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Scientists Can Implant Fake Memories in the Brain, Here’s How

Scientists Can Implant Fake Memories in the Brain, Here’s How

Human memory is unreliable enough as it is,
but researchers interested in better understanding how and where our memories are stored are
developing new ways to manipulate them. The search for memory “engrams,” a collection
of identifiable neurons that physically represent a memory, has occupied scientists for over
a hundred years. Turns out, memory is a complex process that
involves several brain areas. We know that when your brain makes a memory,
physical changes and a strengthening of connections between neurons “encode” the information
so you can remember it. The complete network of these neuronal changes
is what we now identify as an “engram” or memory. Once scientists learned how and where memory
was stored they wanted to know if they could manipulate it. So, good news for your memory of that painful
breakup, teams of researchers have demonstrated that emotionally important memories can actually
be removed in mice. It’s not full “Sunshine of the Spotless
Mind” for mice, but we’re getting there. In one study researchers eliminated a set
of cells in part of the brain’s emotional processing center, the amygdala, and were
able to ERASE a specific fear-associated memory of receiving an electric shock. In other studies, scientists were able to
use optogenetics to “implant” a memory of pain and fear into mice. By activating an engram of one place when
the mouse was actually in another. First, they created a memory of “safety”
by placing a genetically modified mouse in a new cage and letting it enjoy its experience. Then they placed the mouse in another cage
and delivered foot shocks that they did not enjoy, while stimulating neurons that formed
the memory of the ‘safe’ cage at the same time. When the mouse was returned to the “safe”
cage, they exhibited a classic freezing response, which is a mouse’s way of showing fear. This told researchers that as they intended,
the painful memory of the shock was now incorrectly associated with the previously safe place… Freaky. New results from experiments with human subjects
who already had electrodes implanted in their brains as a treatment for epilepsy, showed
that tracking learning efficiency through brain wave monitoring by a machine learning
algorithm and pairing poor learning predictions with direct electrical stimulation of the
lateral temporal cortex, improved memory and recall .
Meaning, the right kind of stimulation could help us remember certain things we would otherwise
have forgotten. Which, could come in handy the next time we
need to cram for an exam. Maybe in the future our ability to manipulate
memory will help us remember important information and help us forget painful experiences – like
those associated with PTSD. But the results of these experiments also
calls into question how we know what we know. We use memories all the time to navigate life
and make predictions of future outcomes. The idea that memories are not immutable,
shakes our understanding of our subjective experience. I mean, who will we trust in the future if
not ourselves? 47% of the general population surveyed in
a published study believed that “once you have experienced an event and formed a memory
of it, that memory does not change” after watching this video, do you agree? Let us know in the comments, and check out
Trace’s video, here, to find out whether typing or handwriting is better for your memory! Don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see
you next time on Seeker.

100 Replies to “Scientists Can Implant Fake Memories in the Brain, Here’s How”

  • sathe Shubham says:

    Not really but it is possible then some broken heart people is live long😂😂😂

  • Lrrr Ruler of Omicron Persei 8 says:

    Hillary clinton needs this to wipe the election.

  • Alexi: Tech Tips & Minecraft says:


  • Matt Solomon says:

    Okay.It actually kind of sounds a bit like the mice were just traumatized from each experiment.

  • Brieuc Debels says:

    This is fucked up

  • Sir JGN says:

    Anyone else thinking of 1984 and its alteration of reality?


    SO what???
    I can fake smile when I am depressed!!!!!

  • New Boss Media says:

    Eh, the mice experiment is from 2013… It's actually available on Ted Talks

  • Chinchilla says:

    Its recall all over again

  • Felipe Lorenzzon says:

    Can I get a false memory that one day I had a gfriend?

  • LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

    EDIT: Dang, they mentioned it just after I posted this.

  • Ashrut Sharma says:

    Finally! I can erase the memory of watching breaking bad, so that I can watch it again!

  • ainsley toledo says:

    "Now do you remember? Who you are? What you were meant to do?
    I cheated death, thanks to you. And thanks to you, I've left my mark."

  • Jarett Jones says:

    This is actually scary

  • 蟲森鬼魔怪 says:

    The application of using this to create false witness is reason enough to ban the study.

  • Tanya Onysko says:

    ☹ poor sweet mice.

  • Zach Crawford says:

    Ghost in The Shell is our future.

  • Osmosis Jones says:

    If Rape Victims forget all have so many inconsistencies do to Trauma. How are they Credible sources of testimony 🤔
    See you Meet Bill Cosby and on the same day Get Raped. In fact you be using other people's memories well stories to fill in Memories making Stories Strinkingly similar.

    Also Emotional memory emotional people who bury and block Trauma still have emotional reactions to reminders before even see the memories.

    Lili Bernard says she buried the first time and let it happen again. But Hearing his voice being around him being alone with him taking another drink from him would set off emotional reactions even memories.

