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Set Password Length in Windows 10!

Hey guys, welcome back this is Bernardo from
the BTNHD and today is all about setting your password length within Windows 10. So let’s get started. So first things first on my desktop, I’m going
to right click on the Start menu, go to run type and WINVER hit okay, and I’m doing everything
within a Windows 10 build 19559. So this process should work with other builds,
but this is what I’m using for this video. Okay, we need to right click on our start
menu and then click on Windows PowerShell as an admin, you’re going to get the User
Account Control, so just click on Yes, it’s going to start loading up. Once it loads up, you want to type in CMD
because we need to get into a command prompt, hit Enter. And there we go. Now the first command that we need to run
is the following net accounts forward slash with a parameter of minpwlen colon and the
number of the you know the length of the password that you want. I want 16 characters, so we hit enter Command
completed successfully. If we run the command of net accounts and
hit enter, you’re going to see that the length password is now 16 characters. Now, if you want to disable it, you’re going
to run the following command, but you’re going to give it a zero rather than 16 characters
or 25 characters, you’re going to enter zero. So again, net accounts forward slash with
the parameter of minpwlen colon zero, okay, hit enter command completed successfully,
you’re gonna run the command of net accounts to check it and you’re going to see that the
password length is now set to zero. Now another way to do this is if you right
click on the Start menu, click on Run are going to type in gpedit.msc and then hit OK. It’s going to open up your local group policy
editor. You are able to create a massive global GPO
to all your machines but I’m going to show you guys how to do it locally to configure
We need to go into the following Computer Configuration, you’re going to open up your
Windows Settings, go inside Security Settings. And within Security Settings, we need to go
inside Account Policies and within Account Policies, you have Password Policies. Now within Password Policies, you have a lot
of options to configure it within your infrastructure. I’m going to show you guys two of them. The first one is the min password length,
again is set to zero characters, but if you double click on it, change it to the characters
that you want. Apply it. Okay. The second one that I like is how complex
you want the requirement for your password. If you want capitalized letters, lowercase
numbers or symbols, if you enable it here, apply it and just push it out that way. And that’s it guys. That is how you change the length of your
password within Windows 10. If you want to push it out globally to all
your machines, hey, create a GPO push it out that way. Hopefully you guys enjoy leave comments right
below don’t forget about hitting that like button. Also subscribe, and also share out the video
and I’ll catch you guys on the next one. Peace out!

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