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SEN Case Study. Handwriting.

SEN Case Study.  Handwriting.

So there is a particular child in Year 2 who
is on the special-needs register and that’s some of his writing beforehand before he started
Start-Bee at the very beginning and the difference is that. So here’s a child on the special
needs register not due to handwriting difficulties there’s more medical needs but also some language
and communication needs.  But I think what Start-Bee has done first of all is through
the first quality of every day, it being taught every day, it’s actually helped his sizing
be consistent and also develop greater control over his letters.  First piece was the 15th
of September and then we’re looking at the 23rd of November so we’re looking at sort
of less than two months really and in terms of half term as well and the class teacher
came and told me about this child this was a child who we were worried about who we had
referred, the parents were worried about as well, and we had referred this child to OT
we met with the OT and we met with the parents and the class teacher and we actually decided
to give this child a few minutes extra day working with the TA over and above the Start-Bee
so doing the same programme but picking up on some of the errors the child is making
and I think it’s made a real difference.

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