    On CCN Documtary on Bill Cosby's Accusers Lili Bernard goes through the motions of wiping tears off a dry face 😶

  • foxhound plb says:

    It's sad that human science still depends of animal torture. Shame on these scientists, I would never do this for living

  • From my point of view, you are upside down. says:

    Great new way to indoctrinate people.

  • Osmosis Jones says:

    I got 2Teniques for remembering early stuff.

    First quite your mind of words think more images Feelings sounds lights voices warmth smells heart beats. Movements cravings urges.go down layers of personality to more basic state of mind.

    Also Recreating if your imagining a situation or prospective your brain is deciding how to feel if you really been there before your brain already knows how to feel . Things start coming back

  • EMAngel 2718 says:

    You trust yourself?

  • cyan shades says:

    Can you do a video on what ever happened to the human head transplant?.. updates? Please.
    Btw, you're channel is 🔥awesome!

  • Leba Babel says:

    Reminds of me of that Futurama episode when Lila tried to forget about Fry.

  • Monkey king says:

    I need ya deck, I need the old bladerunner.

  • juste kevin says:

    Where is olivia ?

  • billy bobby says:

    its like an episode of black mirror

  • Yvander Phillipe says:

    I think that, memory doesn’t change but, we all know that “fake memory exist.” How does this work? Obviously the memory on your brain cannot change. When your brain executes a “fake memory” is a temporary experience.. I think. If not, then your brain will have a “new version”, “alternate”, or layer type of the genuine memory.

  • D.A. Risse says:

    Interesting….. but I've quite a few memories I'd rather be rid of.
    Can we trade them in for replacements some day ?

  • Pipe says:


  • Dark Philosopher says:

    The biggest breakthrough in PTSD was the discovery that if you can make people really happy while they talk about their terrible experiences, it can reduce or potentially even cure the PTSD in the patient. I think the drug they used to achieve this was ecstasy which only seemed to work because the patient received a mild dose to make them happy while a therapist had them talk about their traumatic experiences.

  • HWK says:


  • ZMAN 420 says:


  • ZMAN 420 says:

    Great Content!👍

  • every evening i go to bed says:

    Venom Snake is going to be me then

  • Callahan LaRoy says:

    then we can induce a learning memory

  • Callahan LaRoy says:

    by the way the mouse is confused how can something he was safe with bring apart a feeling of anxiety and pain

  • Sassy Kay says:

    Mk ultra on mice? 🤨

  • John Travokta says:

    blade runner !

  • Jero RR Rullan says:

    Project T.A.H.I.T.I.

  • Storm Breaker says:

    I don't remember watching this video

  • B Shadwrick says:

    if you have an injury to your brain your can lose memory so it would make since that they could be changed as well I would love to see more on this topic thanks for the info

  • Adrian Cigher says:

    What? Memories don't change? I beg to differ. They are altered by your emotional state at the moment of the recall.
    You let out some details that don't match your current emotion and so the big picture is different. Or even worse, you actually imagine details that weren't originally there.

  • Wickedjr Reads says:

    As someone with PTSD you can take my memories over my dead body. Can memories be painful? Of course and yes ptsd sucks horribly but we can learn from our memories and from the past. If they are erased, so is everything we learn. The potential implications of this are horrifying to say the least. And I don't mean erasing ptsd memories, but erasing or implanting memories by evil people/corporations/the government.

  • Cruros says:

    What are you if not the collection of your memories?

  • Archie Eagle says:

    This is shady af

  • Is Justin y stupid YEAH says:

    Seeker is actually like a sci-fi informer

  • E R says:

    This is creepy.

  • Pikaxu says:

    Isn't that just trauma for mice?

  • Heather Gonzalez says:

    I get a sense that there will be a residual of it left, albeit weak, even if taken out unless changed on other levels too (or maybe even then) like on an energetic plane. The “color” or algorithm of attracted experience will still play out. It will be like if the color yellow, for example, was prominent and now is a fringe color or nuance even though the original “yellow” is removed. Just my 2 cents.

  • bamischijfje123 says:

    Very… dangerous

  • Bhavani Shankar says:

    i dont have to study for exams anymore :3

  • Noemi Mendez says:

    Can you make a video on why some people have natural nastagmus ?

  • ĸaѕperły says:

    hat the f happpened to the head transplant that they planned to do?

  • Vysair says:

    Can you implant all mathematics formula?

  • snowissj says:

    This is scary as hell. Something we need to know, but jeez, another Pandora’s box.

  • Tarek Badri says:

    Project T.A.H.I.T.I came true…

  • EveryThing & NeThing says:

    mad science Leave my brain alone,

  • Victor says:

    I wouldn’t agree even without watching the video because I know that memories are changing with time

  • PHO BOSS says:

    Are you serious… Theodor burger already talked about this in TedX way back in 2010 or maybe around that year, but still: why did you guys decided to talk about this now ?

  • long drink of silence dude says:

    you trust ( awareness) it is the foundation for all experience at a cellular, inorganic, and advanced organism level. Nothing even universes exist without awareness.

  • Renan José says:

    Would be nice to upload thousand pages PDF straight to the brain. Maybe Neuralink will be capable of that in a few years.

