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Saint Ahmed the Calligrapher (The Reliquary)

Saint Ahmed the Calligrapher (The Reliquary)

[Music] st. Ahmed to the calligrapher st. Ahmed lived in the 17th century he was an ottoman turk a Muslim and a copies of the great archive he didn’t have a wife but he had a Russian slave concubine out of his goodness he let his concubine attend services in church over time he noticed that on the days when the liturgy was served she was far more gracious and loving not only that he could smell indescribable fragrance coming from her asking her to tell him what the scent was she replied that the scent was coming from the Blessed bread that Christians ate after the liturgy and from the holy water the other Christian slave was bringing from the church intrigued by this he immediately set out to arrange his presence at the Divine Liturgy during his attendants as he’s done in liturgy sir de bishops the yuka manacle patriarch was blessing the people present with tricky area and de kiri that is to say his double and triple candlesticks Saint Ahmed could see rays of light and wrapped in from the patriarchs fingertips coming to rest at the heads of the faithful for three consecutive liturgies no beam of light ever fell on Ahmed and he arranged the secret baptism for a time he lived as a secret Christian because converting from Islam in the Ottoman Empire at the moment was considered so rude that people simply lost their heads about it literally however just as you couldn’t hide a light candle in a dark room so Ahmed couldn’t hide his faith one time he organized the party for his friends and the conversation turned to what is best in life one of his friends said that wisdom is the best thing a man can hope for another said that the woman is the best thing in the world the third one the one I like the most said that pilaf with yogurt is the best since it will be the food of the righteous in paradise cinta Ahmed became a real party breaker saying that Christianity is the best thing in life at first his friends didn’t take him seriously but realizing that Ahmed is a real killjoy and that the party is over they took him to a judge the judge essentially told him that he has two options Rick and Christianity or lose his head well since he’s a saint in Orthodox Church his choice is glaringly obvious sorry if I spoiled it for anyone spoiler alert what I find most interesting in the life of st. Edmund is his concubine we don’t consider her a capital as Saint but it is the action of this one woman this one woman was a slave whose name we don’t even know that woman is the one who we should thank for that we have Cynthia Ahmed in our calendar a couple of centuries later since Seraphim of Sarov uttered his most famous saying acquired the spirit of peace and thousand around you will be saved a simple act of taking holy water and blessed bread with piety converted this woman’s slave master to Christianity and as if that weren’t enough they attacked in the end made him into a great witness and a great saint of our church our acts of piety if done with love are never insignificant it might be a short prayer a sign of the Cross some holy water or a blessing you give or receive however little these things can truly be life-changing don’t do them carelessly [Music]

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