sun rises. But still, you just have to do your work.
That’s it! Right? What about me? My situation is like those of the girls who stand in bus stops at night. Have to go with whoever that calls, whenever they call. Ok then, shall I take a Shawarma for you? Not now. You please come with me for a while. Have to talk about something. By the way,
who is this with you? Friend? I was about to tell that. This is my brother. Ratish He has finished his 12th Grade and
now here on visit visa. Why didn’t you tell this earlier brother! Hi… Hello… He needs a temporary job as soon as possible He will change it after he finds
another permanent job He is done with 12th Grade.
He is will get a job somewhere
or the other. (Manu murmuring)
Yeah! Absolutely! (Sarcastic) If you can try in your shop. Allah! here? I don’t think it will work out. Hajikka will never allow. If you tell Hajikka he will allow for sure.
You are the king here! I will try to persuade Hajikka. You try. Lets hope for the best. Ok then, you come with me to the shop. You stay here! The above mentioned law was not followed by certain
Shawarma shops. And their licenses were cancelled
by Dubai Municipality. Thank God it is in Dubai! What happened? Hajikka,
Why don’t we bring someone in for cleaning? But… After Dubai it is Sharjah! That is how the municipality works. But I have a way! I have found someone. Shall I bring him? Hmmm… Ok. Ratish! Come! This is Ratish.
My friend’s brother. So I am sure that he will work really hard. But he needs a visa. Right? Yes of course. He is on visit visa now. Ok lets do something. Let him work here for a month and then we will decide. Agreed? Agreed?
Agreed. You see. Hajikka is great! Stop! You know the salary we give to new staff. Yes. Just tell him Ok Let him start working tomorrow Okay Hajikka Hajikka is the owner of this shop. Behind all the anger,
he is a good person. You saw how quickly he agreed
for you to work here. Is Hajikka from the same place as yours? No. He is from Thalassery. He has been in Khorfakkan for more than 30 years. He is adamant that he will only go back home in a coffin. But the owner of this building and
shop room is another man. He is the star! Our sponsor. He has a big name. But we call him “Arbab”. He has a stylish way of coming in his SUV. For Eid, he gives everyone new clothes, money etc Tell him everything, Manu. How much he loves your Shawarma. And that he comes here
just for eating that. And once he comes… He quickly finishes at least two. Not just that. Whatever we wish, he grants it! You are absolutely right! If Arbab says Insha Allah, then everything will be done
immediately. (sarcastic) Whats with Insha Allah? Thats something unique, Ratish. If Arbab says Insha Allah,
then that means that it will never happen. But Arbab loves us Malayalis. He can understand Malayalam really well. He is a great fan of Shahrukh Khan His wife’s name is Laila. So, he always sings the song Laila Main Laila. Hey. Arbab is coming! Oh no! Yes Manu, How are you? I am fine. Where is your special Shawarma? Will get you now Arbab. Hey, who is this? New guy? He is a good guy. Oh! Is he good?
What’s your name? Ratish Ratish! Ah! Ok! Manu! Quick! Make if fast! Yes, Kader… How is the business? Not bad, Arbab… Keep it there. Yes Manu… How are you? You wanna go home… …or you wanna bring your mother here. Yes (shy laugh) Insha Allah!! Oh! Now that is done! Why are you laughing? Didn’t you hear Insha Allah? Is that why Arbab laughed? Arbab is laughing because of
something else Actually, what is Insha Allah.? Insha Allah means “If God wills it” But his is different now! (laughs) Yes Kader, I will leave now. Fine? Do well and take care
of your people. ♪♪ Hello… Mom… (Mom on phone) Manu… How are you? (Mom on phone)
Manu… What about your leave? Arbab went abroad (Mom on phone)
Oh! Is this going to take a while now? I will ask him as soon as he returns Hope Arbab doesn’t say Insha Allah Don’t joke around these things, Manu. Mom,
Hajikka is coming.
