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RUSSIAN Alphabet – True Friends Letters. Part 1/4

RUSSIAN Alphabet – True Friends Letters. Part 1/4

there’s the secret way to learn Russian
alphabet and this is the part one hello Russian learners I know Russian
alphabet is full of strange learners yes and there are 33 letters and before your
start reading Russian you need to know all of them how they sound and so on how
to read them and before I discovered a secret that I was promised in the
beginning I want to divide all the 33 Russian letters into just four different
groups and we are going to talk about the first group in this video and this
this group is called true friends it is called so because these five letters
there are five letters in this group they look like and they sound like
English letters and the secret is every Russian letter has its own short sound
and it’s very easy to read Russian using this short sounds you just need to put
them together in the right order you see them in the world
okay and now I am going to represent each letter of this group with its short
sound and then we’re gonna play with these sounds making different words okay
so let’s begin the first letter is a like in their English car a a it’s
easy okay k second one is just cut like you
like you make it like it sounds like you know in English cook cook just short
okay the third the next is m like in moon or mother okay the next one
is o oh-oh Oh or maybe Like more or mm-hmm and
the last one the fixed one is like in English – or something like they say
okay so – yes okay that were only five of them and you just need to learn the
right sounds if you want you can play this video
again and learn them okay now I want to play with the sounds making different
Russian short words okay so the first example is cut cut cut
okay oh I think I’m sure that you know this this this what was it this means in
English so this is a captain but it’s a male cat okay okay the next one is mock-mock-mock-mock okay and this is poppy a flower that
some people used to make some drugs or something maybe it’s not in your country
mm-hmm the next one is Tom Tom Tom Tom the same as in in in English I’m sorry
Tom or volume or a big book or something okay the next talk talk talk electricity
or current okay and the last one the last example and this is quite a quite a
long word samokat and this is a scooter in English
scooter samokat okay so that were five some five examples yes that were
five examples and five letters from these go and in the next video I’m going
to talk about the second group which is called false friends and I hope you like
this video maybe you put some like or comments and see you next time don’t forget to hit like and share this video

4 Replies to “RUSSIAN Alphabet – True Friends Letters. Part 1/4”

  • Vera Peshkina says:

    Very interesting, thank you

  • Оксана Кисаня says:

    It's easy way to learn letters. Like!

  • Noel Voyt says:

    Another good definition that defines TOM in English is tome. It is nearly identical in meaning and spelling. Both are derived from the Latin word Tomus, which can be translated as a volume in a larger work. It’s amazing how much languages share. I love the Cyrillic alphabet. I would really like to see/hear a list of common phrases. I think it would boost your subs as well.

  • TxT Big One says:

    Am I a Slav now?

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