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Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson – Vancouver – 2 (CC: Arabic & Spanish)

Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson – Vancouver – 2 (CC: Arabic & Spanish)

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  • Pangburn says:

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  • Anne Briggs says:

    In addition, I would add to Sam Harris's argument that people who believe the whole purpose of life is for the rewards after life on earth are suffering and the adherance to religious dogma is the root cause of that suffering. Now, I could unpack that but I think Sam is more than capable if doing that and I'm tired.

  • TheNorthernAviator says:

    Listening to Sam Harris is pretty cringe. When he started talking about Batgirl, I had to roll my eyes. Classic distractionary atheist arguments against the existence of a God.

  • Major Ravindran says:

    Oh man ,, I have not watched it fully yet
    But I am posting a comment,.
    These two true gentlemen have different points to make ,, for me both are my heroes,,it’s worth watching,, Peterson is so humbling because probably he knew he cannot go on establishing god
    Sam , as always been ,, inspirational
    Both of them deserve respect ,, thank you guys ,, ?

  • Gedde570 says:

    All three of these men are absolutely incredible. The way they both articulate their points of view with fluidity and clarity, yet calm and assertive. We don't need to pick sides here. Both of them bring highly interesting perspectives on the table which we only need consider, not necessarily accept or abide by. There is no need for tribalism, as we can use their ideas to simply improve our own life one way or another.

    Even if you disagree with Sam Harris, his calm and charismatic way of articulating his ideas is simply a joy to listen to. And if you don't agree with Jordan Peterson, he still brings some amazingly refreshing perspectives into the nature of the subconscious and our primordial relationships with archetypes.

    All in all a joy to listen to, and we should be grateful that we have a platform such as Youtube to be able to partake in these discussions even if our bodies are absent the event.

  • Bernardo Ruiz-Esquide says:

    1:40:00 (aprox) BURNED! haha

  • Aaron Freeman says:

    So, Peterson was giving a Steel-Man of Harris, when he described Motherhood of A Bad Life?

  • BriansWrld says:

    The debate ended with ' we' re about to fight over Elton John's glass and Elton John was never here'. Perfect Mr. Harris.

  • hainish says:

    Bret Weinstein is the best moderator of all times!

  • Football tv says:

    اتحدى ان اجد عربي هنا… العرب لايشاهدون الا الأشياء التافهة لذلك هم متخلفون

  • Jesse Tullis says:

    Isn't "Good" and "Bad" a matter of perspective based off of and individuals specific intuitive framework. While, on it's face, the idea that there is a factual and universally understood reality of what constitutes "Good and Bad" seems easy to agree with, it seems that the statement assumes that, at a base level, all or at least most have a similar moral gauge to view the question. Why wouldn't the understanding of "Good and Bad", or what would constitute someone having Bliss or wellbeing be wholly based on their intuitive framework and their individual moral gauge?
    Not trying to sound smart just trying to understand.

  • Gabriel G says:

    We don't need a moderator.

  • cristybello says:

    Ladies, are there more men like these out there? I could watch it and listen to it endlessly

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