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SCOM0794 – Tip – Fonts on iOS – AnyFont

SCOM0794 – Tip – Fonts on iOS – AnyFont

(SCO transition music) Hi, this is Don McAllister and welcome to another weekly tip video. I covered installing
and using fonts on macOS back in tip video 790. The situation with fonts on
iOS is completely different as there’s no built in support for installing external fonts. In order to install external fonts we need to use a third-party
application and I’m going to show you how to do this
using an app called AnyFont. So this is AnyFont across
over on the App Store. You can also get it as part
of Flo’s Utility-Bundle. It’s 1.99, one pounds 99 P on its own but you can get it for
2.99 as part of the bundle. I’ve not really tried the
other utilities in the bundle but you can explore those. So let’s go ahead and open. I’ve already installed
AnyFont on my machine and it does open up with a brief tutorial explaining how to add fonts,
explaining how to manage fonts, installing the fonts,
the fonts are installed as a profile but I’ll go
through that with you, and then just finishing
off with a final print about previewing fonts, as well. Let’s go ahead and come
out of the tutorial because I’m gonna go
through all this with you. So this is the basic user interface. You can get access to some external fonts by tapping on this FontBUNDLES.net option and in here you can go
ahead and you can buy some additional fonts if you want to. I’m not actually going to go and do that. I’m going to close that down. And there’re three options
down at the bottom, install your own fonts, which
is what we’re going to do, but there is an option to
access bundled fonts, as well, and the developer has
created a bundle of 1,000+ bundled fonts that you
can install to your iPad or your iPhone as an in-app purchase. I think that’s 99 P but I’m
gonna say Cancel to that. Then just a quick note
saying you’ve cancelled but we can come back later if we want. I’ll say OK and then
Already Installed Fonts. So these are all the
fonts that are currently installed on my iPad. Now I’m going to use the
example of accessing my Pages ScreenCastsOnline magazine file which uses an external third-party
font called Proxima Soft. If I actually tap on here
and search for “soft” you’ll see that that font
isn’t installed on my iPad. So if I cancel that, in
fact if I come out of here and go into Pages, and
open up my Pages document. 56
00:02:22,150 –>00:02:24,910
Okay, I’ve got change
tracking on which is okay, but you’ll see here the
document has missing fonts and if I tap on Show “The
font Proxima Soft Regular is missing so your text
might look different.” So I want to install that font. And, in fact, what I’m
going to do I’ll swipe up from the bottom and I’m
going to close Pages down because once I’ve installed the font I need to reopen Pages. To get fonts onto your
iOS device there are many different ways to get
the fonts onto the device once you’ve purchased
them or downloaded them as open source fonts. You can email the fonts,
the font files themselves, to yourself and access
them as an attachment. You can drop them into Dropbox. You can have them in iCloud Drive. You can even attach your
iOS device to iTunes and use the built-in iTunes
file transfer mechanism. What I’m going to do though,
if I tap away from here I already have the files
in a Dropbox folder and I’m going to use the Files application to access them and to send them across. That’s just a quick preview of one of this week’s
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