  • JamesT says:

    that is not fucking memories you dip shit. Kick someone's ass every time they see a picture of their bed or think or talk about their bed they would probably be scared too when they see their bed.

  • Fardeen Mahmood says:

    Darling in the franxx anyone?

  • Jay Harsha Koneru says:

    Agent Coulson: Tahiti.. its a magical place!

  • Thomas Anholm says:


  • New Goliard says:

    There's all kinds of fake stuff in the human brain….like gender identity.

  • richard vinc says:

    and is this the science behind "hail hydra"?

  • forestsoceansmusic says:

    Memory and thinking are holographic — this was proven by the best neurologists in the 1990's. Read: The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, HarperCollins 1996, Grafton Books 1991. (Beautiful dress she's wearing, I love filigree.)

  • forestsoceansmusic says:

    How did you get from implanting/removing cells in mice to stimulating different brainwave patterns in humans? Brainwaves are Energy. Cells are mass. Don't go messing with out memories! To anyone with painful memories: just listen to Eckhart Tolle tapes and read his book The Power Of Now. Your true, higher self can overcome ANY pain — emotional and even physical. Western "Science" has fallen into mechanistic reductionism, with total ignorance of the dialectical nature of reality.

  • mel saint says:

    The Manchurian Candidate

  • Beastmen Delegate says:

    They’ve been doing it for 30 years, it’s called Fox News.

  • PLUS ULTRA says:

    So Total Recall could happen.

  • Jad Samad says:

    This is actually really terrifying. I mean think about it, the government could control you and implement fake memories in your brain

  • Christopher McAuley says:

    No, memories don't change. The way I remember it is obviously how it happened. That is after all, the memory I have. 2nd, you can't implant a fake memory. If you remember something, it happened.

    Just like your dumb video on gender. How I feel, and my opinion, are truth and should be taken as gospel.

  • farefouse olly says:

    Wow scientist are sick.

  • Noname Needed says:

    Really?? Like why would you willingly participate in this? Isn’t all your GOOD or BAD memory the very crucial thing that make you YOU? Are humans really becoming that weak? What are we trying to mimic robots now.

  • Patrick Di says:

    use prisoners for such experiments instead, not some innocent mice

  • Ighor Moura says:

    Steins;Gate 0 brought me

  • Germ Da 5'8 says:

    Total recall… I'm a spy

  • ICONNIUMINIZO Inc. says:

    F*ck.. Just… F*ck…..

  • godlessyurifan says:

    People think their memories DON'T change?! Well, 47% of the population are complete idiots.

  • Guilherme says:

    this is going to be a flop … it goes against the laws of nature. Forget post traumatic memories and make the same mistake again? nature has a reason to leave you traumatized … this is just an experiment in the crazy scientist style

  • Steve Dave says:

    They can already do this to people remotely

  • Alex Park Official says:

    I must have had my whole school memories erased by accident.

  • damarh says:

    can you pump math into someones head so they can always remember that 1×1 = 0 ?

  • Tamir Friedman says:

    plot twist: Total Recall totally called it and Elon Musk is actually Vilos Cohaagen.

  • AW Crowe says:

    i conclude that the 47% she is speaking of perform no self reflection and have little self awareness… if you do not realize your memories change over time you are borderline zombie.

  • طريق الفطن says:

    K6205 brings me here

  • Khavin Playz says:

    I wish I could have maths problem algorithms transplanted to my brain

  • Muslim Mystic says:

    They've been doing that during mind control sessions

  • Donald Mach says:

    I've never flown a plane before. They can implant this kind of memory in my head and I can jump in a plane and fly away??!! Sorry, it sounds too matrixy for me!

  • Fangirling109 says:

    Bruh I feel bad for the poor mice.

  • B Diamonds says:

    Seeker is so sad. They legalized prostitution in Canada

  • B Diamonds says:

    The police allowed me to shoot a 14x renowned racist prick because swat swindled his ass in… What an idiot. Especiallyhillev after hivvedhrones hurt us all

  • B Diamonds says:

    Yhovves and Hindrewglis bhandoiccvhedreshoidlighenges hingev helluvhresstois yellahoid

  • I am therefore I think says:

    They're already doing through media brainwashing, advertisement, internet, school, published texts, etc.

  • scottbucko says:

    good topic but I had to turn off because of your teen age voice fry

  • Dlonra Reggenzrawhcs says:

    I hate how every one goes with the most dark, scary, brutal scenario when a breakthrough comes.
    Rather than think negative, think about the implementation of such tech in tandem with Neural link could benefit humans.

    We could become gods, you could relive old memories and not just yours.
    You could share experiences with one another, bringing us all closer.

    But of course, every body is afraid of youtube adds being played in their brains…

  • Christmas Sora says:

    It is just a simple association, removing parts of the lymbic system will result in apathy, unconscious lazyness and even problems in language speaking.
    As for the mice, it is the same as being scared of the street where you got bullied in elementary school.
    Such fire for nothing

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