I will call you later. If mom calls then Manu doesn’t
want to sit down, Abdullaka! That’s right… But.. Paradise lies at the feet of your mother
and Manu will get it. Insha Allah! Abdullaka, you too? like Arbab? Hey Ikka (big brother)…
how do you do? Ohh! How do you do? Oh! Nothing much… Please take a seat Hey, where were you all these days? Oh! what should I say man!
Had gone to India for a week. One week!
My God! You are really blessed! I haven’t been to my home
for the past 4 years Leave all that behind.
How’s things here? Here? Here we have Khorfakkan sea waves
going up and down. (laughs) What if you didn’t go home? You are making a lot of money here.
Aren’t you? If at all this was my brother-in-law’s shop.
(laughs) By the way…
Burj Khalifa was inaugurated. Is the inauguration over already? I was not invited! It was an awesome programme.
I watched in on TV. I run this big shop and I was not invited! Our Dubai is growing so fast. I will go there this Friday. Oh brother.
Did you get married? You didn’t tell us. Oh Sorry! I forgot to introduce. This is my friend. Malavika Menon She is one of the reporters for an
English newspaper in Dubai She has come to write a feature
about your special Shawarma. You please help her. Ok Shall I take a leave, Malu? You will come. Right? I shall come. You can go. So Manu, please help her. Ikka (Big brother).. bye. So, you are a writer… Oh, I know… I know.. Give me two minutes.
I will be back. (Hajikka murmuring)
What on earth is all this for? Manu, where are you originally from? For us expats, we belong to
where we exist. Am I right? Yeah, You are right. Have you been here for long? It has been….. It has been…. 14 years. Has it been long since you went home (India)? No.. Not much… Four years. Four years!? Hello.. Hey, did you know? What? The Fujairah Indian Association is
organizing a competition. We can bring one of our
loved ones here from India. Wow.. That’s wonderful! What should we do for that? They will ask questions on radio for 10 days. And you have to send them the right answer by sms. Just listen to the radio channel and send the sms daily. You are lucky chap!
You want to bring your mother here.
Don’t you? You will win this. But I don’t listen to radio. I don’t have time for that You don’t need so much time for that. Or I will send you the right answer everyday. You just have to forward it to them. Ok? Ok Hey… smile… Manu, Can we go out? (Manu whispering)
This man will not allow. Brother, Can we go out?
I have lot more to ask. Ok. I will come. Oh not you… To Manu… Hmmm.. Ok… Go ahead… Hope it is for something good. Hajikka. I will be back. Come back fast! Alex had told me… …that Manu’s Shawarma secret recipe
will not be revealed to anyone. Is that right? Can you tell me what that secret recipe is? There is nothing secret about it Ma’am. Some doctors help patients recover
faster than others. It is the same as that. But still, why don’t you say it?
That special recipe? I am just curious. I am not going to
leave my journalism job to
start making Shawarmas. Its not that Ma’am. The Shawarmas I make here… are for my mother… Every son gives only the best to their mother. My Shawarmas taste good because of
my love for my mother. I want to bring my mother here atleast once. And give her a Shawarma made by my own hands. That is the greatest wish I ever have. And thats my mother’s dream as well.
Which only I know. My father used to be a worker here. He died in an accident. Here… while crossing the road… … a car came and… Alex had told me… You see, Manu…
God will bring your mother here… Really? Trust me… This… This is the last warning. If we get fined again for poor cleanliness, then I will deduct that from all your salaries.
And thats for sure! What are you all staring at!
Why are you late? Wow… Hajikka looks very happy… Yes… My grandmother got married! (sarcastic) Oh! Is it?
So Hajikka is going to buy us
Biriyani today. Hajikka… I want to say something. Mom wishes to see me
getting married soon. Oh God! Here my tail is on fire… And you want to get married!
Go inside!! If you don’t let me go then
I will cancel my visa and leave forever! Oh! Oh! Son!
No! Manu, I will talk to Arbab once again. Insha Allah! Everything will be alright. You also started “Insha Allah”
just like Arbab How long is the validity for
your “Insha Allah”? 6 months is what I heard! Son, you please stop worrying. Everything will turn out good for us. And you are going to win the competition
and bring your mother here. Aren’t you? So, when your mother returns to India,
you can also go with her. Isn’t she old.
