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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Episode 12: Handwriting Input & Samsung Keyboard Improvements

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips & Tricks Episode 12: Handwriting Input & Samsung Keyboard Improvements

Hello everyone Michael here with the daily
note 2 and 3 YouTube channel and today I want to talk about Samsung keyboard
and the differences between the galaxy note 2 running currently android 4.1.2 so here’s
a new trick that the Samsung keyboard is now capable of you can continue to swipe without
having to take your finger or stylus off the keyboard if you need to hit the space button,
all you need to do is continue to swipe over the space and continue swping along,
so for example there you go
I have learned the new trick and just a show you it doesn’t work on the
galaxy note 2 so there you go I also want to mention that
a lot of people even though Samsung keyboard was good they thought swiftkey’s text prediction
was better I have noticed that text tradition has improved greatly over the last year after
a couple updates so maybe there isn’t that big of a difference
anymore and that applies both to the new Samsung and the older Samsung keyboards. Now if you
do still prefer to use something like swiftkey I am sure a lot of you are still going to
use that on the note 2 what’s your lost was the handwriting input which was a bummer because
the handwriting input is really good but what the note 3 has now this if you hover
over the cursor you get that floating icon there
and you could click on it and now to write directly on here so just to show you I’m going
to switch out of Samsung keyboard and select swiftkey and we still get that and you could
still write in here and you still have access to the handwriting
correction gestures such as you could just write over the character and replace it or
you could insert a space and you could join it
if you want to see a list of the handwriting correction gestures now that it is out of
S pen can get it through here just go to settings and find S pen and then
you could see direct pen input and you could see gesture guide
you could see all the different things and I just want to mention that it is a little
different from the galaxy note 2’s handwriting correction gestures
so when you go to settings go to handwriting and go to gesture guide
now if you do want to use these gestures on the galaxy note 2 you need to choose recognition
type as complete recognition you could see that the delete spaces are just
a little different also what they don’t list are these enter gestures that actually work
on the galaxy note 3 for example so in Samsung keyboard if you do something
like hello and you just want to hit enter
you could just do that gesture and it’ll do the enter function
so let’s look at the handwriting directly inside Samsung keyboard
so it looks it works really well if you want to edit something you have this cursor to
play with ok and you could use this control the on the
bottom to scroll through and you have these gestures as well to insert
things inside not sure are exactly which one I like better.
There we go. And one last thing I want to mention about
Samsung keyboard on the galaxy note 3 I really like the sound that it makes
It’s almost identical but it has this crisp bite to it and I first saw that on the galaxy
S4 and I really liked it and I’m glad it does the same thing on the galaxy note 3
So anyway that’s the end of today’s video and I hope you got something out of it
Please come to my channel and check out my other videos for the Samsung galaxy note 2
and 3 and make sure you subscribe for more upcoming videos once again thank you for watching

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