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Serbian Lesson 1. – Alphabet – Serbian language courses

Serbian Lesson 1. – Alphabet – Serbian language courses

12 Replies to “Serbian Lesson 1. – Alphabet – Serbian language courses”

  • Петрович Петрович says:

    С учётом того, что я только начал учить српски jeзик, мне достаточно просто воспринимать информацию этого курса, спасибо

  • أميرة رنا says:


  • Ras Turismo says:

    Abvgddj je srbski, A Abcc'c'ddzdj je hrvatski ili srpsko cekicki- Komunjarski

  • kiran Kiran says:

    Can u pls 🙏 help me to how to pronounce with my tounge I want to speak u r language in 1 year

  • kiran Kiran says:

    I am new but I want to learn u r language

  • TopComments says:

    Don't you think that putting English subtitles or english translation WOULD ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE. Since the fact that I DON'T UNDERSTAND NOR SPEAK SERBIAN is why I am here on the first place.

  • Yugan Dali says:

    I'm a beginner, so the lag between her saying things and the words appearing is a poor design. Also, the recording really isn't good enough.
    I was amused to see at 2:32 for ćup a 彩陶文化 neolithic Chinese pottery vessel!

  • kultschentablingen says:

    I really liked the way it doesn't have any subtitles at all which saves you from procrastinating, really. I'm really keen on learning Serbian for a long time. Unfortunately, when I was a child, I couldn't learn the language from my ancestors properly but I'm interested awfully. The recording could be better but at the end of the day I'm really grateful to find out this video after a hell of a lot of time.

  • t a m says:

    Ja znam malo serbski jezik hvala puno

  • Теодора Исаиловић says:

    Koja je ciljna grupa za ovaj kurs? Vidim u komentarima predloge da se stavi engleski prevod. To bi zaista pomoglo početnicima.

  • Noah Noah says:

    Sve turcizme uzela

  • Tiger Macedon says:

    ovoj li e oficijalan redosled na bukve?

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