Don’t let her go back alone. What about her coming to UAE… alone? That… she will come… somehow… Abdullaka! What is wrong? Hajikka called me to the hotel. Told Manu to go there immediately When I went there, Hajikka, Arbab,
Malu Ma’am and all were there. And there was another man. He looked like CID. CID! Something is fishy! And he also asked to bring 10 – 20 shawarmas. Yesterday… …two filipino girls who ate
Shawarma from Khorfakkan… have been admitted to hospital due to Food poison!! And I also heard them say
that we can do without Manu. Hello Manu… Will it be the same Filipino girls
who come to our shop regularly? Hey! Stop worrying so much! Manu didn’t just start making
Shawarma yesterday. He will never make a mistake. Are you sure? Absolutely Ok then come with me. Manu… you.. Don’t worry Manu.
There are not going to fire you.
Can they? They just want to talk to you about something.
Thats all. If they fire Manu then I will also not
stay here anymore.
For sure! This is all because of Khader Haji
(Hajikka) I heard him talk on phone about
Manu asking for leave very often. We will explain everything to our Arbab Our Arbab has a big heart I know him very well ever since
his father was here. Ok then, don’t be late.
Go and come. Take a taxi and go.
Let Hajikka pay for it. I don’t need that.
I have money for taxi. Ok then. Lets not give Hajikka a chance to
show off by paying for taxi. Go there and talk straight to his
face and come. Ok… …by the way… I lost that competition. Why is he so unlucky? Hope they dont fire him How long has Arbab been waiting for you!
Sit there! What is it Hajikka? Arbab has something to talk to you. How are you, Manu? Im fine Arbab. What is your problem? Manu! Didn’t you hear what Arbab is asking? Tell me what you problem is.. If not, will cancel your visa! Arbab, that… food poison.. I don’t know how it… … Arbab, he wishes to bring
his mother here. Oh! Is it? Whats this big wish of yours? You have to tell! Arbab, I got the taste of food from my mother. So, I want to give my mother a Shawarma
which I made. I want to see her eat that. What about that competition to
bring your mom here? Did the result come out? I lost in the competition. I didn’t get anything. Someone needs to be lucky to win! Don’t worry. If you sincerely wish to see your mother, then she will come to her child anytime. Malu, what happened? Nothing much. All ok. Kader, who is this man? (Hajikka whispering)
Thats her boyfriend. You wanna see your mother? Now? Arbab is asking if you want to see your mother. Kader, Call mom. You call…. Tell her to call… They told to call…
I don’t know.. Ok Mom You lived and struggled a lot for mom, Thats enough now! Now you know the real meaning of
Insha Allah? Yes, Arbab No Problem. Thank you Don’t say “Thank you” Thank you… To Allah… Fine? Manu! Where is your special Shawarma? It is here Arbab. Give me Please sit… No. Give it to your mom. Oh! So this is what this man really
mean by saying Insha Allah. Mom, now please eat. Please have it Oh my God! Oh! So you are the one behind all this.
Aren’t you? How is it? That was incredible! Hm! But the truth is… It is not me… .. that Arbab and Hajikka are the
ones behind this. Oh my God!
Hajikka and Arbab! That is unbelievable! Hey! Give one more Shawarma to
mom. Ok.. Mom Manu.. Son.. Now that your mom is here, Arbab has told that you can take a week off. And we have also arranged a car
for you to take mom around to places. Aren’t you happy now? You should also join. I will also be there. From a small village in
North Malabar (Kerala), When he came to this small wonderful
city in UAE called Khorfakkan, Manu, as a common man, had only
very small dreams and wishes. But these dreams were not about himself. Instead, it was the dreams about his mother
whom he loved the same as he loved God. He needed to give his mother and
his only sister the best in life. If possible, he wished to bring
his mother here. In this land where his father is sleeping, Standing beside his tombstone, He wanted to pray for his father
with his mother by his side. This was Manu’s mother’s dream And only Manu knew it. And Shawarma was one of the reasons
why this dream came true.

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