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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 54: Handwriting Recognition & Gestures for S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 54: Handwriting Recognition & Gestures for S Pen

hello everyone Michael here with the
daily note 2 youtube channel and welcome to another episode today is a viewer
requested video on an in-depth look and handwriting recognition and handwriting
gestures for the samsung galaxy note 2 and the S pen let’s go into settings for samsung keyboard
you could do that by holding down what’s known as the customized
hitting settings if it’s not there already let’s scroll down and
let’s select handwriting let’s look at a few things
there are Input languages here you could see there are many types
and you could tap to download all of these and you could see there are
two different recognition types we’ll start-up with the Stroke recognition
because that is what’s there by default and i didn’t really touch these
the recognition type I’m glad with the color and the thickness let’s go to Gesture guide and this is
the gestures that people want to see because these gestures actually don’t work for stroke recognition but they do work for
complete recognition I just want to quickly show you that
handwriting recognition on the samsung galaxy note 2 is nothing short of spectacular and it can be anywhere used to type if you paid attention what was going on
up here you should have seen that they’re using a mixture of character
recognition, stroke detection and auto correct and it makes it very accurate with that said it is as good as the
legibility of your handwriting so if you have problems reading what you wrote
chances are the note 2 will have problems I also want to mention that i have
two different S pens here one from the galaxy note 2 and one is the
larger S pen from galaxy note 10.1 the note 10.1’s S pen has
a rubberized tip it just creates a little bit more
friction on the glass so if you have that handwriting just slows you down a little bit
and it gives you more control it alternately just makes your
handwriting just a little bit better which does improve your handwriting now if you have already good handwriting
or if you’ve perfected your writing on the S pen on the galaxy note 2 then it probably will not
make a difference there are two different modes
for handwriting recognition one is called stroke recognition where it types out while you’re writing the handwriting gestures
do not work here but with that said
there are three different general gestures that work on both stroke recognition and complete recognition one is space one is backspace you could erase with that
and one is enter it is important to point out that the
general gestures for space and backspace do not work when you have anything written
on the screen for example you can’t do that to erase ‘o’ or you can’t do this to write a space but you could use the enter even though that sophisticated
handwriting gestures don’t work in stroke recognition you can just right over it you can make small corrections i wanted to change Hat to Hot let’s switch over to complete recognition
to look at the sophisticated handwriting gestures you could see that there’s even
a gesture guide so let’s look at that you could right over letters you could cross out entire words
or a couple of characters it could delete one single character add pieces two different ways or
delete spaces and just take a note of this you could see that the Enter gesture is different for
complete recognition it lets you finish a word when you
have something written that’s selected
you can do this and remember the Enter gesture just completes the word and you could do that again
to add character returns you could see that the back space works as well let’s test out the handwriting gestures let’s delet a couple of characters delet a single character let’s completely replace the name let’s add space let’s join this remove space it all seems to work very well i wrote these words in a little bit different size
so that you could see that the smaller you write
the smaller is going to print out on here when you’re done writing
just do this motion you could do one more motion of that
to add character returns I also wanna quickly show you that
it could do cursive and I just wanna show you second language you could also create
free-floating text boxes with handwriting recognition so if you want to
place some text here you could just writing there you click on add text box you could also choose toggle between languages by
tapping on that we could do it a long presse to add
different languages that you have been installed so we could start writing anywhere
where you want to create text but you’ll see that
none of the gestures work space enter their all access stop here my apologies for that the last time
i used cursive was in sixth grade that’s the end of this episode
I hope you got something out of it if you haven’t to my channel yet
please come to my channel and check out my hundred-plus videos on the samsung
galaxy note 2 and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe because I creat
an episode a day so that you can get the most out of your samsung galaxy note 2
once againg thank you for watching

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  • Amandeep Singh says:

    thanks l was wordering how TO Enable this feature( main reason I bought the phone)

  • Andy Scarcliffe says:

    Hi. I love this note 2 keyboard for handwriting. I have a note 4 and hate the standard handwriting app. I much prefer this in this video. I'm thinking of selling it and getting a note 2. If I buy a new note 2 will it be the same keyboard as you have shown or will it have been upgraded to something worse? ? Or is it possible to get the note 2 keyboard installed on my note 4? Custom rom?

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