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Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song

Sesame Street: Usher’s ABC Song

USHER: You guys ready? Let’s do it. Clap your hands. [CLAPPING] USHER: [SINGING] The alphabet. Yeah, yeah. ALL: [SINGING] A B, Cs. USHER: [SINGING] They can help you move, so
get up and dance with me. MUPPETS: A! USHER: [SINGING] Move your arm. MUPPETS: B! USHER: [SINGING] Bounce like a ball. MUPPETS: C! USHER: [SINGING] Make like a crustacean and
do the crabby crawl. MUPPETS: D! USHER: [SINGING] Everybody get down. MUPPETS: E! USHER: [SINGING] Elbows out. MUPPETS: F! USHER: [SINGING] Fingers flap and
flutter about. ALL: [SINGING] Move your body to the letters
that’s what you do. It’s the A, B, Cs
are moving you. Yeah. MUPPETS: G! USHER: [SINGING] Glad once. MUPPETS: H! USHER: [SINGING] Hop twice. MUPPETS: I! USHER: [SINGING] Start to shiver like your
covered in ice. MUPPETS: J! USHER: [SINGING] Everybody jump. MUPPETS: K! USHER: [SINGING] Kick the air. MUPPETS: L! USHER: [SINGING] Lift your leg and shake
it everywhere. ALL: [SINGING] Move your body to the letters
you know it’s true. Because the A, B, Cs
are moving you. MUPPETS: M! USHER: [SINGING] Make a muscle. MUPPETS: N! USHER: [SINGING] Give a nod. MUPPETS: O! USHER: [SINGING] Move like an octopus,
it’s not that hard. Take it up now. MUPPETS: P! USHER: [SINGING] Point. MUPPETS: Q! USHER: Quiver. MUPPETS: R! USHER: [SINGING] Run. MUPPETS: S! USHER: [SINGING] Slither. So many letters in
the alphabet. ABBY CADABBY: What about T? USHER: Right. [SINGING] Turn around because we’re
not finished yet. MUPPETS: U! USHER: [SINGING] That’s for Usher. MUPPETS: V! USHER: [SINGING] Play the violin. MUPPETS: W! USHER: [SINGING] Wiggle again, and again, and
again OK that’s enough. MUPPETS: X! USHER: [SINGING] Make an X. MUPPETS: Y! USHER: Yeah, man. MUPPETS: Z! USHER: [SINGING] Zoom around because zooming’s
the best. Move to all the letters
and now we’re through. ALL: [SINGING] The ABCs are moving you. The ABCs are moving you. [CHEERING] GROVER: C’mon, David. Let’s just play another one. [BANJO PLAYING] [SINGING]

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